Friday, January 6, 2012

It Finally Made It

Ok my shipment has made it to me....well not to me yet, but in a few short hours I will have my new bathing suit securely in my hands.  I cannot wait.  My old one is going straight into the garbage can, not even an outside swim suit at this point, that is how transparent it is.  I think its a good time for a new suit, right in the middle of winter and all, this way it can tear up and fade and I will "have" to buy a new one for summer, dang it!!!!
I'm gonna buy this bathing suit when summer rolls around!  hahahahahahahahahahah

My new year is off to a bang too.  My workouts have been consistent, even though they are mostly in the pool.  I am already sleeping better being able to get my workouts in again. (Although for some reason my sleep is still not the best)  I still haven't run in a while and I am missing it very much but I am just not loving the run without my running buddy.  Its not the funnest thing to do all alone.  The pool is the best place to be alone, not running along the highway. 

My food has been on track too.  I have been planning my meals, much more fruits and veggies, less processed, I work near a Kroger now so I have much more selection than before, and more organic options, woo hoo!!!!  I am not gung ho on the whole organic thing but I do prefer it if I can find it and afford it.  Unfortunately, the afford part is usually more challenging.

My most encouraging thing since my jump start of the new year is the diet cokes. I am still not happy about this one and it has way more to do with my stomach not hurting than it does my weight.  I would drink a thousand a day if I had my way, actually I did have my way and now I have "Tummy Troubles" cause of it.  I have officially been 2 days without one, I want one more than I can explain, but let's try, if I had a Diet Sundrop and a Butterfinger in front of me I would gladly drink the Sundrop rather than the candy bar, I might even go as far as to say I would give up an entire meal, maybe even a day of food just to have one.

 Giving up the drinks goes further than just the drink.  I am not supposed to have any fake sweetener, that includes High Fructose Corn Syrup, Splenda, etc.  Let's just say the paralyzing headache is finally gone, and I have mostly weened myself from caffeine too, but not intentionally, I can have a cup of coffee as long as it has real sugar. 

You know I read these articles all the time about giving up diet cokes and how much weight people lose by just simply cutting that out, I don't believe that, but I do believe all the horror stories about the withdraws and headaches and muscles aches that come with giving it up.  IT'S AWFUL!!!!!  I'm not even going to bother with the idea that I will not have one again, I say that about every two years, then you have one and it's a slippery slope that is so wonderful to slide down, so for now I am off of them, hopefully my stomach will feel better and hopefully the craving for one (or 4) will go away soon!

I have a busy weekend but I hope to get to the gym at least once, I'm not even stressing about a Sunday workout, but if I get there then ok.  I'm going to have to start going to the pool later than I usually do, there was a Cutie McHotBoy there last night and I feel like we might need to talk more.  If the past repeats itself his wife and kids will come with him next time. 


Tracy Williams said...

I feel ya on the Diet Cokes...I was an addict! I cut them out about a year ago and honestly, it was one of the best/hardest things that I've done. (I quit all fake sweetners too.) In a few weeks, the cravings will be a can do it!
I replaced my Diet Coke with Sweet Leaf Sweet Tea and Sweet Leaf Mint and Honey Green Tea. I gradually began diluting those with water until I was down to a glass of water and a splash of the green tea variety. Now I am completely addicted to water...I never thought that would happen!

Emily said...

My biggest problem in this whole ordeal is that I dont like tea. I think it taste like toilet water. And juice has too many calories. I just want to drink something with flavor. Yes, it has only been a few days that I have had no diet drink of any kind but I miss having something tasty to sip on at work.

Tracy Williams said...

Yes, that was my problem too...I needed something with flavor to fill the gap. Someone mentioned water with added lemon or lime to me when I was going through this...but I thought that tasted like toilet water. ;)

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