Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have to keep reminding myself that the reason I am drinking all this nasty juice is because I want to cure my stomach.  If I can survive this for a few weeks then I will feel so much better.  I have not been exclusively drinking juice.  I have been drinking juice, and eating fruits, some nuts, mostly whole foods, but juice is very much 85% of the diet right now.  I'm just not into the crazy extremes I used to be such a fan of.  I have discovered that veggie juice is disgusting, it might actually be worse than eating the veg that you didn't like to begin with, and amazingly enough, the darker the veg the better it taste.  For example, I do not like to eat kale but I can drink the juice ok, but celery and cucumbers...oh my gosh each sip is followed by the gag reflex.  And some of these veggies just get caught in your throat...

After my complaining I must say that I am feeling better.  I have not had near as much stomach pain this week.  Not cured but better.  Parts of this diet I could keep up long term, like the no meat part but I can see the lack of cooked food not being a long term fix.  This week I have had the luxury of not having a ballgame or meeting or something every night so I have gotten to eat at home but I need the freedom to eat at a buffet and get cooked veggies. 

One more thing about all the juice is this, Naked Juice!  So convenient to have just in case the juice that I make turns out like this mornings juice and taste like gritty butt.  They actually taste pretty good, fruits and veggies, and lots of variety.  I haven't tried all the combinations yet but the ones I have I have really liked.

Now let's talk about some other stuff.  Last night was our first meeting for the new running group.  Only about 15 right now but if all goes as it has in the past we will have some sign up this week.  No running this week just talking and we will start up next week.  I cannot wait!!!!  My workout buddy met up with me after the meeting and we got in a short short workout.  We did some walking together and then I forced her to do some abs.  I rushed home to watch my show, while riding the speed bike. 

Biggest Loser:  After last weeks episode was such a let down I just didn't even know what to expect this week.  They built up last week and I could have guessed the finish just from watching the previews.  So this week, I just wasn't looking as forward to it as I usually do.  Then this week was so good.  I loved the workouts this week and then the weigh in.  Oh, I'm not going to ruin it for you cause you really need to see it, but I plopped on my couch for the last 15 minutes and just watched. So good~

Ok, and I read and they have been talking about all the drama on the show and I think we are finally going to get to see the poop hit the fan next week, hope they don't disappoint like they did last week.

As far as tonight goes I have time to workout, but I have no idea what I am doing yet.  I really want to go run hills I think.  I can go out and run and get back to church in time to sing.  Sounds like a good Wednesday night, only thing is can the rain please go away!

Ok and finally, today FatGirlToThin joined  I have been a hold out for a while but today I took the plunge and signed up.  Hope you will all come over and follow me for motivation, workouts, food and fun stuff!  Its still new and I'm still finding stuff so its kinda slim right now but I'm getting there.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Takin' It To Extremes

We all know I am the kind of person that takes things to the extreme every now and then, well I am afraid I have crossed the crazy bridge yet again.  Going on for just over 2 months now I have had stomach pain every single time I eat.  It doesn't matter what I eat, but it does matter how much.  It hurts like the dickens every time...and it comes with neck and shoulder and chest pain.  Apparently stomach pain has radiating powers...awesome right!?!?!?  Everyone has an opinion on what the problem is and I do have an appt with a GI doc now but while I wait I'm going to try to cure myself.  HA!!!!  I figure trying Holistic options will at least keep me from searching the internet and finding out all the new types of cancer I have.

Ok so phase one: Juicing! I have read up on this and it seems like a good start. Juicing all kinds of fruits and veggies to get all of those Micronutrients. Right off the bat it is a detox type of thing. Only fruit and veggies. Just FYI if you don't like broccoli cooked and in some sort of dip you probably wont like it run through a juicer. Soooo gross. The help is the sweet from the fruit mixed with it. It took me about 2 hours this morning to get the green juice down but I did. I dread having to drink it again but I am on the path to self healing!
Right now its still day one so its not too bad but I am not looking forward to day 2. Raw, juicy, veggies BLA-Yuck! The one plus side is you cant juice a banana so I get to eat that!!!!!!
This whole experiment is really because there is nothing to lose. I eat, it hurts, I don't eat, feels fine, but starving, so eat something gross for 2 weeks in hopes that I might be able to introduce some flavor or meat back into the equation without crazy stomach pain.

So everyone raise your glass (haha pun very much intended) to trying something a little on the extreme side.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good News Today

Well my goodness, today has been a pretty good one.  Yesterday wasn't bad but today is just better.  For starters Biggest Loser comes on tonight and that just makes the day better right there, but tonight's episode looks crazy good and full of drama so that just makes the anticipation better.

Somebody getting screwed!!!!  Cant wait!

Well then out of no where my running buddy calls me up and wants to know if I want to be a coach again for a No Boundaries group to get ready for a local race.  I have missed getting to run with my running buddy and a group of people.  My cuz is a great running partner but this will be a group, and a group that she will probably join too which will be good.

I am so ready to run with my peeps again!!!!!!

Right now I am still enjoying my late night workouts without having to wake up early in the morning.  Once baseball season starts Ill have to get back to my 2 a day workouts cause I wont have a long night to get in one good workout.

I just wrote the majority of this post while on hold so not I must scoot off to lunch with a little FroYo for dessert.  I just found a new place in my area that sells every different kind of FroYo you could ask for, called Yo My Goodness, and Oh my goodness it is good!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Tried I Tried

Hey all.

I tried to post yesterday, I really really did, but I was unable to connect to the Internet last night when I got home and I was not going to put up an entire post from my cell phone so you just have to settle with today. 

On Tuesday night I got one of the best workouts I have done in a while.  I did all cardio and skipped the weights because I went out for a Valentines dinner with my daddy and I figured the calorie burn was more important than building muscle.  I ate pretty good trust me!  But I had the calories left for the day so I don't think my over indulgence hurt me any for the week. 

I got to the gym just after Biggest Loser started so I couldn't tell you why 2 went home but I caught up pretty quick.  I did intervals on the elliptical machine for a good hour and then went off to the speed bike.  Watching your favorite show at the gym makes the workout go by so quickly.  When I was done I could tell I had worked hard, I was sweaty and so so tired. 

I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that I DO NOT get enough sleep.  I am ready to go to be when I get home from work at 6.  But of course that never happens and I end up getting home again around 9 and then there is just not enough time to get all the stuff done for the next day.  ahhhh!  And all this is now that basketball season is over.  No wonder I didn't workout the month of December! 

I got to the gym again last night, this was smashed in between work and praise team practice.  And I didn't have a wonderful TV show to watch while working out.  I did however get in all the weights that I had missed from the night before.  I had the pleasure of workout out next to a guy with the most out whack junk you have ever seen.
 I thought one time he was going to take his shorts off to adjust himself.  It was amazing.  I was glad to get out of the rotation with him.  And, after all his junk grabbing he didn't even wipe off the machines. I'm understanding lifting gloves more and more every single day!!!!!

I did finally get around to my cardio and then it was the rush off to church.  My praise team has gotten used to the fact that I come in with sweaty clothes and hair bands each week.  I try to remember to pack something to wear over my workout clothes so I am not standing there in tight pants and a cut off shirt and most weeks I forget something. 

Today I again I have nothing to do tonight yet....that I know I will be doing my entire workout tonight.  Again I only have cardio so it shouldn't take too terribly long but tonight I will do treadmill intervals so I'm sure even though it wont be so long it will still hurt really really bad.

The reason I say I don't have any plans tonight is because I have nothing planned but I have not been feeling well today and I am afraid I might be sick. We have been passing a stomach bug around for a few weeks now and I thought I had it already but today my belly is not agreeing with me. I forced down my breakfast cause I knew I would regret it if I didn't eat, and then the closer it got to lunch time every single time I thought about fixing what I packed it made me nauseous. I couldn't figure out why it was making me sick to think about it cause I usually love my chicken pita but as the day went on and my belly hurt I figured it probably wasn't the pita as much as the sour stomach. AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! Why is that always the first question when you feel queasy before noon!

Hopefully my internet will be up tonight, post or not it is annoying when I cannot check my sites at night. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh My Heavens I Forgot!!!!

Happy Love Day Peeps!

Finally Feeling Like Winter

I has been way more like spring weather here in the south than winter.  Since November there have been very few really cold nights, there has been lots and lots of rain, and very little snow.  Granted, we don't get much snow anyway but last year we had 2 good snow storms so I was a little hopeful this year. 

But now the temps are starting to drop.  I have to wear a jacket to run outside and slippers to walk around the house.  This is the kind of weather I like.  If we could just get these temps and no rain!!!!!!  The only downside of the cold weather is it makes it incredibly difficult to get out of bed wrapped in a heated blanket and go outside to run.  That bed is way more appealing.

This morning I didn't have to worry about a morning workout because I am doing my entire workout this afternoon.  I have cardio and weights and a 2 hour episode of the Biggest Loser so I figure I can do all those things at the same time.  This wont be the first time I have watched the show while at the gym.  And I enjoyed my extra 30 minutes of sleep this morning.

I woke up earlier than normal cause I think I am getting used to this new "wake up early" schedule.  I had plenty of time to take a long shower and even cook breakfast.  Yummy hot scrambled eggs!

oh yes, with smokes, no diet cokes, I'm not NOT NOT giving up my ketchup.  And please don't be fooled by the fancy water.  I do not like Perrier water but the bottles hold up really well so I refill with tap!  Fancy right!?!?!

I haven't planned out my entire workout yet but I have a post it on my desk that I keep adding exercises too as I think of them.  They will get organized later to an actual workout but right now just ideas. 

I do have one little funny for you guys today...I manage to get ready at the gym 3 days a week and not forget things, bra, panties, hair clips, nothing.  My OCD comes in handy when its time to pack for the next day but some how, this morning I managed to get out of my house with no bobby pin.  There are thousands of them all over the house, thousands, and I managed to leave the comfort of my own home without one today.  Cant find one in the car, the purse, no where!!!!! 

When all else fails, paperclip!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Let's just go ahead and say it, you are all going to be so jealous of me. Yesterday I skipped my evening workout for very good reason...I got a pedicure! A much needed moment of pampering for my little tootsies. They have been hit hard in the last few weeks with me getting back into the swing of things and this was a perfect treat for Emily!!!!

Please notice the beautiful identical blisters on both feet.  New shoes!!!!

So last night I had a pretty relaxing evening.  No workouts cause I didn't want to mess up my pretty toes so I really only had one option, go to bed early!  Now tonight I am going to have to make up for my lack of a workout but it was so worth it.

I will get 2 workouts in tonight and then tomorrow I am so happy that I get to go to Zumba.  It has been forever since I went and I miss my buddies.  I'm sure I wont know any of the dances but I miss that class.  It is to early for me to get to now that I am commuting to work everyday.  But apparently she is teaching on Saturday for the next 2 months so I will get to go!!!!!

NOW, to address something else.  I love when you out there comment, but this morning I woke up, checked my phone to make sure I hadn't missed anything since I went to bed so early and was greeted with a classic comment.  I usually don't erase them because everyone is entitled to their opinion but I erased the comment because I think it was a spam comment since it came with a link, but I kept it so you could all enjoy it.

Hey, you used to write great, but the last few posts have been kinda boringāļK I miss your super writings. Past few posts are just a little out of track! come on!
So Christy, Thanks for your Super Comment.  Feel free to stop reading if my blog is boring you, Really!!!! 

One more thing for today.....I had a moment today when I was driving down the road, and I was filled with envy, anger, jealousy, hatred, and so many more of the 7 deadlies, the girl in the car beside me was smoking and drinking a diet sundrop all at the same time, I wanted to get out of my car at the intersection and cause her physical harm. I'm just saying!!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ou ou ou Ouch!

I have tried to post a couple of times today but really didn't have that much to say, I didn't workout this morning because I knew I was going to run this afternoon.  I just didn't have as much to say today as I did yesterday. 

But my day has become busier the later it gets.  I met my running partner for my run/therapy session.  Sometimes the company is the best part of the run.  My legs were not agreeing with me tonight.  I am always winded when I run, especially in the beginning but tonight my calves were sore.  We did less than 2 miles but did it in a better time than before.  When we got finished I could not even stretch my calves out because they were cramped up.  They finally relaxed and all was well.  And tomorrow we will go again.

On my way home, already 20 minutes late for Biggest Loser I was trying to figure out what I was going to do for dinner.  I had come chili at my house and the makings for chicken noodle soup, or I could stop and get something, too many decisions!!!!!  I opted out of fast food (thank you very much) and went home.  I can brag about not getting fast food because I was weak at lunch today and I ate potato chips and some valentines day candy.  For some reason I have been craving salty foods, to the point that I want to put a salt shaker at my desk. 

Once home I realized I had too much stuff to get done.  I wanted to start my dinner before I was packing for tomorrow, but I couldn't start packing until I washed what I was wearing because I have to wear it again tomorrow.  (Side note:  I have one pair of running pants black, and one shirt that is semi reflective so basically I have one outfit to run outside in since it is dark)  So, stripped naked in the utility room and start the wash, start boiling water for dinner, unpack the bag quickly and throw it in the already started washing machine, then run and get my sweat pants before the water boils over!  But first of all, turn on Biggest Loser!!!!!!!!! 

Now my noodles are in my belly, part of my bag is packed for tomorrow, still waiting on the drier, and getting incredibly aggravated at this episode. 

Adrian is the biggest baby.  Granted I didn't see the first 45 minutes of this episode but just watching the elimination is driving me crazy.  I just want to turn it off and I want them to send his butt home!!!!  Good riddance Adrian!

Now I must bid you goodnight so I can crawl out of bed at 5 am.  BTW, 5am sucks and no normal people should be awake at that time of day unless you are just getting home or Black Friday shopping.

Nighty night.

Tomorrow morning I do have a workout planned.  I am very happy about getting in the pool and maybe working out some of my soreness from getting back into my running. 

So true...

Truth time here!!!! For those of you that know me this will be no surprise but for those who don't enjoy!

I cannot explain why but I am terrified of birds and Sister 3 just sent me this pic and I laughed out loud. I almost wet my pants! Enjoy!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Great Product

Shameless Plug Alert!!!!!

OK I have the new and most greatest thing ever and I cannot believe it has taken me this long to tell you guys about it...what was I thinking?!?!!

Santa Claus must know that I have smelly feet and even smellier shoes cause there was a pair down in the bottom of my stocking.  I didn't really think they would do anything but cover up the smell but they really get rid of the stink.  I used them in my running shoes to keep my bag from making my work clothes smell like my tennis shoes and to keep my car from smelling like feet.

Well they worked really well, I just didn't have enough.  I have two pairs of shoes that I alternate and I wanted to keep one in my car and one in my bag to keep things from getting stinky. 

These are my new ones, the others are pink.  And these actually match my new shoes! 

My wonderful sweet technologically challenged friend gave me a new pair the other day for helping her with her phone. They have already been put to good use. I just keep thinking of new places to stash them. You should really give these guys a try.

Happy Monday

I saw this from a facebook friend today and it made me laugh.  Happy Monday!

Weekend Ramblings

I don't know about you guys but I had one of those weekends that I desperately needed.  It was full of stuff to do so I wasn't bored, but not so full that it wasn't restful.  I caught up on some much needed sleep and still didn't feel like I was bored out of my minds! 

Friday night, I cant even remember Friday night except for the fact that I went to bed around 9 o'clock.  I know, I'm in my 20's and this is the perfect time in your life to go out, but I was tired and just didn't have it in me to do anything but sleep.  The only problem with going to bed before the sun is that it makes you wake up before the sun.  I got some quality sleep hours in there and woke up early Saturday morning and did all those things that I should have gotten done Friday night.  I got the laundry started, colored my hair, and gave myself a pedicure.  You need to know that this was all before 7am.  haha.  Only thing was I ran out of time on the toes so I didn't polish them.  I went and watched my babies play ball and cheer, then back home for a minute, just enough time to change some laundry over, no rush, just getting it done.

As you can imagine I was not very tired on Saturday night because I got so many hours of sleep the night before so it was back to home remodeling projects.  I have lived in my house and remodeled the whole thing.  The newest project is refinishing the showers.  I called a company that does it but they told me they couldn't help me so I decided to do it myself.  This whole house has been me learning how to do home improvement projects and I think I am doing pretty well if you ask me.  Anyway, I already did this one and there were some scuffs so this was a patch job which made me a little nervous so I took my time but it came out now instead of having a horrible "harvest gold" shower I have the prettiest white shower you could ever imagine.  Now, my house smells horrible!!!!!  But it looks pretty.  I have one more shower to go and it is bigger and will be more challenging, but now that I know I can do it I am just waiting for the next free weekend to get it done.  I know I got off subject but I just have so much to say this morning apparently.

Sunday was the same as usual.  I have to get up pretty early because I have to be at church early, I sing in the praise band, well this week, not so early, but I got there before church so it was all ok. 

Perfect example of singing in the praise band and coloring my hair!

After church it was lunch and nap time.  I had some crazy dreams while taking my nap, my sisters were so mean to and they chased me around to call me fat, and when it hurt my feelings, they laughed and kept doing it, and then my sister called and woke me up and it made me so mad.  I was still mad at her from the dream and all I could think was "you have a lot of nerve calling me" but I was able to wake up enough to know it wasn't real and get back into my day. 

I went over to my sisters house to watch the Super Bowl, I even baked a cake for the occasion, see, too much time.  I thought the game was a good one and being that I was not a huge supporter of either team I knew I could be happy with any outcome.  I ended up going home with a belly full of good food, an entire sheet cake, and a to go bowl of chili!!!! 

So like I said, I had a great weekend and a good jump start to the week. 

This morning I woke up and got to the gym with enough time to get in a good workout.  I know I don't get to go back tonight so I had to get it all in this morning.  I did weights on my legs and then needed cardio.  I was just going to do something inside, but there were a lot of people this morning and I couldn't get a machine I wanted.  I also wanted to try out my new running shoes instead of swimming so I ditched the gym and went outside.  I FORGOT what it was about running that I loved so much!!!!  Going outside, feeling the cold, feet on pavement, it was amazing.  I only had a little bit of time before I had to go so I didn't want to get to far out so I did about a mile round trip, ahhhh!  It was so nice.  Just a kiss of sunlight, in the 40s, AMAZING!!!!  I will be doing that again, and again, and again, even if I have to do it alone.

These are my new sneaks, they were really comfy today, but this was a short distance.  As I grow in distance I will let you know how they feel.  I am very devoted to my running shoes so to change to new ones is one thing, but to switch to a new brand, WOW!

A few more updates, still not smoking, and on my last 2 weeks of the patch.  I am still off diet drinks, I am drinking them on Sunday nights to keep me sane but that's it.  Back on the stomach medicine cause that whole problem is not solved yet.  This little guy has saved my butt. If anyone is thinking of quitting I would highly recommend. On Wednesday I will be 30 days cigarette free.

Ok, I have rambled as long as I can this morning, thanks for sitting through it.  Just letting you know I have a few funnies for you today so check back as the day goes on.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

This is Why!!!!

This is why you have a blog.  I get on here at 10pm last night and complain because I am not seeing results that I need to see and then when I got up this morning to get dressed I put on my freshly washed blue jeans and they were baggy.  Woooo Hooo!!

Progress is progress baby!!!!  I cant keep them up very well today but have no fear the butt crack is contained.  And please note that they were freshly washed.  That normally means you have to lay flat on you back to get them zipped up and then do 3-4 squats before you can walk in them.  Oh Yeah!!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tonight Tonight

Its just after 9pm and I am finally sitting down to dinner.  I am home, for the first time since yesterday, sitting on my couch relaxing.  I have been here to sleep and that is it.  I haven't posted but I have been a busy little girl this week.  So now that I sit in a cold dark house, listening to the thunder rolling outside I shall tell you about my week.

Let's see....Monday morning, I got up, started getting ready for work, and got a phone call from my Bro-in-Law.  One of the childrens were sick and another of the childrens was off having knee surgery so there was no one to stay at home with the sick one.  I got everything worked out and played "mommy" to a sick child.  I do not have children and I do not do Vomit!!!  I was so scared that he was going to puke and again, I DON'T DO VOMIT!  I told my sister if he did in fact puke on the floor then I was going to cover it with a newspaper and leave it as a treat for her when she got home.

I did get to work out Monday night, and I got in bed at a decent hour.  I got up early for my workout on Tuesday morning and then off to work.  When I got home from work I went back to the gym for weights, that was all I had last night so it was a quick trip to the gym.  And a friend of mine who is electronically challenged got a new cell phone and has no idea how to get her info from one to the other.  Ha ha!

So we got the cell phone all worked out and it was over to check on the one who had surgery.  I got home again and it was late, I packed up everything for the next thing and then ran off to bed.  I knew I didn't have to workout this morning and I was very excited to get another hour of sleep this morning. 

I have to complain just a bit.  I am so so tired.  I just don't have enough hours in the day.  I am trying so hard to get this weight off from the last year and I am not seeing the results that I need to see.  I feel like I am working really hard with no results.  I know I have to stick to it but this is the slump that really can get a person discouraged.  Tomorrow my cousin and I are going to go for a run and hopefully that will give me a second wind.   I think another reason I am needing to complain a little bit is this weather.  I know that sounds nuts but I swear, it has been raining forEVER!!!!!   I think a pretty day would help my mood out a little bit.

My food for the last couple of weeks has been really good for the most part.  I had a little weakness today when I ate my lunch and then went a got an order of French Fries cause I was just dying for something salty!!!  Not my best moment but not the biggest deal in the world.

I am going to have to get off of here and pack up so we can do it all again tomorrow. 

Just an update from previous posts.  I am still not smoking, but I am still not all that happy about it.  I hope that I will get really excited about it but at this exact moment I could smoke an entire pack and never check up.  I also am still not drinking Diet drinks.  After 2 weeks without one my stomach was still hurting so I tried to have one, it was ok, made my belly hurt, so still no diet coke.  I don't think a person should give up caffeine, artificial sweetener, and nicotine all in the same month.  IT WILL MAKE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Nighty night all, I got to get to the rest of the night!!!!
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