Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Tried I Tried

Hey all.

I tried to post yesterday, I really really did, but I was unable to connect to the Internet last night when I got home and I was not going to put up an entire post from my cell phone so you just have to settle with today. 

On Tuesday night I got one of the best workouts I have done in a while.  I did all cardio and skipped the weights because I went out for a Valentines dinner with my daddy and I figured the calorie burn was more important than building muscle.  I ate pretty good trust me!  But I had the calories left for the day so I don't think my over indulgence hurt me any for the week. 

I got to the gym just after Biggest Loser started so I couldn't tell you why 2 went home but I caught up pretty quick.  I did intervals on the elliptical machine for a good hour and then went off to the speed bike.  Watching your favorite show at the gym makes the workout go by so quickly.  When I was done I could tell I had worked hard, I was sweaty and so so tired. 

I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that I DO NOT get enough sleep.  I am ready to go to be when I get home from work at 6.  But of course that never happens and I end up getting home again around 9 and then there is just not enough time to get all the stuff done for the next day.  ahhhh!  And all this is now that basketball season is over.  No wonder I didn't workout the month of December! 

I got to the gym again last night, this was smashed in between work and praise team practice.  And I didn't have a wonderful TV show to watch while working out.  I did however get in all the weights that I had missed from the night before.  I had the pleasure of workout out next to a guy with the most out whack junk you have ever seen.
 I thought one time he was going to take his shorts off to adjust himself.  It was amazing.  I was glad to get out of the rotation with him.  And, after all his junk grabbing he didn't even wipe off the machines. I'm understanding lifting gloves more and more every single day!!!!!

I did finally get around to my cardio and then it was the rush off to church.  My praise team has gotten used to the fact that I come in with sweaty clothes and hair bands each week.  I try to remember to pack something to wear over my workout clothes so I am not standing there in tight pants and a cut off shirt and most weeks I forget something. 

Today I again I have nothing to do tonight yet....that I know I will be doing my entire workout tonight.  Again I only have cardio so it shouldn't take too terribly long but tonight I will do treadmill intervals so I'm sure even though it wont be so long it will still hurt really really bad.

The reason I say I don't have any plans tonight is because I have nothing planned but I have not been feeling well today and I am afraid I might be sick. We have been passing a stomach bug around for a few weeks now and I thought I had it already but today my belly is not agreeing with me. I forced down my breakfast cause I knew I would regret it if I didn't eat, and then the closer it got to lunch time every single time I thought about fixing what I packed it made me nauseous. I couldn't figure out why it was making me sick to think about it cause I usually love my chicken pita but as the day went on and my belly hurt I figured it probably wasn't the pita as much as the sour stomach. AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! Why is that always the first question when you feel queasy before noon!

Hopefully my internet will be up tonight, post or not it is annoying when I cannot check my sites at night. 

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