Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Think I Figured It Out

So every time I blog about having a busy week and promising it will be better the next week, it seems to be even worse than before.  My sister asked me tonight at the dinner table if I was ever going to blog again....I have tried I promise!!!!

This week topped off the business that I have seen in a while.  I wish on about Wed. I could have gotten on here to tell you about it and give you a heads up that I was crazy and probably not going to get to post, but I didn't even have time for a one liner.

So tonight between coats of paint (and what should be drinks) I shall post!!!!

On Monday screw that we must go back to Friday night.  I was at work Friday night, like usual, nothing special about the night what so ever.  I got off work like normal and headed over to my sisters house to drop something off.  When I got there she informed me that my other sister was at the ER.  I had no idea so I immediately went to the "Where are the kids?" mode.  They had been picked up a taken care of that night so went to my house and called it a night, just getting periodic updates about what was going on.  (Again this is one of those not my business to tell so we are just going to say she was at the hospital)

I didn't have the kids until Sunday.  I went to church and then picked up the kids for a night at their house.  They had been away from home for about 2 days.  And the first night my job was pretty easy.  They didn't have school the Monday so I only had to get them clean and fed.  Ramen noodles!!! Oh yeah, don't worry that gets funnier in a minute.

So their dad came home on Monday, they didn't have school but I did have to work.  So I ran off to work about 10am...I had a meeting to make it too.  I did have time to get home and shower before, which is way better than the last time I kept them. 

Monday was a normal day Job #1 then Job #2 then home for a good nights sleep.  Tuesday started off pretty normal as well.  I ran off to work, knowing that I was going to be picking up from school.  No mini van this time, I love sporting the mini.  I knew we had practice and stuff after school but as the day went on my sisters kept calling me and adding stuff to my after school projects.  To top it all off I had already scheduled a showing for 3:30.  Trust me, I haven't sold anything in a while, so I will definitely not miss a showing.  I got so freaked out that I would forget something that I made a list....

Tuesday night was the most crazy thing I have done.  I feel the need yet again to apologize to all those mom's out there that I have made fun of....I just don't know how you do it.  So, SORRY really really sorry!!!!

We made it through all of our afternoon activity, only being late a few times.  Let's see if I can describe it.  Pick up kids, drop off at church, other end of the county for showing, back to church to pick up one kid, that kid to dance, so thirsty no time to stop, back to church to pick up another kid, head to school to pick up another kid, run back to dance to take a drink, sooooo thirsty, back to the school to pick up from ball practice, finally I got a drink and Gatorade for the one from ball practice: he had to be thirsty, off to dance 2 kids in tow to pick up the third from dance.  Whew.  I think I kept dropping off drinks because I was so thirsty. 

We got home about 7:30pm.  The boys got their homework done in the gaps been pick up and drop off so when I got home I thought it was going to clam down a bit.  Wrong!  When I got home I banished the boys to the shower since homework was done and kept R with me to do her homework while I fixed supper.  Tuesday night menu:  Chili Cheese Fries.  Everyone had showers and homework done by about 8ish.  Big accomplishment for me.  We sat down for dinner and then off to bed.  I still had a bit to do but it went really easy.  I got lunches packed, laundry washed, bags packed for the next day, and clothes laid out.  And then to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next morning I got up just a few minutes before the kids did to make breakfast.  Wed Morning Menu:  Just add milk Blueberry Muffins.  Add milk and bake for 14 minutes.  And we got to school ON TIME!!!!

I was happy to get back to work.  As far as I am concerned work was easier.  I also got threatened by my other sisters for making breakfast. 

Wednesday was the last time I had the kids but I was ready to go again.  I actually took off part of the night so I could pick them up, but my sister got to come home Wednesday night.  So I didn't have to play mommy again.  Just as I was getting into the groove of things.  I found out later that the littlest kid said I was the best cook ever.  I actually laughed out loud.  Can Chili, Ramen noodles, frozen French Fries, and Add Milk Muffins. (I'm having college flashbacks!)  Whatever, Ill take the title of "Best Cook Ever"  Watch out Anne, I'm coming for ya. 

I get the look alike comment about her all the time, I just don't see it. 

The rest of my week calmed down a little but but not really calm.  I was still busy just not juggling the working single mom angle.  So after my crazy week I think maybe 3 workouts total and poor eating, and I am pretty sure I am dehydrated!!!! 

Oh I forgot this picture.  This was actually Sunday night of keeping the kids.  It seems like child care always begins on Sunday, you know after I cleaned out my car on Friday night. 

Let's see if I can remember how we arrived at this outfit.  Started the day at church wearing black pants, sweater, under tank, bra, and undies, with a pair of ballet flats.  When I got to the house with the kids after church I lost the sweater because they use the heat at their house and it was a freaking sauna.  So tank and black pants bra undies barefoot.  So while fixing drinks for the kids the Dr. Pepper exploded all over me.  I was sticky from bra down.  I took most of the drink on me but the floor got splashed a bit.  So I headed to the car and grabbed a skirt out of the Goodwill drop off bag, not one single shirt in there so I raided the drawers and found this beauty of a shirt.  The slides belong to the oldest kid because the floor was sticky, and now now bra or undies because they were soaked in DP!!!!!

I know that whole post was a bit psychophrenic but that is how the week went.  It was a great week.  (see the first line of the post again if you forgot what I said there)  Here's to starting again tomorrow.

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