Monday, August 1, 2011

So Mad!!!!!

I had my day all planned out.  The plan went like this...Morning Run, swim intervals.  Off to work, Job 1 and 2.  Then workout after work.  I even had my meals planned and packed and ready to go.  All went according to planned until right now.  Our run this morning was 5 miles, the first 3 were nice, it wasn't too hot or sunny and we walked a lot of it so it was nice.  About mile 4 after we had some breakfast it started to get hot and we let the one person who didn't know the back roads make the decision on the route (NOT THE BEST IDEA) and I threatened to rip her legs off.  She managed to make us run up a hill that lasted forever.  Once we got to the top of the hill it wasn't to bad for the final stretch.  The sun did come out full force on the last mile and it warmed up about 10 degrees but we were so close at this point we had to finish strong.  I don't know that I have been quite that sweaty in a really long time. 

I knew once we got done that I was going to do intervals in the pool.  Just about 30 minutes, nothing crazy, but a good cool down from the run and a few more minutes of cardio for the day. 

It was after the workout this morning that everything began to go a little bit wonkey.

When I got to work, with my food in my pack, my door to my office was closed and locked.  That never happens.  I called my boss and asked him if this was a nice way to tell me I was fired, because it was locked and I have no key.  He assured me that I was not fired but that he wouldn't be there before it was time for me to take off to job 2 so I had no way to get into my office! 

So I got to job 2 on time because I couldn't get lost in my inbox like usual and I have been here ever since.  About 8 o'clock I started getting ready for my next workout.  It was weights on the legs and the rope undulation!  I went to get my clothes out of the car and.....NO SHORTS!!!!!  I don't know that I can lift weights in jeans!  I was pissed!  I wanted to get in this workout so bad, I have been waiting for it all weekend long.  And unfortunately I don't have anything in the car that I could use for one night to workout in.  I already checked. 

So I moved my legs to tomorrow morning, which was supposed to be my arm workout, and then moved my arm workout to tomorrow night and I wont get to do any weights on Wednesday.  Uhhhhh, that was not the plan for the week.

I will adjust but this was the perfect start to a new week, Monday the 1st!!!!  Apparently that is a good omen to start something new (according to my one legged running buddy)

Wish me luck tomorrow, hopefully I can remember all my crap before I leave the house!

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Adalita said...

I hope tomorrow goes better for you - we all have days like that! At least you can rearrange your week to fit it all in.

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