Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hi Ho....Let's Talk About Biggest Loser OK?!?!?!

I have already decided on some of the teams that I love and some teams that I really really want to go home.  For every ones reference....

I love this week almost as much as I like the Makeover week.  It lets you see how competitive people can be, and as a major competitive person this tells me so much about them. 

As far as the Blue Team goes, peace out, good riddance, you stick for quitting and well BYE!!!!

Now Santa Claus and his wife are on my good side, they work hard, they don't complain too much and they are getting the job done.  I also am liking the grey team, the dad and Chism.  I really like the younger guy.  They are going to pull a "Mike" with him and the whole entire season they will tell us how he came in a boy but left a man. 

There are lots of teams that I like one or the other.  The orange team, love the younger girl, don't really have many feelings on Grandma.  And I like the young girl on the yellow team (I know Right~!!!!) but the mom on that team is driving me crazy.  Quit whining and do the work or walk out and quit like the little quitter on the blue team.  I have no opinion on the purple team so far, just kinda hum drum going through the motions.

I liked the green team at first but they showed a whole new side this week.  Watching the green team girl Conda stand up for her brother, I was loving her, but then this week she showed such poor sportsmanship that she left a sour taste in my mouth, and if she acts like they portray her next week then I really really really do not like her.  It makes me want to see how next week goes.

And then we have my favorites.....GO PINK TEAM!!!!!  I already love them, I like Emily a little bit more than the other girl but they are by far my favorite team!  I want them to win it all!!!!! 

I am officially hooked this season, it took me a few weeks to get caught up but I am in the game and on top of things now.  And hopefully we can have weekly updates again.


Anonymous said...

i am right on with you about everybody!!!--beth

Kelliann said...

Yes, yes, and yes... I was liking Conda, but I really hated her behavior last week, so I'm not such a fan anymore. I do like this season. I LOVE Santa and his wife - they are really hard workers! I also LOVE that it's JUST Bob and Doval. Love them BOTH.

Spoonful of Me said...

I have disliked Conda from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

oh my god you are looking great!!
congrats sweetie



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