Thursday, January 26, 2012

Please Please Please STOP Raining!!!!

Oh my heavens it is raining again!!!! For the entire month of January it has rained and for what felt like most of the month of December it rained. Every 2-3 days it starts raining again. We have been blessed to not have any severe weather where I am especially since the areas around us have been hit pretty hard so for that I am grateful, but all this rain and dreary weather will take the happy pep right out of you step after a while.

I remember one time in college that for the entire month of Feb. we only had 4 days where it did not rain, and I'm thinking this time it is worse. Maybe that's because I am not drinking as much as I did in college so it didn't bother me that much then! Its either going to have to stop raining or I am going to have to drink more!

Ok that is enough about the rain, but I did struggle getting out of the bed this morning. I could blame it on the rain but I know the real reason. I have been good at getting in bed knowing that I had to wake up before it is socially acceptable to go to the gym. I mean winding down well before 9 and being in the bed at 10. Last night worked out well with the getting in bed part, but I could not go to sleep. I got caught up in this episode of Toddlers in Tiaras and I just couldn't go to sleep. Mainly because I was rolling laughing out loud, hysterically, had to call my sister and tell her to turn it one cause I needed someone else to watch it.

I am not a huge fan of this show. I say let little girls be little girls (but on that note if my nieces wanted to do it I would buy those over the top dresses to help out and cheer them on.) I watch it if there is nothing else on, no big deal, but last night I saw an episode that makes all other episodes look tame.

It was a pageant in Georgia and there were 4 girls that we were following. It was the worst behaved group of children and the trashiest parents I have ever seen. Oh my my they were just awful. Don't worry I found about 40 clips of the show for you all to see.

Watching this episode makes me wanna pull her Mommy's hair too!!!! 

There are so many classic moments of this episode that you just have to watch it. One of the moms loses her child during the pageant, one of the kids smacks their gum the entire time, interviews and all. There is crying and screaming, deer hunting and mudding. This makes for quality TV. I wish there were more clips.

So I was up until 11 watching this show. I finally got to sleep, and I didn't need rocking. I was exhausted. My muscles are getting sorer and sorer as the days creep by and I was asleep as soon as my eyes closed.

When the alarm went off this morning I just wanted a few more minutes in bed and I debated it for about 30 seconds, but I know I will not get to workout tonight so I got up and went to the gym, ugh! It turned out to be a pretty good workout. I had to do my weights this morning cause I wont get to go this afternoon, but I ended up getting a good workout. I focused on the arms today, just a little on the legs and then for a touch of cardio I did the undulation rope.

Now on top of a sore butt (which no one will not massage) That's why you get married!!!!! I also have sore arms. Getting out of the bed this morning I looked like a 90 year old lady. It was funny but not near as funny as the Toddlers in Tiaras that I watched.

My "Diet by Default" is still going pretty good. I am very hungry but I am just having to adjust to eating small amounts all day long instead of a full meal. I just want to be full! I miss that feeling. I dont mean stuffed out of my mind, just satisfied. I keep pounding water to help out with the hunger but it only works for a little while. Ill get there but I just need to complain about it for a few days.

Like I said before I wont get another workout tonight, I have a hair cut and a ballgame. Both of those make me very excited!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Gave me a Chuckle

Happy Tuesday Morning!!!

Good Morning people. 

I know this is an early post but so far today I have been awake for 4 hours, got in a 30 minute swim, and made it to work on time today!!!  What up, that is one freaking productive morning if you ask me.  I got in bed early last night so it was no sweat to wake up on time.  Organization is the key, all the clothes were packed and in the car, lunch put together (only had to be put in the bag), and breakfast on the go. 

I have been swimming at night but I found myself skipping every now and then, especially on a hard day, because I had to take off my nicotine patch to get in the pool.  (BTW, that is my way of telling you that I quit smoking!)  I didn't want to put a new one on for just the end of the day so it was a strategic thing.  Basically I have just turned things around backwards.  I am swimming or getting cardio in the mornings, then another workout in the afternoon if I can with weights and more cardio. 

I didn't expect this to take so long to figure out a new schedule but I think I am getting back in the swing of things.  Swimming in the morning is not my favorite but it will just have to do  for now.  My hair looks stupid today and I smell like chlorine at work but I'm clean and here.

My food has been good, but only by default.  I am still struggling with my stomach.  I don't know what is going on.  I have been to the doc once, he will be getting another call from me today, and we will just take if from there.  Basically anything I eat hurts my stomach so I am eating very little.  I just eat tid bits all day long to keep from having a full gut at any point of the day.  Needless to say I am very hungry most of time, and when you quit smoking you are hungry (or you think you are) ALL THE TIME!!!!

I will hopefully figure out this stomach thing soon enough so I can get everything back to normal.  I think once the stomach clears up, then my neck will stop hurting, cause of stress of wondering what the hell is wrong!!!!!! and I can get back to some of my workouts that I have steered clear of cause they hurt. 

I really need to get back to my running.  I am missing it more than I can even explain and I want to start back up.  Let me just ask you this, I thought when time changed it would get dark early and the sun comes up earlier.  But where is the sun.  No sun at 6 am, sunset at 3:30pm.  I wanna run in the day light!!!!!!!  I need to get back to some bigger mileage runs cause the Oak Barrel Half Marathon is coming up and I would like to be prepared for it this year.  Last year, not my best day, year before that, we all remember the shoes right?!?!?

I think this is all I have for you guys, I know, 19 paragraphs before 10am.  Overachiever this morning, oh yeah!  Tonight we have a ballgame and Biggest Loser all at the same time.  Guess I'll just have to record tonight.  I sprang for cable but not so much on the DVR yet, still old school for me but as long as I get to watch it I don't care. 

Have a good day guys!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hi Ho....Let's Talk About Biggest Loser OK?!?!?!

I have already decided on some of the teams that I love and some teams that I really really want to go home.  For every ones reference....

I love this week almost as much as I like the Makeover week.  It lets you see how competitive people can be, and as a major competitive person this tells me so much about them. 

As far as the Blue Team goes, peace out, good riddance, you stick for quitting and well BYE!!!!

Now Santa Claus and his wife are on my good side, they work hard, they don't complain too much and they are getting the job done.  I also am liking the grey team, the dad and Chism.  I really like the younger guy.  They are going to pull a "Mike" with him and the whole entire season they will tell us how he came in a boy but left a man. 

There are lots of teams that I like one or the other.  The orange team, love the younger girl, don't really have many feelings on Grandma.  And I like the young girl on the yellow team (I know Right~!!!!) but the mom on that team is driving me crazy.  Quit whining and do the work or walk out and quit like the little quitter on the blue team.  I have no opinion on the purple team so far, just kinda hum drum going through the motions.

I liked the green team at first but they showed a whole new side this week.  Watching the green team girl Conda stand up for her brother, I was loving her, but then this week she showed such poor sportsmanship that she left a sour taste in my mouth, and if she acts like they portray her next week then I really really really do not like her.  It makes me want to see how next week goes.

And then we have my favorites.....GO PINK TEAM!!!!!  I already love them, I like Emily a little bit more than the other girl but they are by far my favorite team!  I want them to win it all!!!!! 

I am officially hooked this season, it took me a few weeks to get caught up but I am in the game and on top of things now.  And hopefully we can have weekly updates again.

Monday, January 16, 2012


I found my computer charger so I can finally post.  I cleaned up my house to have a party and lost my charger but it has been located, HOORAY!!!!

Let's catch up on the few days that I was missing.  I did really well with my workouts this week.  I skipped a few of the morning workouts but I always made sure I got my afternoon workout in.  I can tell my strength in the pool in increasing already.  I'm swimming further almost every single time I get in the pool.  Tonight I am skipping the pool because my skin is dry so I am going to moisturize and then do my swim tomorrow morning.

My food has not been the best this week.  Like many people, my food started off good this week but I back slid just a bit towards the end of the week.  My breakfast is always good its just the decisions that are made towards the end of the day that I begin to fail.  I think a little part of the problem is that I wait until I'm starving to eat.  And normally I am not like that but I get busy and forget its lunch time, then the belly starts growling, and I over eat because I am trying to catch up with how hungry I am. 

After posting tonight I am going to pack my lunch for tomorrow and I am making sure that I get some snacks in there so I can eat better tomorrow. 

I have finally gotten over the "Diet Coke" Withdraw, I think.  Amazingly enough, just getting past the headache and the tiredness of the withdraw doesn't make me not want one.  I would cut off your right arm to drink a diet coke right now.  I had them at my party and I had to give away half full 2 liters cause I knew if they were in my house I would drink them up and then eat the bottle.  The most disappointing part about giving up the diet coke is that it hasn't really helped with my stomach pain.  That was the whole reason for giving it up.  My sisters said since it didn't work then I should drink them again, but I know they are not good for me and I don't want to have to go through the withdraws again. 

Water water everywhere....and I want something else to drink!!!!!!!!!

I think that's all I have for you guys tonight, I am hoping for an early bedtime tonight so I will be motivated to get my butt out of bed in the morning and go to the gym.

Hope you all have a goodnight!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

It Finally Made It

Ok my shipment has made it to me....well not to me yet, but in a few short hours I will have my new bathing suit securely in my hands.  I cannot wait.  My old one is going straight into the garbage can, not even an outside swim suit at this point, that is how transparent it is.  I think its a good time for a new suit, right in the middle of winter and all, this way it can tear up and fade and I will "have" to buy a new one for summer, dang it!!!!
I'm gonna buy this bathing suit when summer rolls around!  hahahahahahahahahahah

My new year is off to a bang too.  My workouts have been consistent, even though they are mostly in the pool.  I am already sleeping better being able to get my workouts in again. (Although for some reason my sleep is still not the best)  I still haven't run in a while and I am missing it very much but I am just not loving the run without my running buddy.  Its not the funnest thing to do all alone.  The pool is the best place to be alone, not running along the highway. 

My food has been on track too.  I have been planning my meals, much more fruits and veggies, less processed, I work near a Kroger now so I have much more selection than before, and more organic options, woo hoo!!!!  I am not gung ho on the whole organic thing but I do prefer it if I can find it and afford it.  Unfortunately, the afford part is usually more challenging.

My most encouraging thing since my jump start of the new year is the diet cokes. I am still not happy about this one and it has way more to do with my stomach not hurting than it does my weight.  I would drink a thousand a day if I had my way, actually I did have my way and now I have "Tummy Troubles" cause of it.  I have officially been 2 days without one, I want one more than I can explain, but let's try, if I had a Diet Sundrop and a Butterfinger in front of me I would gladly drink the Sundrop rather than the candy bar, I might even go as far as to say I would give up an entire meal, maybe even a day of food just to have one.

 Giving up the drinks goes further than just the drink.  I am not supposed to have any fake sweetener, that includes High Fructose Corn Syrup, Splenda, etc.  Let's just say the paralyzing headache is finally gone, and I have mostly weened myself from caffeine too, but not intentionally, I can have a cup of coffee as long as it has real sugar. 

You know I read these articles all the time about giving up diet cokes and how much weight people lose by just simply cutting that out, I don't believe that, but I do believe all the horror stories about the withdraws and headaches and muscles aches that come with giving it up.  IT'S AWFUL!!!!!  I'm not even going to bother with the idea that I will not have one again, I say that about every two years, then you have one and it's a slippery slope that is so wonderful to slide down, so for now I am off of them, hopefully my stomach will feel better and hopefully the craving for one (or 4) will go away soon!

I have a busy weekend but I hope to get to the gym at least once, I'm not even stressing about a Sunday workout, but if I get there then ok.  I'm going to have to start going to the pool later than I usually do, there was a Cutie McHotBoy there last night and I feel like we might need to talk more.  If the past repeats itself his wife and kids will come with him next time. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All Day Long

I will sit here all day tracking my package if it would make them hurry up. I finally broke down and ordered a new swim suit, because mine was falling apart, seriously, you can see my butt through the fabric!!!

So now I'm just watching willing it to come in today. That's like hoping a Resturant will bring your food faster if you are really hungry, they won't btw!!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Happy New Year

Have you all made your resolutions....I have made some for myself but mostly for me its the same ol same ol.  But good news is I think I have figured out my new routine.  After a month of no real workout schedule and needing to go to the gym so bad I could feel it in my bones, I think I have got it now!

My only real resolution is to get back to my pre-funeral weight.  Yes, I ate my feelings instead of dealing with them, then I took a new job right before the holidays, which just added to the stress of the holidays and to be honest I did not handle that stress to well and I have the stomach ulcer to prove it.

But now, I'm back to the gym, food much better (partially because I need to get these pounds off but also I have to eat better to keep my stomach from killing me.)  Oh and no diet cokes!!!!!  I had to give up my diet because the drinks were too acidic and eating away my stomach lining.  I have not gone cold turkey but I have been weening off and I only had 1 today and it was at the end of the day!

My new schedule goes a little something like this, 2 workouts a day.  Both short because I'm not willing to wake up at 4am and the gym closes at 10.  I wake up about 45 minutes earlier than normal and get in some cardio.  Between a kickboxing video, kettlebell, or bike.  Oh yeah, I got a speed bike from my daddy-o for Christmas.

I can get in about 35 mins of cardio before its time to get ready for work, I still get a good nights sleep and cardio all before work.  Then its off to work, I have to leave pretty early.  When I come home I usually have something in the evening.  There's ballgames, church, holiday parties, who knows!?!?!?  After my evening events it back to the gym, I have been swimming right now but at some point I am going to get back to the weights too.  The pool is not to busy late at night and this less impact is really helping my knee and hip. 

And I can get back home in time to shower, pack up for the next day, and get in bed and start the whole thing all over again.

Right now its working, lets see how it works after a few more weeks and a new season with some other sport.  If that happens maybe I can get to a new routine without taking a month to figure it all out.

I would love to hear from you all out there, what were some of your resolutions?!
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