Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Happy New Year

Have you all made your resolutions....I have made some for myself but mostly for me its the same ol same ol.  But good news is I think I have figured out my new routine.  After a month of no real workout schedule and needing to go to the gym so bad I could feel it in my bones, I think I have got it now!

My only real resolution is to get back to my pre-funeral weight.  Yes, I ate my feelings instead of dealing with them, then I took a new job right before the holidays, which just added to the stress of the holidays and to be honest I did not handle that stress to well and I have the stomach ulcer to prove it.

But now, I'm back to the gym, food much better (partially because I need to get these pounds off but also I have to eat better to keep my stomach from killing me.)  Oh and no diet cokes!!!!!  I had to give up my diet because the drinks were too acidic and eating away my stomach lining.  I have not gone cold turkey but I have been weening off and I only had 1 today and it was at the end of the day!

My new schedule goes a little something like this, 2 workouts a day.  Both short because I'm not willing to wake up at 4am and the gym closes at 10.  I wake up about 45 minutes earlier than normal and get in some cardio.  Between a kickboxing video, kettlebell, or bike.  Oh yeah, I got a speed bike from my daddy-o for Christmas.

I can get in about 35 mins of cardio before its time to get ready for work, I still get a good nights sleep and cardio all before work.  Then its off to work, I have to leave pretty early.  When I come home I usually have something in the evening.  There's ballgames, church, holiday parties, who knows!?!?!?  After my evening events it back to the gym, I have been swimming right now but at some point I am going to get back to the weights too.  The pool is not to busy late at night and this less impact is really helping my knee and hip. 

And I can get back home in time to shower, pack up for the next day, and get in bed and start the whole thing all over again.

Right now its working, lets see how it works after a few more weeks and a new season with some other sport.  If that happens maybe I can get to a new routine without taking a month to figure it all out.

I would love to hear from you all out there, what were some of your resolutions?!

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Stephanie said...

I am interested in what your new job is :-) And I have missed you!!

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