Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 1 of Starting Over....

Hey went really good.  I was on track with the workouts and the food today without having a raging headache from sugar withdraw.  All in all it was right on track.

The day did go a little longer than I had hoped for.  I didn't get a morning workout because I had to work so I extended my nighttime workout.  I finally left the gym about 11pm and then still had to run to the Wal-Mart.  I was home at about 11:30pm.  I was hoping to be well into dream land by now.

I also got into my magazines tonight to find some new workouts to shock my body back into fat burning mode.  There is always a new thing that is the fat burning extravanganza of the week so I will try them all to see if they are all they are cracked up to be.  If I find anything worth mentioning I will pass them on.  One of them is exceptionally interesting, 3 different workouts, 1-3 times a week, fat burning power over the top!!!!

And there is one more thing I forgot to mention after vacation.  My shameless plug from vacation...

I can already hear what you are thinking, "oh crap, she is talking about Body Glide again." And you would be so right but I have found a whole new use for it that I never knew before.

While at the beach some of my babies got irritated by the sand and salt so every single time they got into the ocean it would set their skin on fire, like crying/pain, and the aunt inside me wanted to make it better.

Luckily I packed for vaca in my gym bag and I always have Body Glide in my gym bag so we got them cleaned up and applied the Body Glide and they were able to get in and out of the water with no pain and no more burning.  Wow!!! 

This product gets better and better every single day! 

Well ,I think that wraps me up for the night, I have to go to bed so I can be rested and ready to go again tomorrow.  Who knew being back on track could take so much effort, I'm just adjusting I'll get used to it again I'm sure.


Jane said...

Good luck starting over!!! And I think Body Glide rocks. That is yet another great use for it. :)

Dianne :) said...

I've missed you, Emily! You've been an inspiration for a long time - glad you had a great first day :-)

Emily said...

I've missed you too. I havent missed NoBo at all and then I miss 2 weeks in a row, but I think I needed a vacation.

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