Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Ramblings

I don't know about you guys but I had one of those weekends that I desperately needed.  It was full of stuff to do so I wasn't bored, but not so full that it wasn't restful.  I caught up on some much needed sleep and still didn't feel like I was bored out of my minds! 

Friday night, I cant even remember Friday night except for the fact that I went to bed around 9 o'clock.  I know, I'm in my 20's and this is the perfect time in your life to go out, but I was tired and just didn't have it in me to do anything but sleep.  The only problem with going to bed before the sun is that it makes you wake up before the sun.  I got some quality sleep hours in there and woke up early Saturday morning and did all those things that I should have gotten done Friday night.  I got the laundry started, colored my hair, and gave myself a pedicure.  You need to know that this was all before 7am.  haha.  Only thing was I ran out of time on the toes so I didn't polish them.  I went and watched my babies play ball and cheer, then back home for a minute, just enough time to change some laundry over, no rush, just getting it done.

As you can imagine I was not very tired on Saturday night because I got so many hours of sleep the night before so it was back to home remodeling projects.  I have lived in my house and remodeled the whole thing.  The newest project is refinishing the showers.  I called a company that does it but they told me they couldn't help me so I decided to do it myself.  This whole house has been me learning how to do home improvement projects and I think I am doing pretty well if you ask me.  Anyway, I already did this one and there were some scuffs so this was a patch job which made me a little nervous so I took my time but it came out now instead of having a horrible "harvest gold" shower I have the prettiest white shower you could ever imagine.  Now, my house smells horrible!!!!!  But it looks pretty.  I have one more shower to go and it is bigger and will be more challenging, but now that I know I can do it I am just waiting for the next free weekend to get it done.  I know I got off subject but I just have so much to say this morning apparently.

Sunday was the same as usual.  I have to get up pretty early because I have to be at church early, I sing in the praise band, well this week, not so early, but I got there before church so it was all ok. 

Perfect example of singing in the praise band and coloring my hair!

After church it was lunch and nap time.  I had some crazy dreams while taking my nap, my sisters were so mean to and they chased me around to call me fat, and when it hurt my feelings, they laughed and kept doing it, and then my sister called and woke me up and it made me so mad.  I was still mad at her from the dream and all I could think was "you have a lot of nerve calling me" but I was able to wake up enough to know it wasn't real and get back into my day. 

I went over to my sisters house to watch the Super Bowl, I even baked a cake for the occasion, see, too much time.  I thought the game was a good one and being that I was not a huge supporter of either team I knew I could be happy with any outcome.  I ended up going home with a belly full of good food, an entire sheet cake, and a to go bowl of chili!!!! 

So like I said, I had a great weekend and a good jump start to the week. 

This morning I woke up and got to the gym with enough time to get in a good workout.  I know I don't get to go back tonight so I had to get it all in this morning.  I did weights on my legs and then needed cardio.  I was just going to do something inside, but there were a lot of people this morning and I couldn't get a machine I wanted.  I also wanted to try out my new running shoes instead of swimming so I ditched the gym and went outside.  I FORGOT what it was about running that I loved so much!!!!  Going outside, feeling the cold, feet on pavement, it was amazing.  I only had a little bit of time before I had to go so I didn't want to get to far out so I did about a mile round trip, ahhhh!  It was so nice.  Just a kiss of sunlight, in the 40s, AMAZING!!!!  I will be doing that again, and again, and again, even if I have to do it alone.

These are my new sneaks, they were really comfy today, but this was a short distance.  As I grow in distance I will let you know how they feel.  I am very devoted to my running shoes so to change to new ones is one thing, but to switch to a new brand, WOW!

A few more updates, still not smoking, and on my last 2 weeks of the patch.  I am still off diet drinks, I am drinking them on Sunday nights to keep me sane but that's it.  Back on the stomach medicine cause that whole problem is not solved yet.  This little guy has saved my butt. If anyone is thinking of quitting I would highly recommend. On Wednesday I will be 30 days cigarette free.

Ok, I have rambled as long as I can this morning, thanks for sitting through it.  Just letting you know I have a few funnies for you today so check back as the day goes on.

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