Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Under the Weather

Hello All,

Look at me posting early today.  I guess that is only fair since I didn't post at all yesterday.  I had to work late last night and I opted to skip my late night workout for bed because I am a little bit sick.

It's that poor pitiful me type of sick, I just have a cold and a cough but it is beginning to drive me crazy.  I am just ready to feel better already.  Today is already better than yesterday but still not 100%. 

I went home last night and got straight into bed.  I didn't even pack my bags and food last night.  I did wake up a little bit early so I could get all my stuff together.  Sometimes when I decide to wait until the next morning it never happens but today I actually woke up on time and packed up.

I did get to run yesterday, twice actually, once yesterday morning with my running partner and then again yesterday afternoon with my NoBo group.  My morning run ended up being mostly walking since every time my heart rate gets above 85 I start coughing uncontrollably.  But then last night I ran with the group.  This run was better than the morning run but I was hurting by the time it was over.

Tonight I get to swim and hopefully I can get my workout done and get home before the day is totally over because I have some major work to do around my house.  Now I just have to figure out what is for dinner before I get home.  I have still be doing good on my diet so lets go ahead and make the good decision now!

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