Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday in Review

I have some pictures and stories that didn't make it on the blog yesterday cause we were busy or just cause....

I have to share some of these.

Black Friday Planking

We had some very successful attempts at planking on black Friday.   The buggy return, the top and window of the car....

The tree plank, fail on two separate attempts by two separate people.

The cooler plank.  You just cant see the full effect.

And the best of all...the bush plank.  She jumped right on top and fell right into the bush.  This plank cause me to wet my pants.

The Cupcake
The cupcake was an incredibly sweet gesture given to my sister by her niece.  Sister 3 loves Gigi's Cupcakes and when we were at the mall the Gigi's people set up a table.  Well Niece went and bought Sister 3 a cupcake while she was shopping.  We walked out of the store and Sister 3 saw the set up, she turned around to make sure we all saw it too, and there was the niece holding the cupcake box for her.  I thought she was going to die of excitement.

So for the rest of the trip we carried the cupcake around like it was a dozen eggs.  Somebody was always holding it in a hand that was unoccupied with bags or drinks.  It was passed around and guarded like it was gold plated.

Sister 3 fell completely out of the chair on the way home but don't worry.....the cupcake was OK!

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