Thursday, October 20, 2011

Biggest Loser In Review

Ok so I am a few days late with this one but I have so much to say.  I am finally starting to get favorites and getting ready for some to leave. 

I have a fave for both the men and women.  I am just loving this guy from TN, Vinny.  I feel like he is fixing to bust out and be great.  He has been a bit disappointing so far but I can just feel like he is fixing to do something amazing.  By the way, he is on the Red Team.

My favorite girl is the girl on the Black Team who is hurt.  I think her name is Jennifer but I am not sure on that.  I am way impressed that she has continued to drop as much weight as she has with very limited activity.  She is apparently working pretty hard if she is losing numbers like that. 

And the fact that none of her team likes her makes me like her even more!

And I have some least favorites as well.  This Sunny girl who went home this week for the entire week and took her trainer with her.  I do not like her.  She is just getting on my nerves.  She did well this week and 14 pounds is a big number but how much harder could she have worked in the last few weeks that she has been not dropping big numbers, huh, huh?!?!?  And then when she did good it was like she was trying to cry on the scale but she just couldn't quite work up some tears.  Basically she is just bothering me right now!!!!

My other one that I really don't like is the Old Lady on the Blue Team.  I don't know her name and I have such high hopes that she will be sent home next week that I am not even going to learn it.  (ok, so I just cant remember it right now)  I understand that this show is about helping everyone, and I really think that is an admirable goal.  They have helped older individuals before, but the ones they helped were able to do the workouts.  This woman is not able to walk up the stairs to weigh in without pain.  I feel for her, I really do, but she either needs to kick it into gear or go home. 

This is shaping up to be a good season, I hope it keeps going in that direction.  I had to stop watching the old episodes because I was getting all my seasons mixed up.  I'm all in on this one now!

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Stacy said...

The old lady's name is Bonnie and I'm so with you on wanting to see her get the boot! I was all for her until this week. She needs to shape up or ship out!
Also, I've been following your blog a while and think you're doing great! I have my gastric bypass surgery on Monday!! AHH Hope I can do as well as you!

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