Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Questions for my Blogger Buddies

Well the time is getting near, my computer is a few years old and is really slowing down and not performing like I would like it too.  I am not a computer genius but I can navigate these things pretty good.  I need a computer for blogging, music management, email, just pretty standard stuff nothing over the top complicated. 

At this moment in my life I cannot afford to buy a new computer and I think this one has some quality months left, but I have to start thinking about this now.  So what do you guys prefer.

This is what I am using now, very good computer until is started to slow down.  I have done everything I can to clean it up and I am taking it to my bro in law to help with the clean up process to speed up a bit. 

The other options I am considering are the Netbook.

These little guys are cute but are they a replacement for an actual computer.  I don't want any sort of service plan with it, just to use at home.  And the smaller screen might not be the best.  ??!?!?!?!  But these are much less than other computers.

Then there is this little guy, a computer and a tablet.  It's no ipad but it does have the touch screen and then also a full keyboard.  I want an ipad but I don't think it would be the best for blogging.   Does anyone have one of these things?  Are they cool?

Finally there is the ultimate...

Now this big guy is way out of my price range but what I want the most.  Is it worth the wait to save up for the Mac, is it that much better than the other options.  Or should I get a cheaper computer because I am not really using it for complicated things and its ridiculous to spend that much money on a toy.

I would love some opinions from you guys about what you use and what you like about it.  Let me know.


Dianne said...

my husband is a tech guru and thought he'd love a small little netbook to take to class. he pretty much hates it.
the ipad is terrible for blogging.
i have a macbook and adore it. now that i have an apple, i won't buy anything else.

Spoonful of Me said...

I bought my daughter a netbook for her birthday last year and she hates using it (she was 8 when she got it). I had to use while my screen was being replaced and I hated it also. Trying to read a blog on it sucked.

I would say save up for what you really want, because your eventually going to want to get it and then you will have wasted the money on something just because it was less expensive. I know from experience.

Jane said...

I don't know much about the others, but Jason has a netbook and he likes he, but sometimes complains about the size of the screen. I think you might get annoyed with that after a while.

I have my good ole (old) Dell PC and I have always enjoyed it.

Fave Cuz said...

I love my Mac but the hard drive did die. They said that is just a fluke and you never know when it might happen. It was very expensive to get a new one though. Other than that it's been great!

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