Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bad Blogger Bad Girl

I know you are all thinking "she is never going to post again!"  And I understand that....I haven't posted in forever.  I was talking to my sisters in the car and they were on me to post because it had been too long, and all I could think was "what in the world am I going to post about??!??!?!!?"

My diet has been crap for 3 weeks, I haven't had a single second to workout.  I miss the gym, I miss sweat, I miss my running buddy.  Basically all the things I used to talk about on here I don't have at the very moment. I have to get my butt back to the gym!!!!!!! 

I have spent the entire month of December with a calendar entry every single night.  And I am not exaggerating.  Every night I came straight home from work, which I am still figuring out, btw, and off to the next event.  It was 5-7 basketball games a week, school Christmas programs, kids church programs, and then the adult Christmas program.  Every single night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this last week on Friday on my way home I realized that I had nothing to do that night.  I was going to clean my house and wrap Christmas presents.  Then I remembered that I was going to take my niece to the movies.  That was kinda chill and relax so it wasn't pressing or stressful, but karma knew that there was nothing going on and then......

My nephew stared complaining of stomach pain.  Turns out that pulled muscle he had was actually his appendix.  So he got to have a weekend stay at the hospital!  (He had his appendix removed, and thank the Lord his appendix had not ruptured) Then me and my sympathetic symptoms started kicking in...and my belly started hurting.  It had actually started hurting the week before but it really vamped up once his appendix was jacked up.

I thought it was sympathetic until it kept up, so I WebMD!  Worst decision ever!!!!!!!!  I need this web page yesterday.  I really was not feeling well then my shoulder starting hurting, then my neck.  I was falling apart, not to mention every time I added a new symptom to WebMD made the type of cancer I had worse.  So I finally broke down and went to the doctor today.  Turns out I have gastritis, some stomach thing, and the stress that I have put myself under by readying WebMD has caused trigger points in my back and neck to flare up. 

So I have a new medicine to settle my stomach, a prescription to stay off of WebMD, and a blood panel tomorrow to rule out all those other diseases I have from reading the website!

Now I have to find time to get a little sweat in, that may help with my stress level, which is obviously way too high.  I have actually lost weight this week, see diet is obviously for the birds just put yourself under way to much stress and the pounds just fall off!!!!!!  Here at the holidays and everything!  Woo hoo!

So I hope you guys are having a great holiday season.  I know mine has been crazy and fun so far and we aren't even to the big day yet.

And thanks guys for the birthday wishes.  My sister is really sweet to post my birthday announcement but I am going to delete the blog email as soon as I can get my hands on her phone! (That's not true, I enjoy the random sister post)

Night all.


Adalita said...

Well sorry for the belated Happy Birthday (I can't remember if I posted or not)

I hope the rest of your December settles down.

Haqve a merry Christmas and Happy New Year, keep safe. You'll find time in the New Year for you!

Jane said...

So glad you posted! I'm sure (or I hope) as the holidays move on out, you will get into a groove with your new job and a workout schedule that works for you!

And I knew you'd be back. :)

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