Friday, October 28, 2011


Hey all....

I know I have been a little distant this week but I have been on home reno extravaganza this week.  My house is officially for sale and I am trying to spruce up some things that I have let go in the last few years.  They didn't bother me enough to fix but now that I am selling I want it to look great. 

I also and on a budget of...well...nothing so I am doing everything by myself and paying nearly nothing to do it.  So far I have transformed 2 rooms for under $100 bucks.  Basically a can of paint and a lot of hours and patience.  You know I have pictures too. 

Master Bath:  You try painting in a bathroom this size.  I was high and bruised from turning around over and over and breathing fumes!

There is a yellow shower that cant get into the picture...I haven't even figured out how to fix that yet and I am kinda scared of the options I have.

Ahhh more Harvest Gold....How I love Harvest Gold!!!!

The Original:  How could you do any better than this?

So so so so so so much better.

Pretty pretty white.  I think bathrooms and kitchens should both be white.  Clean and beautiful.

Just pretend that you cannot see the shower!

I am trying very hard to do all the work by myself and learn how to do it for next time so each project has taken a few extra minutes because I either messed it up or went really slow so I didn't make a mistake.  For example, replacing the light fixture....I had to reposition myself 3 or 4 times so if I did get electrocuted I could fall off the vanity in such a way that I would die!  I didn't shock myself (Proud moment!)

I have managed to get all this work done and still get in my workouts.  I have just been doing one a day while I am trying to get all my projects finished.  I figure this work has to be burning calories, if not the work the shower while trying to get this paint off my skin has GOT TO BE burning calories.  I have paint from head to toe, literally.  (The speck under my chin is my favorite)

Today is the only day I didn't get to workout in the morning time.  We would have run but it was raining pretty hard when we got up so no running today.  I'm in a dilemma for tonight, do I go workout after work or go finish my projects.  Oh, I will just have to study on it for a little while longer.

Well, now you know what I have been up to this week.  Maybe this weekend I can finish up everything and get back to my normal gym rat lifestyle but this week helped me prove that workout time and special projects can both be accomplished, you just have to be willing to be a little bit sleepy for a day or two.

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