Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have to keep reminding myself that the reason I am drinking all this nasty juice is because I want to cure my stomach.  If I can survive this for a few weeks then I will feel so much better.  I have not been exclusively drinking juice.  I have been drinking juice, and eating fruits, some nuts, mostly whole foods, but juice is very much 85% of the diet right now.  I'm just not into the crazy extremes I used to be such a fan of.  I have discovered that veggie juice is disgusting, it might actually be worse than eating the veg that you didn't like to begin with, and amazingly enough, the darker the veg the better it taste.  For example, I do not like to eat kale but I can drink the juice ok, but celery and cucumbers...oh my gosh each sip is followed by the gag reflex.  And some of these veggies just get caught in your throat...

After my complaining I must say that I am feeling better.  I have not had near as much stomach pain this week.  Not cured but better.  Parts of this diet I could keep up long term, like the no meat part but I can see the lack of cooked food not being a long term fix.  This week I have had the luxury of not having a ballgame or meeting or something every night so I have gotten to eat at home but I need the freedom to eat at a buffet and get cooked veggies. 

One more thing about all the juice is this, Naked Juice!  So convenient to have just in case the juice that I make turns out like this mornings juice and taste like gritty butt.  They actually taste pretty good, fruits and veggies, and lots of variety.  I haven't tried all the combinations yet but the ones I have I have really liked.

Now let's talk about some other stuff.  Last night was our first meeting for the new running group.  Only about 15 right now but if all goes as it has in the past we will have some sign up this week.  No running this week just talking and we will start up next week.  I cannot wait!!!!  My workout buddy met up with me after the meeting and we got in a short short workout.  We did some walking together and then I forced her to do some abs.  I rushed home to watch my show, while riding the speed bike. 

Biggest Loser:  After last weeks episode was such a let down I just didn't even know what to expect this week.  They built up last week and I could have guessed the finish just from watching the previews.  So this week, I just wasn't looking as forward to it as I usually do.  Then this week was so good.  I loved the workouts this week and then the weigh in.  Oh, I'm not going to ruin it for you cause you really need to see it, but I plopped on my couch for the last 15 minutes and just watched. So good~

Ok, and I read and they have been talking about all the drama on the show and I think we are finally going to get to see the poop hit the fan next week, hope they don't disappoint like they did last week.

As far as tonight goes I have time to workout, but I have no idea what I am doing yet.  I really want to go run hills I think.  I can go out and run and get back to church in time to sing.  Sounds like a good Wednesday night, only thing is can the rain please go away!

Ok and finally, today FatGirlToThin joined  I have been a hold out for a while but today I took the plunge and signed up.  Hope you will all come over and follow me for motivation, workouts, food and fun stuff!  Its still new and I'm still finding stuff so its kinda slim right now but I'm getting there.

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