Monday, September 12, 2011

I Finally Got To RUN!!!!!!!

After last week with days and days of rain I thought I would never get to run again.  Friday, we ran about 3-4 miles, I cant remember at this point and it turns out the rest was really worth it.  My knee had started to hurt the week before so the few days of rest made it quite a nice run. 

Then this weekend I had to work so I missed out yet again on a Saturday run.  I complained  at the time but now I have a few weekends off in a row!!!!!  Totally not the point, sorry!  Then on Saturday night I did a little bit of shopping.  I am in desperate need of clothing.  I got a shirt and a cardigan....that is really not even putting a dent in the clothing situation but its better than nothing.

So this morning it was back to my normal running schedule.  We got to meet a little bit later than normal because the heat finally broke and it is a reasonable temperature outside.  Yippee!  I finally get to wake up when the first number is a 6 and not a 5.  That alone makes my day exponentially better.  This morning we did 3.5 in the morning and then this afternoon we did another 2 with the NoBo group.  I am so proud of these guys, we missed last week and this week was a big jump from what we had done two weeks ago but they were able to keep up and not quit.  I know they were tired when we were done but they did it. 

Now I have a new and very annoying injury.  What I originally diagnosed as a brain tumor (WebMD needs to be taken off the web) I think is a pinched nerve.  It is incredibly annoying.  It is not really pain, not most of the time anyway but it is a constant dull ache...and it causes my hand and arm to fall asleep at any given time.  I have spent the last week walking around with my arm above my head like I need to ask a question.  I am hopefully going to get into the doc tomorrow to get the whole brain tumor thing ruled out and get some answers because this is slowly driving me CRAZY!

Now I am begging for a good nights sleep...I'm hoping that knowing I might get to see the doc that I might get enough peace of mind to get some rest, that and the fact that I am going to take enough pain meds before bed tonight to tranquilize a horse.  Here's hoping!

Hope you all have a good night and good workouts tomorrow!

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