Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello My Friends

I have been trying to post all day long but I have had one of those days that everything is happening about 7 minutes apart so when I get the chance to get on and post I got interrupted.  So finally I just gave up the hope of posting until I got off work.  So here I am.  And now I'm trying to post and I have started some sort of update and it is cutting in to my page about every 45 seconds. 

I am just going to have to work through it because I want to post, baby!

This morning there was no run.  I missed getting out on the road but my body very much enjoyed getting to sleep in.  It happens so rarely that I take advantage of it every single time I can.  And tomorrow there is no sleeping in here.  I am actually going to get up early and then my day is back to back, all day long.  I am pretty excited about tomorrow.  I get my swim workout tomorrow and get to swim with my workout buddy.  I also get to eat lunch my my best friend in the whole wide world and her baby.  And then we get to play some ball tomorrow night.  Now if I can just manage to sell a house in there somewhere it will be an awesome day.

Last night I got to watch Biggest Loser during the time slot it was on...that never happens.  I watched up until the weigh in and then I had to go to a ball game.  I am fixing to start a new Biggest Loser drinking game.  It's like college all over are the rules. 

1.  Every time Ramon calls the blond girl the love of his life:  drink.

2.  Every time Bonnie cries:  drink

3.  Every time someone talks about how much they hate Anna K.:  Drink

4.  Every time someone says they did not come here to make friends, they came to lose weight: drink

If you just drank at those time you would be drunk in the first 15 minutes, and that would be because Bonnie was crying.

I have figured it out now.  They are going to keep her around until the end.  Oh, she is so on my nerves.  She cries at the drop of a hat, good, bad, happy, sad.  She got mad at Anna last week for trying to understand that she was upset over her husbands death and then this week she confides in Dolvette for the exact same thing.  I would love for them to vote her off but it is not going to happen.

Basically I think the Biggest Loser people traveled to the future and read my blog and found out all the ones I liked and then arranged for them to be voted off week after week.  I like the girl that was voted off this week (I cant remember her name)  I hope she wins the marathon, and actually I will go ahead and predict that she will, and wins the whole darn game!!!!

Ok, I can get off my Biggest Loser bandwagon now, I just have to share every week.

Tomorrow is filling up quick but I hope to not only swim but get my spin session in as well.  I think I am just going to fill up a few free hours tomorrow afternoon at the gym instead of going home and sitting around waiting for the ball game. 

If you don't hear from me tomorrow just know I am a busy little girl. 

Night folks!

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Spoonful of Me said...

I was hoping they would send Bonnie home as well. She irks me. I liked the girl that went home as well.

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