Friday, August 12, 2011

Hi Hi Folks

For a week that I have not been too busy and been pretty much bored a couple of nights a week I have not found a lot of time to blog.  But I'm here now!!!!

Like I said, I have not had a busy week but I have not had a lot of free time either.  Its just been a weird week.  Each day has started pretty early and I have got my workouts in but I haven't gotten to work out like I normally do.  My runs all week have been cut short to teach class, and I have enjoyed teaching class but I am missing some quality time with my running buddy.

And the class that I am teaching has made me sore!!!!!  Go figure.  I'm sore from class but I have also really been trying hard to pick up my runs.  I have been trying to run faster and longer with fewer walk breaks and hills.  For that my legs and hip hurt, and my arms are sore from all the weights. Ha ha.  I want my normal schedule back.

I really don't know where all my week went.  I have also not seen my family in what seems like days.  It just been work and the gym and sleep.  I did better with my sleep this week but today I am pretty much exhausted.  We ran earlier than normal so I could get in a full run and 5am came early and I am paying for it now.

I don't see my schedule slowing down any time soon.  Next week we start Football and Volleyball season!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot wait!  I was bored a few nights this week and at least with sports season starting I will get to see my family some.  I promise next week, busy or bored, I will post more frequently than this week.

I hope you guys have all had a good week as well.  I have noticed when I don't post I don't hear from you guys.  Another reason to post everyday!

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