Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 2, Still Going Strong

I know it is funny to really act like I am starting over but its the way my brain works.  Two days of good solid workouts and quality food gives me a sense of power that I needed for myself.  It helps me get my willpower back on track. 

I needed that will power this morning more than ever.  Yesterday, my food was on track and I set up a quality workout for after work.  My workout was much harder than I anticipated, and I created it myself so I should have known better. 

This Machine:  EVIL!!!!

This Workout:  Even EVILER!!!

I'm not as sore as I thought I would be after the workout but I am definitely tender in some places!  I have another doozie scheduled for today and I also have to clean my house and mow my yard so there is some calories to be burned.

Today I drew the short straw and had to take the 5am shift at work, yuck!  And this is where the willpower came into play.  Every single time I work the morning shift I stop and get a biscuit from Hardee's.  The wonderful buttery, eggy, cheesy biscuit (remember I'm fat, I obviously think food is amazing and if I cant eat it I will talk about it)  that taste sooooo good.  I actually have gotten this biscuit every early morning shift, on track or not, I just add it to my calorie count for the day.  This morning I was not willing to jeopardize my new "on trackness" for a few bites of pleasure.

So instead I got to work and fixed my yummy bowl of oatmeal.  I actually like oatmeal but not near as much as a biscuit.  I have some snacks packed up for the rest of the morning then off to the rest of my day.

I wish you guys could see how the spell checker has reacted to this post.  Apparently I made up too many words and spell checker does not like it.

I have been trying to get back into my normal life and out of vacation mode.  I have finally read all my back issues of SELF magazine (love it) and found some new workouts.  I am also so happy to announce that Biggest Loser has finally put all of their seasons on Netflix.  That's just an extra boost of motivation.  I am finally getting to watch some of the earlier seasons that I never saw or only saw a few episodes.  In 2004 I was not obsessed with the show or becoming healthy so its fun to have some new favorites. 

Alright, I'm off for the morning, no one should post before 7 am unless you are a mommy blogger with children who don't sleep, or you have to be at work at the butt crack of dawn!

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