Friday, August 5, 2011


Ahhhhh thank you its finally Friday!!!!!!!!!!

This has been a really long week for me, I don't know about you guys, but I am so happy to say, Thank Goodness its Friday.  I had a busy week without one single day that I woke up after 6 or went to bed before 11.  For that I must say I am so tired.  I will get in bed tonight before 10pm, I will I will I will, but I have to be up early in the morning to work.  I was hoping to have the weekend off of work but you cant always get what you want right?

I had 5 days this week of walking or running or doing a combination of the 2 and yesterday I developed a blister on the back of both of my feet.  I thought maybe it was too much time on my feet or something.  Well today when I went to slide my shoes on I realized that I should check and make sure my shoes weren't torn up or have anything in them that would have caused my blisters. my surprise, I found a lot more than I expected.  (Now I must say I was stretching my shoes further than I should have because I wanted to get closer to my half marathon to buy new shoes, but this was shocking)  There is a hole in the back of both of my running shoes that you could not cover with a half dollar.  There is no padding, no cushioning, nothing but plastic exterior shoe material.  I guess since I switched to my new laces I haven't had to actually look at my shoes, I just slide them on and off, that I didn't notice.

Oh it looks like there may be a little padding on the outside of the gaping hole!

So as much as I had hoped to save a few weeks and run through bad shoes I have decided to go to the store tomorrow and get me some new pumps.  I need them so I am really excited about it, I always love getting new shoes and maybe this time I can get some that are night so white.  These look like old lady lunchroom shoes they are so white.  I never washed them in hopes that they would get dirty but they were un-stainable and white as white could be!

And tomorrow is tax free weekend so I will get some shoes and some new racing tights just cause I don't have to pay tax.  Yeah me! 

Today I got to be the teacher again for my morning aerobics class and I got to teach water aerobics.  Oh and I ran first, so this morning I got in 3 straight hours of working out, for that I will not workout tonight.  My run this morning was actually really good.  I laid off the hills this morning and only got to run 3 miles which could be why I think this mornings run went good but after the first half mile I felt like I could go for days.  

Now, for my blond moment of the day, I locked my keys in the car this morning at 6 am and could not get any of my dry clothes or bathing suit out before I had to teach class.  I didn't have my phone, nothing.  I haven't done that in a while so now I am on over protective mode of my car keys. 

If I get me some new cutie shoes tomorrow you know I will have a picture for you.  New Shoes!!!!! 


Jane said...

I'm jealous! I want new shoes! :) Sheesh, why are they so expensive?

I have been visiting your blog a lot, love your exercise stories. I wish I had time/desire to work out as often as you do. Keep it up!!! :)

nani said...

Ow! I hope you were able to get some new kicks!! I am hoping to get some in the next couple of weeks as well...they are SO needed!! Keep up the great work!!

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