Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Look Who Came to Breakfast!

After I told my running buddies I was not longer doing the Tuesday/ Thursday morning runs because I have to get some sleep and I just cannot do 6am on those days they tricked me.  My bestie came into town and wanted to run with us so of course I could not skip the run.  So this morning at 6am my big ol butt was out of bed and running.

We managed to get 3 miles in this morning with only one hill (which I ran!!!!)  and then we headed off to breakfast.  This is the part that you are going to LOVE!!!  We got breakfast all eaten and enjoyed and then had a visitor come join us.

 I mean, come on, how sweet is that little man!

 Hanging out with his Auntie A.
Ha Ha, I knew this child could smile!  We had to trick him so he didn't know there was a camera.

Then we just had to go to Sonic (one of the best places ever) and show him off over there too.  We had to go visit the cousin aunts.  And once there he was giving some sweet kisses.

I can honestly say this little guy kinda made my whole run and my whole day better.  I hope he comes tomorrow morning too.

Just in case you are wondering yes, I have baby fever!

1 comment:

Sabrina said...

What a little cutie. Baby smiles are the best.

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