Thursday, January 26, 2012

Please Please Please STOP Raining!!!!

Oh my heavens it is raining again!!!! For the entire month of January it has rained and for what felt like most of the month of December it rained. Every 2-3 days it starts raining again. We have been blessed to not have any severe weather where I am especially since the areas around us have been hit pretty hard so for that I am grateful, but all this rain and dreary weather will take the happy pep right out of you step after a while.

I remember one time in college that for the entire month of Feb. we only had 4 days where it did not rain, and I'm thinking this time it is worse. Maybe that's because I am not drinking as much as I did in college so it didn't bother me that much then! Its either going to have to stop raining or I am going to have to drink more!

Ok that is enough about the rain, but I did struggle getting out of the bed this morning. I could blame it on the rain but I know the real reason. I have been good at getting in bed knowing that I had to wake up before it is socially acceptable to go to the gym. I mean winding down well before 9 and being in the bed at 10. Last night worked out well with the getting in bed part, but I could not go to sleep. I got caught up in this episode of Toddlers in Tiaras and I just couldn't go to sleep. Mainly because I was rolling laughing out loud, hysterically, had to call my sister and tell her to turn it one cause I needed someone else to watch it.

I am not a huge fan of this show. I say let little girls be little girls (but on that note if my nieces wanted to do it I would buy those over the top dresses to help out and cheer them on.) I watch it if there is nothing else on, no big deal, but last night I saw an episode that makes all other episodes look tame.

It was a pageant in Georgia and there were 4 girls that we were following. It was the worst behaved group of children and the trashiest parents I have ever seen. Oh my my they were just awful. Don't worry I found about 40 clips of the show for you all to see.

Watching this episode makes me wanna pull her Mommy's hair too!!!! 

There are so many classic moments of this episode that you just have to watch it. One of the moms loses her child during the pageant, one of the kids smacks their gum the entire time, interviews and all. There is crying and screaming, deer hunting and mudding. This makes for quality TV. I wish there were more clips.

So I was up until 11 watching this show. I finally got to sleep, and I didn't need rocking. I was exhausted. My muscles are getting sorer and sorer as the days creep by and I was asleep as soon as my eyes closed.

When the alarm went off this morning I just wanted a few more minutes in bed and I debated it for about 30 seconds, but I know I will not get to workout tonight so I got up and went to the gym, ugh! It turned out to be a pretty good workout. I had to do my weights this morning cause I wont get to go this afternoon, but I ended up getting a good workout. I focused on the arms today, just a little on the legs and then for a touch of cardio I did the undulation rope.

Now on top of a sore butt (which no one will not massage) That's why you get married!!!!! I also have sore arms. Getting out of the bed this morning I looked like a 90 year old lady. It was funny but not near as funny as the Toddlers in Tiaras that I watched.

My "Diet by Default" is still going pretty good. I am very hungry but I am just having to adjust to eating small amounts all day long instead of a full meal. I just want to be full! I miss that feeling. I dont mean stuffed out of my mind, just satisfied. I keep pounding water to help out with the hunger but it only works for a little while. Ill get there but I just need to complain about it for a few days.

Like I said before I wont get another workout tonight, I have a hair cut and a ballgame. Both of those make me very excited!!!!


Kelliann said...

I TOTALLY got caught up in that episode too - it was like a train wreck. OMG. The behavior is unREAL. You have to laugh, or you'll cry!!
GOOD FOR YOU for getting to the gym even though it was tough! Rock it, girl!

Anonymous said...

"A dollar makes me holler, honey boo-boo child!" Still makes me laugh everytime! Glad you called to tell me to watch it.

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