Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

You guys have got to try this workout.  If you gym doesn't have a rope start asking them now to get one.  It took me 8 months of asking and begging and pleading but my gym finally got tired of hearing my voice and got a rope.  This morning I finally got to use it, after the disappointment last night

So this morning after a 3.5 mile walk we headed off to the gym for a rope workout.  Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never knew 10 minutes could be so effective.

Here are a few examples, to let you know how challenging this is, we did 30 second intervals this morning and were dying and this one guy is talking about 3-5 minute intervals.  I will work towards that but man it was tough.

You have got to try this at home!!!!!


Jane said...

I did this for the very first time in my bootcamp class, and at first I thought it was the strangest thing to ask us to do but then I did it...and it was a WORKOUT!

Emily said...

I have been dying to do it and now that I have I cant wait to do it again. I just hope I can move my arms tomorrow!

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