Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big Week...Big Changes

Well this week has been huge for me.  I started my new job on Monday.  I am really excited about it but so many things are changing and I am having to do a lot of adjusting.  I think I am figuring the job out, now I just have to figure out the rest of my schedule.  To top off the week we have had a ballgame every single night and have one every night until Saturday.

I am also trying to figure out the workouts.  I am having to do the early morning workouts this week.  I do not like 5am!!!!  But if I dont get my workout it will make me a cranky little FatGirl and nobody wants that.  Once I get my schedule worked out I think I will be able to relax a little bit. 

I will reach out for a little help, I have been working out in the morning which is kinda hindering my breakfast.  Do any of you out there have a breakfast that I could take on the go?  I have some Clif Bars and tonight I got a new protein shake to try, but I like a big breakfast so Im taking suggestions.

It's only 8:45 and I feel like I should be getting in bed because I have to be up so early in the morning.  That is one good thing about the human body, once it gets adjusted to something it really adapts well.  Eat healthy, my body craves that, water, more please, wake up early, Im getting there, workout!  If I dont I might DIE!!!!!

I picked a hell of a week to start waking up early, you know right off the Black Friday weekend when I got 4 hours of sleep in 3 days.

So please stick with me as I make a big transition in my life.  Right here at the holidays and everything!!!!  I hope you all are enjoying your holiday season already, its just getting started and I for one cant wait.

Just FYI I know there are a lot of missing punctuation missing but Im having a bit of trouble with my computer again. :)  haha those two work!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday in Review

I have some pictures and stories that didn't make it on the blog yesterday cause we were busy or just cause....

I have to share some of these.

Black Friday Planking

We had some very successful attempts at planking on black Friday.   The buggy return, the top and window of the car....

The tree plank, fail on two separate attempts by two separate people.

The cooler plank.  You just cant see the full effect.

And the best of all...the bush plank.  She jumped right on top and fell right into the bush.  This plank cause me to wet my pants.

The Cupcake
The cupcake was an incredibly sweet gesture given to my sister by her niece.  Sister 3 loves Gigi's Cupcakes and when we were at the mall the Gigi's people set up a table.  Well Niece went and bought Sister 3 a cupcake while she was shopping.  We walked out of the store and Sister 3 saw the set up, she turned around to make sure we all saw it too, and there was the niece holding the cupcake box for her.  I thought she was going to die of excitement.

So for the rest of the trip we carried the cupcake around like it was a dozen eggs.  Somebody was always holding it in a hand that was unoccupied with bags or drinks.  It was passed around and guarded like it was gold plated.

Sister 3 fell completely out of the chair on the way home but don't worry.....the cupcake was OK!

Friday, November 25, 2011


Dinner in the Car!!!!

We can't leave all out stuff alone so we are having a picnic in the car. May be the best food ever.

I Went to Sephoria....

And all I got was embarrassed. Some girl had on this lipstick and it looked great on her so I assumed it would be perfect on me too. Well it was not perfect and it was lip "stain" an I couldn't get it off!

Just a little embarrassing.

Too Tired!

Sorry it took so long to update but I'm too tired to text. Still going but not as strong as before. Almost done!

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We Like Shoes, or Sitting Down to Try On

Either way...

Hoola Hoops

List Updates!

We Heart Home Depot!!!!

Ahhh Good Ol Home Depot

A couple of years ago I had the best experience ever at Home Depot and this year is proving to be an even better experience than before.

Unlike other stores, we are waiting outside but they has coffee and hot chocolate cause it's cold. The employees are walking around passing out flyers and being friendly.

Home depot I LOVE you!

Look Who Finally Made It

Adopted sister is finally here!!!!!!!!

Attention Target Shoppers

We published that our store was opening at 12, that was big fat lie! We will actually let you in 20 people at a time until we decide that we want to "really" open the store.

Loosing shoppers by the hour! 12:30 and still not letting everyone in. Come on!!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Random Stuff Found In Car Part 1

Black Friday Top Ten

1. Its not Friday yet.
2. Cops at the sheet section at Wal-Mart.
3. Fight in the towel section.
4. The sound of firecrackers when they pop the plastic on the pallets.
5. 3 seats in the van...6 people.
6. Can't tell if the drivers are drunk or Black Friday shoppers.
7. Aleve and Diet Coke...
8. Getting the best deal of the day at the 1st stop.
9. Draining half your cell phone battery before midnight.
10. The person in front of you in line has toxic gas and you stay for the deal.

Sister 3
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The Cops Have Been Called...

And it wasn't because of us!!!!! Victory!

And They're Off!

The 2011 Shirt

The Meeting

This is where we plan the big night ahead of us.


I keep getting kicked out of the meeting, so my sisters can talk about me! So not nice!

Getting ready for black Friday....Already!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Week

Oh this is such an exciting week for me and for many others.  Many of you may think this is because it is Thanksgiving and lots of yummy food and time with family and that is definitely a perk.  I enjoy getting together with my family, although I am not a huge fan of traditional Thanksgiving food, but I will get to see my extended family and for the most part that is an enjoyable thing.  Ha Ha!

And then there is the day after Thanksgiving.  As many of you know my family participates in the wonderful grand tradition known as Black Friday!!!!!!  If you are new, please check out last year's fun.

I am already getting prepared for the party, what I really need is about 10 hours of extra sleep before Thursday.  But this year we are going to do some fun things that we haven't done before.  This year I will be blogging the whole process for you, from my mobile phone.  You can follow along right here at, follow on facebook: also Fat Girl to Thin, and even Twitter.  You can check them all because you never know which one will get the post of the pic so you will just have to check all day.  Our shirts this year will have the blog QR code so people we meet along the way will be able to follow along as well.  I have also loaded the blog email to my sisters as well so there will be 6 of us updating throughout the day.....its liable to be crazy.

I hope you all stay home all day long and just  follow along and stay out of the stores so you will be one less person I have to compete with to get my toys or wait in line behind.

Happy Thanksgiving folks.....hope you have a great one.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Found Um!

I finally found my running shoes. They have been missing since Friday and I found them 36 hours later!!!!

Go figure! Right in the closet with the other shoes. Being that they stay in my car full time that really was the last place I looked!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Running with.....REALLY?!?!?!?

This is way more tame since the last "Running with REALLY!?!?" but this one is still kinda great.  I woke up this morning on time and drug myself out of bed to get dressed.  I put on my bra and climbed back into the warm sheet, back out and put on my warm tight pants, back into warm bed, back out for the last time...shirt, long sleeves, and toboggan!  I grabbed my socks out of the drawer and ran out the door.  After all the stops back in the bed to warm up I was a little bit late but well within the appropriate lateness to still get to run.

I got to the gym, opened the back door and no running shoes.  That's ok I must have thrown them in the back....nope.  Back to the back seat, no shoes.  I have no earthly idea where my shoes are.  Then I had to walk in to meet my running buddy with my head hung low and admit that I had no shoes, and to top it off I have no idea where they are.  I always leave them in my car so until I get home tonight about 10 I will be in the dark.  I just hope they are there. 

My running buddy had run earlier with another girl so she already got her miles in so we just went and ate breakfast instead of running.  REALLY?!?!?!?!??  That is not helping with the weight loss!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Hump Day

Hello followers and everyone else that finds yourself on my blog today.  Let's just start with this one.  I have completely 2 full days this week and managed to get two workouts in.  Woo Hoo!!!!  I haven't been able to say that in a few weeks.  Now this morning our run got rained out so I will have to get in a late night workout tonight but hopefully I can work that in and continue my streak. 

Today at work we had a Thanksgiving dinner so I am really going to need a workout tonight.  I was hoping to scurry up to the gym on my lunch break but I have a meeting for job 1 that is going to take up dinner time so its looking more and more like 10pm will be my workout tonight.

My week so far has been way more vanilla than the last few weeks.  I have been somewhat busy but just work and ballgames busy.  It makes for some late nights getting home but I love some basketball season so I will take a small break in sleep to see my babies play ball.  I have to miss 3 nights a week right now because my work schedule conflicts with the games but that is about to change.  Segway please:  I guess this is my announcement time.  I have just accepted a new job.  So now instead of one full time and then part time and little jobs to fill in the cracks I will be working one job....  I am pretty excited about it.  I am keeping my Real Estate job but on that one will become part time.  Again I am pretty excited about it and I hope it all works out.

Let's see what else....Biggest Loser.  I am sorry to report that I didn't get to watch it yet this week and someone ruined the surprise for me.  WOOOOO HOOOOOO!  I cant wait to watch the episode.  I'm actually thinking about having a party to watch it since the Crier is going home!!!!! 

Then my next TV update comes in because I just want to talk about it.  Does anyone out there watch Dancing With The Stars.  I have watched this show on and off for years but mostly just watch it when they play it online.  Not committed to it one way or the other.  But after watching Mondays show I have to say.  Hope Solo may have gone a little bit further 1.  If she could dance.  and 2.  If she didn't have such a sucky attitude.  She and Max were constantly complaining about something.  Good riddance and goodbye.  I am so happy she didn't make it into the finals!!!!!  TEAM JR!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Think I Figured It Out

So every time I blog about having a busy week and promising it will be better the next week, it seems to be even worse than before.  My sister asked me tonight at the dinner table if I was ever going to blog again....I have tried I promise!!!!

This week topped off the business that I have seen in a while.  I wish on about Wed. I could have gotten on here to tell you about it and give you a heads up that I was crazy and probably not going to get to post, but I didn't even have time for a one liner.

So tonight between coats of paint (and what should be drinks) I shall post!!!!

On Monday screw that we must go back to Friday night.  I was at work Friday night, like usual, nothing special about the night what so ever.  I got off work like normal and headed over to my sisters house to drop something off.  When I got there she informed me that my other sister was at the ER.  I had no idea so I immediately went to the "Where are the kids?" mode.  They had been picked up a taken care of that night so went to my house and called it a night, just getting periodic updates about what was going on.  (Again this is one of those not my business to tell so we are just going to say she was at the hospital)

I didn't have the kids until Sunday.  I went to church and then picked up the kids for a night at their house.  They had been away from home for about 2 days.  And the first night my job was pretty easy.  They didn't have school the Monday so I only had to get them clean and fed.  Ramen noodles!!! Oh yeah, don't worry that gets funnier in a minute.

So their dad came home on Monday, they didn't have school but I did have to work.  So I ran off to work about 10am...I had a meeting to make it too.  I did have time to get home and shower before, which is way better than the last time I kept them. 

Monday was a normal day Job #1 then Job #2 then home for a good nights sleep.  Tuesday started off pretty normal as well.  I ran off to work, knowing that I was going to be picking up from school.  No mini van this time, I love sporting the mini.  I knew we had practice and stuff after school but as the day went on my sisters kept calling me and adding stuff to my after school projects.  To top it all off I had already scheduled a showing for 3:30.  Trust me, I haven't sold anything in a while, so I will definitely not miss a showing.  I got so freaked out that I would forget something that I made a list....

Tuesday night was the most crazy thing I have done.  I feel the need yet again to apologize to all those mom's out there that I have made fun of....I just don't know how you do it.  So, SORRY really really sorry!!!!

We made it through all of our afternoon activity, only being late a few times.  Let's see if I can describe it.  Pick up kids, drop off at church, other end of the county for showing, back to church to pick up one kid, that kid to dance, so thirsty no time to stop, back to church to pick up another kid, head to school to pick up another kid, run back to dance to take a drink, sooooo thirsty, back to the school to pick up from ball practice, finally I got a drink and Gatorade for the one from ball practice: he had to be thirsty, off to dance 2 kids in tow to pick up the third from dance.  Whew.  I think I kept dropping off drinks because I was so thirsty. 

We got home about 7:30pm.  The boys got their homework done in the gaps been pick up and drop off so when I got home I thought it was going to clam down a bit.  Wrong!  When I got home I banished the boys to the shower since homework was done and kept R with me to do her homework while I fixed supper.  Tuesday night menu:  Chili Cheese Fries.  Everyone had showers and homework done by about 8ish.  Big accomplishment for me.  We sat down for dinner and then off to bed.  I still had a bit to do but it went really easy.  I got lunches packed, laundry washed, bags packed for the next day, and clothes laid out.  And then to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next morning I got up just a few minutes before the kids did to make breakfast.  Wed Morning Menu:  Just add milk Blueberry Muffins.  Add milk and bake for 14 minutes.  And we got to school ON TIME!!!!

I was happy to get back to work.  As far as I am concerned work was easier.  I also got threatened by my other sisters for making breakfast. 

Wednesday was the last time I had the kids but I was ready to go again.  I actually took off part of the night so I could pick them up, but my sister got to come home Wednesday night.  So I didn't have to play mommy again.  Just as I was getting into the groove of things.  I found out later that the littlest kid said I was the best cook ever.  I actually laughed out loud.  Can Chili, Ramen noodles, frozen French Fries, and Add Milk Muffins. (I'm having college flashbacks!)  Whatever, Ill take the title of "Best Cook Ever"  Watch out Anne, I'm coming for ya. 

I get the look alike comment about her all the time, I just don't see it. 

The rest of my week calmed down a little but but not really calm.  I was still busy just not juggling the working single mom angle.  So after my crazy week I think maybe 3 workouts total and poor eating, and I am pretty sure I am dehydrated!!!! 

Oh I forgot this picture.  This was actually Sunday night of keeping the kids.  It seems like child care always begins on Sunday, you know after I cleaned out my car on Friday night. 

Let's see if I can remember how we arrived at this outfit.  Started the day at church wearing black pants, sweater, under tank, bra, and undies, with a pair of ballet flats.  When I got to the house with the kids after church I lost the sweater because they use the heat at their house and it was a freaking sauna.  So tank and black pants bra undies barefoot.  So while fixing drinks for the kids the Dr. Pepper exploded all over me.  I was sticky from bra down.  I took most of the drink on me but the floor got splashed a bit.  So I headed to the car and grabbed a skirt out of the Goodwill drop off bag, not one single shirt in there so I raided the drawers and found this beauty of a shirt.  The slides belong to the oldest kid because the floor was sticky, and now now bra or undies because they were soaked in DP!!!!!

I know that whole post was a bit psychophrenic but that is how the week went.  It was a great week.  (see the first line of the post again if you forgot what I said there)  Here's to starting again tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Questions for my Blogger Buddies

Well the time is getting near, my computer is a few years old and is really slowing down and not performing like I would like it too.  I am not a computer genius but I can navigate these things pretty good.  I need a computer for blogging, music management, email, just pretty standard stuff nothing over the top complicated. 

At this moment in my life I cannot afford to buy a new computer and I think this one has some quality months left, but I have to start thinking about this now.  So what do you guys prefer.

This is what I am using now, very good computer until is started to slow down.  I have done everything I can to clean it up and I am taking it to my bro in law to help with the clean up process to speed up a bit. 

The other options I am considering are the Netbook.

These little guys are cute but are they a replacement for an actual computer.  I don't want any sort of service plan with it, just to use at home.  And the smaller screen might not be the best.  ??!?!?!?!  But these are much less than other computers.

Then there is this little guy, a computer and a tablet.  It's no ipad but it does have the touch screen and then also a full keyboard.  I want an ipad but I don't think it would be the best for blogging.   Does anyone have one of these things?  Are they cool?

Finally there is the ultimate...

Now this big guy is way out of my price range but what I want the most.  Is it worth the wait to save up for the Mac, is it that much better than the other options.  Or should I get a cheaper computer because I am not really using it for complicated things and its ridiculous to spend that much money on a toy.

I would love some opinions from you guys about what you use and what you like about it.  Let me know.

Hello My Friends

I have been trying to post all day long but I have had one of those days that everything is happening about 7 minutes apart so when I get the chance to get on and post I got interrupted.  So finally I just gave up the hope of posting until I got off work.  So here I am.  And now I'm trying to post and I have started some sort of update and it is cutting in to my page about every 45 seconds. 

I am just going to have to work through it because I want to post, baby!

This morning there was no run.  I missed getting out on the road but my body very much enjoyed getting to sleep in.  It happens so rarely that I take advantage of it every single time I can.  And tomorrow there is no sleeping in here.  I am actually going to get up early and then my day is back to back, all day long.  I am pretty excited about tomorrow.  I get my swim workout tomorrow and get to swim with my workout buddy.  I also get to eat lunch my my best friend in the whole wide world and her baby.  And then we get to play some ball tomorrow night.  Now if I can just manage to sell a house in there somewhere it will be an awesome day.

Last night I got to watch Biggest Loser during the time slot it was on...that never happens.  I watched up until the weigh in and then I had to go to a ball game.  I am fixing to start a new Biggest Loser drinking game.  It's like college all over are the rules. 

1.  Every time Ramon calls the blond girl the love of his life:  drink.

2.  Every time Bonnie cries:  drink

3.  Every time someone talks about how much they hate Anna K.:  Drink

4.  Every time someone says they did not come here to make friends, they came to lose weight: drink

If you just drank at those time you would be drunk in the first 15 minutes, and that would be because Bonnie was crying.

I have figured it out now.  They are going to keep her around until the end.  Oh, she is so on my nerves.  She cries at the drop of a hat, good, bad, happy, sad.  She got mad at Anna last week for trying to understand that she was upset over her husbands death and then this week she confides in Dolvette for the exact same thing.  I would love for them to vote her off but it is not going to happen.

Basically I think the Biggest Loser people traveled to the future and read my blog and found out all the ones I liked and then arranged for them to be voted off week after week.  I like the girl that was voted off this week (I cant remember her name)  I hope she wins the marathon, and actually I will go ahead and predict that she will, and wins the whole darn game!!!!

Ok, I can get off my Biggest Loser bandwagon now, I just have to share every week.

Tomorrow is filling up quick but I hope to not only swim but get my spin session in as well.  I think I am just going to fill up a few free hours tomorrow afternoon at the gym instead of going home and sitting around waiting for the ball game. 

If you don't hear from me tomorrow just know I am a busy little girl. 

Night folks!
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