Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Level of Intense

Today I must say I put my body through 2 workouts that I may never recover from.  I told you earlier today about the rope workout, and while I was working out I was suffering and now I'm starting to feel the burn. 

Then this afternoon I went back for my legs, you know the workout that I missed last night because I forgot my shorts.  All I can say is wowowowowowowohhhhhh wow!  I bumped up my weight because I knew that I could go a little bit heavier.  I did 4 workouts, I call them supersets but honestly I don't know what that really means...

Anyway, It was 4 exercises that work all the muscles in the legs.  By the time I got done I was shaking all over.  The trip down the steps after the workout was done was a dicey one.  I made it without falling. 
For the next 2 hours I couldn't flex my quad without my entire leg shaking.  It was crazy!!!

Anyway I have to run 7 miles tomorrow morning and at this moment in my life I am hoping I can walk in the morning much less run.  I need my miles because I have a half coming up!!!!

Tonight I also met with our new NoBo group.  We have a smaller group this time, which is good and bad.  I am wishing more had signed up because I think anyone who did it would love it but with less people we get more one on one time with each individual runner.  I am just so excited to start this back up again!  It was so successful last time with all of our runners finishing the race. 

I must go to bed now and hope and pray that my body will function in the morning.  After the rope and the weights I am having serious doubts.

Oh and come back tomorrow for Thinking Thin.  Hopefully I will have it up earlier tomorrow than last week, you know Thursday!


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