Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finally Feeling Like Winter

I has been way more like spring weather here in the south than winter.  Since November there have been very few really cold nights, there has been lots and lots of rain, and very little snow.  Granted, we don't get much snow anyway but last year we had 2 good snow storms so I was a little hopeful this year. 

But now the temps are starting to drop.  I have to wear a jacket to run outside and slippers to walk around the house.  This is the kind of weather I like.  If we could just get these temps and no rain!!!!!!  The only downside of the cold weather is it makes it incredibly difficult to get out of bed wrapped in a heated blanket and go outside to run.  That bed is way more appealing.

This morning I didn't have to worry about a morning workout because I am doing my entire workout this afternoon.  I have cardio and weights and a 2 hour episode of the Biggest Loser so I figure I can do all those things at the same time.  This wont be the first time I have watched the show while at the gym.  And I enjoyed my extra 30 minutes of sleep this morning.

I woke up earlier than normal cause I think I am getting used to this new "wake up early" schedule.  I had plenty of time to take a long shower and even cook breakfast.  Yummy hot scrambled eggs!

oh yes, with ketchup....no smokes, no diet cokes, I'm not NOT NOT giving up my ketchup.  And please don't be fooled by the fancy water.  I do not like Perrier water but the bottles hold up really well so I refill with tap!  Fancy right!?!?!

I haven't planned out my entire workout yet but I have a post it on my desk that I keep adding exercises too as I think of them.  They will get organized later to an actual workout but right now just ideas. 

I do have one little funny for you guys today...I manage to get ready at the gym 3 days a week and not forget things, bra, panties, hair clips, nothing.  My OCD comes in handy when its time to pack for the next day but some how, this morning I managed to get out of my house with no bobby pin.  There are thousands of them all over the house, thousands, and I managed to leave the comfort of my own home without one today.  Cant find one in the car, the purse, no where!!!!! 

When all else fails, paperclip!

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