Monday, February 27, 2012

Takin' It To Extremes

We all know I am the kind of person that takes things to the extreme every now and then, well I am afraid I have crossed the crazy bridge yet again.  Going on for just over 2 months now I have had stomach pain every single time I eat.  It doesn't matter what I eat, but it does matter how much.  It hurts like the dickens every time...and it comes with neck and shoulder and chest pain.  Apparently stomach pain has radiating powers...awesome right!?!?!?  Everyone has an opinion on what the problem is and I do have an appt with a GI doc now but while I wait I'm going to try to cure myself.  HA!!!!  I figure trying Holistic options will at least keep me from searching the internet and finding out all the new types of cancer I have.

Ok so phase one: Juicing! I have read up on this and it seems like a good start. Juicing all kinds of fruits and veggies to get all of those Micronutrients. Right off the bat it is a detox type of thing. Only fruit and veggies. Just FYI if you don't like broccoli cooked and in some sort of dip you probably wont like it run through a juicer. Soooo gross. The help is the sweet from the fruit mixed with it. It took me about 2 hours this morning to get the green juice down but I did. I dread having to drink it again but I am on the path to self healing!
Right now its still day one so its not too bad but I am not looking forward to day 2. Raw, juicy, veggies BLA-Yuck! The one plus side is you cant juice a banana so I get to eat that!!!!!!
This whole experiment is really because there is nothing to lose. I eat, it hurts, I don't eat, feels fine, but starving, so eat something gross for 2 weeks in hopes that I might be able to introduce some flavor or meat back into the equation without crazy stomach pain.

So everyone raise your glass (haha pun very much intended) to trying something a little on the extreme side.

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