Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Taking Exhausted and STRESSED to a Whole New Level

I'm going to tell you all about my weekend and I swear you will think I am making this up, but I not that talented as a writer to make this crap up....  Here goes!

On Saturday I was feeling pretty dog gone good.  My neck/back pain seemed to be under control, I got a good nights sleep, even though I fell asleep while doing laundry and got my house cleaned up nice a pretty because the week before had left the house in a mess...I even got a nap!  That night was the final night of the fair and I wanted to go to the concert and watch Colt Ford and enjoy my footlong corndog.  The concert was way better than I expected and the night was wonderful.  I had worked every day last week until 10pm so I was ready for a night off.

So I got home and in bed a little bit after midnight/1am but it didn't matter because I always take a Sunday nap.  Who cares if I have to be at church early cause I will be napping pretty in a couple of hours!  So I made it to church on time (ok I was a little late but that is the slightest of the issues.)  After church my entire family went out to eat lunch together like always.  Right as we started eating lunch my Bro-In-Law had a seizure in the restaurant.  It was quite possibly the scariest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!  As I sit here and try to talk about it I am at an absolute loss for words.  You could tell something was horribly wrong and I had no idea what to do, as well as everyone else in the restaurant.  Thank the Lord there were some medical people having lunch that I know saved his life. 

This is where I have to find humor and I hope you can understand this and not think I am insensitive...

My sister accompanied her husband to the hospital and I loaded up the mini van

(I had to turn in my cool card to get the keys)

with her 3 children and 2 foster kids and took them home.  I knew in the back of my mind that this was going to be a long process and I immediately was regretting the outfit I had chosen for church.  I wore a pair of pants that were too tight but they would work for 2 hours and a sweater.  I had done that wonderful Saturday clean up so there were no clothes in my car to change into and I didn't have my car anyway so it didn't matter!  I went from a single white female to a single mom of 5 in a matter of seconds. 

Thank goodness the children were well behaved.  They were as scared as I was and they were children with thousand of questions that I wanted to answer but I had no answers to give.  They were so helpful and without that help I don't know how I could have survived the night without them, and the support of the other sisters telling me what to do.  I did almost let the little two starve because they didn't eat any food at lunch but that never crossed my mind and then when it was time to feel the 8 month old I didn't know how to make the cereal, and when I did I had to mix formula but there were no clean bottles, etc.  (And a 2 year old and Spaghetti-o's, not the best decision ever)  My somewhat mom instincts kicked in, we laid out our clothes for school, pack up lunches, got laundry done so everyone could be dressed for school.  I began to appreciate what my sisters do every day and it was only 8pm.  The foster children are not allowed to stay the night with me because I dont have state approval because I am not a foster parent so once we got around to bedtime I had 3 kids that were all potty trained and able to walk, talk and dress by themselves, whew!!!!!! 

I finally got the kids in bed, got the laundry folded and lunches packed for the next day and it was off to dreamland, ha, I was wrong!  My sister has creatures that live in the house so every single time the cat walked across the room I thought one of the kids was awake.  Then one time the cat touched me and I shot off the couch like a rocket.  I finally just sacrificed the sleep and got up to get ready for school.  Again the kids were great, they didn't fight me waking up and they all got going pretty quick so we were early for school, with breakfast and clean clothes.  I was so scared I was going to forget something so I packed my phone number in every one's lunch box in case they needed me.

By the time I got to Sonic I realized that I owed my sisters a huge apology.  I had to apologize for making fun of them for coming to school with cheerios in their hair, or for being unshowered and unshaved with no makeup.  All of a sudden I understood all of these things because I hadn't showered or slept in 2 days, my pants were too tight and I had a child's clip in my dirty hair because I couldn't find one single bobby pin anywhere.  (I was seriously considering having my tubes tied!!!!!)

So I thought my day was going to calm down a bit but it just took off after that.  I did manage 4 minutes to go to the gym and wash my hair in the sink, still no shower, and then off to work.  And I worked like a dog! Oh and still sporting the mini-van and the child's hair clip.  I should just go ahead and apologize to all the mothers out there because I have made fun of all of you when I see you strolling around in the mini with bed head!  I finally got to job #2 and got to sit down.  It was a nice break, it was Monday so it was busy, seems like everyone in the town was starting their diet and weight loss plan on THIS Monday but it was still way more relaxing that being the Temp Mom so I will not whine about it. 

10pm: Quitting time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was not going to workout, I was going home to shower, stress of the day gone, time to shower and sleep!  I was ready to go home.  And on my way home, about half way there I hit a deer!  2 deer jumped out of my car.  Thank the good Lord, yet again, I just nicked him on my front bumper, I was not hurt, my car was not damaged!  I called my dad and went over to his house after I hit the deer to make sure my car was ok.  Sympathetic moment of the day:  His first question was "Was it a buck or a doe?"  After we assessed the damage I had to go to my sisters house because I didn't get the sympathy I needed from Dad. (Remember I am the 4th child so I have lots of people I can go to until I get what I need and yes, the youngest is spoiled so when I showed up at 11pm in need of sympathy that is what I got)  I walked in on her giving the riot act to a child and when I told her what happened I got the response I needed "Do you need to cry?"  Don't worry guys I held back the tears but I just couldn't believe it!!!! 

I finally got calmed down and got home and as tired  as I was I couldn't sleep, every time I closed my eyes I saw a deer in front of my head lights or my bro-in-law seizing.  It was just bad dreams all night long.  I fought it as long as I could at at 5am I got a charlie horse in my calf and finally just gave up! hahahaha  I am honest to goodness laughing out loud at this moment.

I got up and ran with my running buddy.  We got in 4 miles this morning, a good breakfast, and a therapy session.  After running I came back to my house and tried to get it back in order, you know, finish the laundry I started on Friday night.  I even attempted to sleep one more time, don't worry, I was unsuccessful yet again.  Job #1 here I come.  Another busy day which is well welcomed in the RE world.  I met up with my swimming buddy after work and before an evening showing.  We haven't gotten to swim in a while and she did so good tonight.  The day was getting better and better.  I got to the store to buy toilet paper, oh yeah, I left that out, ran OUT of toilet paper and got all geared up for my evening showing.

I had a great showing on a property that I have had on the market too long so it was nice to have some traffic.  I ran from one end of the town to the other 5 times over and finally got to a football game.  Then to job #94938 and cleaned an office building, back to job #1 to file some paperwork, over to Sister 2's house to give her some paper work for the Half Marathon this weekend, then over to Sister 3 house, and on and on and on.  This day ended up being an amazing day!  Note the time stamp on this post, 12:37am my time and this is the first time my personal computer has been on in 4 days.

My bro in law got to come home from the hospital on Monday night and he is doing well.  I don't think it is my business to tell all of his business so I will leave it at that.  Just keep that whole situation in your prayers, he will be on restricted duty for a while and that is just not how we roll. 

Thanks for listening to my rant for a while, I know this is a long post but I had a pretty full weekend.  I am hoping tomorrow will be just a little more back to my normal schedule.   I do hope you dont think I am being insensitive or selfish about the weekend or the medical emergency but humor is where I go and I hope you can appreciate that.

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Adalita said...

I think you need a hug and a good nap after a weekend like that. I'm glad your Bro-in-law is recovering. I'm having a busy 2 weeks for school holidays. I'm looking forward to go back and relax. I ache all over from doing chores today.

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