Monday, August 22, 2011

Such a Huge and Busy Weekend

My goodness gracious I have been dying to get on here and tell you guys about my weekend.  It was crazy busy and I just didn't think I would ever get on to tell you about it.

Friday night was opening night of High School Football.  If you are from the south you know what a huge big deal that is...and it was especially big this year cause I have a nephew playing high school football.  So it was football Friday night and I was at work.  All I wanted to do was get out of there so I could get to the game.  I actually made it before the second half started and got to watch most of the game.

I had spent most of the day on Saturday getting ready for the Triathlon on Saturday morning.  I hadn't received any information on the race, start place, etc. nothing!!!!  I started researching trying to find out all the details.  I got myself so worked up that I even checked out the registration to make sure I was signed up correctly because I hadn't heard anything.  I found all that I needed to get to the start line but was still pretty nervous because I didn't know what to expect.

So Friday night at midnight I was home doing laundry so I would have clothes to wear the next day and packing my bag.  I had to go race and then run home for something later in the day.  It was almost 1 am and I was crawling into bed and I was going to have to wake up at 5:30 for the race the next morning.  (Hint:  4 hours is not enough sleep the night before a triathlon, sprint or ironman)

So Saturday race day was finally here!!!  I was excited but still very nervous.  I had found out on Friday that the course we had to run was a trail and not a road race like I had assumed.  For those of you who don't know, I HATE TRAILS!!!!  More than just about anything that I can think of off the top of my head.  I had set a goal of 1:20 for a finish time and when I found out about the trail I upped my finish time to 1:40.  I just know I really struggle with trails.

I started in front of my niece, but I knew she would catch me on the run section.  I was giving it all I had on the run but was quickly getting tired and fed up with the terrain.  I kept stepping on rocks and sliding and then I would step on a twig and it would stab me in the shin...and my new running shoes were getting dirty!  She caught me just around mile 2 and we ran out of the woods together.  It was very nice that we were able to run a good part of the race together.  She is much faster than I am so it was nice to be able to have someone to talk too.

Next up, the bike.  This was the part that I was most nervous about.  I knew that I could do the distance, I have done it a number of times now, but I am still new on the proper etiquette of riding.  I have never done any sort of group race type thing on a bike.  I did my best to stay to the right and let others pass me on the left.  One time I got all messed up and finally told the other rider to just go around me I couldn't get back on the right side of the road.  She very kindly went around.  After analyzing the entire race I know now that the bike was the easiest  part!  Go figure!

Up next, we swim.  From what I had read the night before I found out that I had to get out of the pool after the swim and run across the finish line.  Well that didn't really fly well with me.  I have no problem wearing a bathing suit in public, but I am not about to run to a finish line in nothing but a swim suit.  I was prepared to wear my shorts in the pool just so I didn't have to do that.  So as I am pulling up to the final transition spot I parked the bike and ran in the pool area with all my clothes on.  When I got in I saw that the finish line was right out of the pool, no sweat, Ill swim my laps and hop out and then go put my shorts back on!  The swim was the easiest event for me, but I underestimated that the pool would be so crowded and that the etiquette that I didn't know in the bike was now being broken in the pool.  Swim on the right pass on the left....I got caught behind some people that were swimming side by side.  Both very slowly and neither making any progress.  It took a bit but I finally got past them.  My niece actually swam underneath two people that were doing the same thing to her.

We finished!!!!!  Yeah, that was the ultimate goal.  My time ended up being 1:26.  I think that is a little bit off from the actual time because I was not in the first group but either way, that is what the finish time said and I don't really care what the time was because I crossed the finish line.  I marked that off the "Bucket List" and am happy to say that I will probably do it again in the future.

Post finish line, clothes back on!  Happy as a Lark! (Please note the writing on her arm, it was on my left arm too and we are going to get to that in just a second.)

So now that the race was over and I was just happy as could be I had to make a mad dash back home and get ready to go to a funeral.  My precious sisters who came down to watch went and got the car, I never thought about that part.  I would have had to ride my bike back to the start line if they hadn't been there.  We loaded up the bikes, talked for a few minutes and then I got in the car and zoomed home.  

When I got home I had 13 minutes to get ready and get back in the car.  I got completely ready and dressed, makeup and all but the only problem I had was I couldn't get the skin marking off my arm.  I had a big black "256" written across my arm.  I scrubbed and wiped and finally got it to the point where it wasn't just awful but you could still see it.  Very embarrassing!!!!

At about 1pm I got home and my body was beginning to ache.  I was ready to get some food in my gut and water and sit down.  I got a few hours before I had to get to work.  I just had to work for a minute to cover for someone so no big deal.  Walking up and down the steps was painful but that was about it.  My couple hours rest really helped ease my legs.  After dinner that night I went to the Wal-Mart with my sister and she made me walk around for "hours" and my legs really got sore and I could hardly stand it.  I still had to go home and fold days and days and weeks of laundry.  Remember I said I was standing over my washer the night before the race washing clothes. 

My clothing exploded all over my utility room. 

 This is just the beginning...this photo was actually taken a few days before, since then 3 more loads.  Awful!!!!  And please note all the laundry supplies that I have been talked into buying.  It now takes longer to prep the wash as it does to wash it.

How pretty, two full baskets and they are all folded and B-E-Autiful!!!!!

Another 2 hours later I finally got done with all of my laundry, washed folded, the whole shabangs.  I was ready for bed.  My body was physically exhausted and ready for rest.

On Sunday I got the blessing of a nap after church.  My soreness was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I don't know why the trip to the store the night before got my legs so torn up but all was pretty good on Sunday.  I had my spots that hurt but that was it. 

Then this morning my running buddy and I went out for a short recover run.  She had done a long run over the weekend and I had my race so it was about 50/50 walk run and I think it helped me because when I ran tonight I was on my game.  The run felt good and I was not as sore as I have been.  I also learned a new running technique tonight (POSE method) that I am going to start trying to implement into my runs to see if it can help me. 

 For the last 12 hours I have been trying to publish this post and I cannot put it off any longer.  Just a few more words and it would have to be a novel with 2 or 3 volumes.

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Suz and Allan said...

Congrats on your triathalon! I loved that you described everything since I've never done a triathalon myself. It made me feel like I was there!

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