Friday, November 18, 2011

Running with.....REALLY?!?!?!?

This is way more tame since the last "Running with REALLY!?!?" but this one is still kinda great.  I woke up this morning on time and drug myself out of bed to get dressed.  I put on my bra and climbed back into the warm sheet, back out and put on my warm tight pants, back into warm bed, back out for the last time...shirt, long sleeves, and toboggan!  I grabbed my socks out of the drawer and ran out the door.  After all the stops back in the bed to warm up I was a little bit late but well within the appropriate lateness to still get to run.

I got to the gym, opened the back door and no running shoes.  That's ok I must have thrown them in the back....nope.  Back to the back seat, no shoes.  I have no earthly idea where my shoes are.  Then I had to walk in to meet my running buddy with my head hung low and admit that I had no shoes, and to top it off I have no idea where they are.  I always leave them in my car so until I get home tonight about 10 I will be in the dark.  I just hope they are there. 

My running buddy had run earlier with another girl so she already got her miles in so we just went and ate breakfast instead of running.  REALLY?!?!?!?!??  That is not helping with the weight loss!

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Jane said...

THAT is hilarious. YOU crack me up! If I got back in bed after I got out the first time, it would be over. And you forgot your shoes. hahahaha. If your running buddy is who I think she is, she's done the same thing so you were in good company. GREAT post!

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