Friday, October 21, 2011

Ouchy Ouch

I woke up this morning, in much more pain than I was in yesterday, much more pain.  I knew day 2 of the soreness would be worse but its been a while since I have hurt like this so I kinda forgot what it was like. (I learned that I can once again to lunges, I haven't done them in months cause they hurt my knee but they felt good on Wednesday so I jumped right in there and did them too.) Amazingly enough I slept remarkably well, that is 2 nights in a row now, and I am hoping for a few more like this and I might catch up on months of crappy sleep if I keep it up.  I think its the weather and the cooler house, and the more intense workouts to credit for the better sleep.  Anyway.....

When I got up this morning I woke up ready to come to class and apologize to my ladies for hurting them and making them sore.   I went a little bit early and got in a run with my running buddy, who by the way has been taking my class and is as sore as I am, haha.  I took the 12 step, 30 minute walk up the steps to class and I was feeling guilty; I hated that I hurt them.  So I walked in and asked, "Is everyone sore?"  And all but one person shook their head "NO!!!"  I couldn't believe it.  How could they not be hurting?

I was glad that they were not sore because they would hate me if they were.  We did our class for the last time this week and again they did an awesome job.  I just love these ladies, they complain a lot but they do it.  Just proves that the work can be done, no matter what your age.

Now, I know that my soreness might have been made a bit worse after the kettlebell workout.  Yes, I did the workout last night.  It was much more learning the movements and the correct technique but I know that it was a good workout because I felt myself winded several times during the workout and when I walked out my legs were shaky.  It is definitely something I will do again, class or not, I will try to incorporate some of these exercises in my daily routine.  I would suggest it for anyone to try.  I have heard several people say it hurt their back when they did it but I did have any problem with my back, not yet at least, its just the thousand ninjas stabbing my quads, hammies, and calves with knives swords.  My back is good.

I have no weekend races this week, it feels almost like an incomplete weekend if I don't pack a race in there somewhere but I have to work all weekend so I wouldn't be able to do one anyway. 

Nighty night folks....hope you have a good weekend!

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