Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Started to Post

I started to post about an hour ago and basically the entire first paragraph came off like I was complaining about the fact that I am tired of sitting at my desk all day....I'm in a good mood, I'm grateful that I have a job, there was really no need to complain just trying to be haha funny, so I trashed the post and I give you this instead.

I like the message! 

I am eagerly awaiting my workout tonight because I am dying to get up and move...and I was pretty sure 5 days ago that I never wanted to do this workout ever again, but tonight my workout cant get here soon enough.

I'm hoping to get to post tonight after the workout but no promises.  We are working out tonight and then back up again early in the morning so that I can go out tomorrow night.  I love having a flexible workout buddy.  I'm pretty excited about this....tomorrow night I am going to dinner with high school friends that I have not seen in ages, and I am so excited!!!! Early workouts for late nights!!!

If all goes as planned I will get home from work in time to get all my stuff for tomorrow packed up, fixed, cleaned and washed and back in the car before I ever go to the gym.  I just don't want to be up until midnight getting things together for tomorrow.  I tried that once already this week and apparently you need more than 5 hours of sleep to do the INSANITY workout well.

It's Ok

Its Ok Thursdays

We are linking up today with Neely at A Complete Waste of Make-up for It's OK Thursdays.

It's OK....

- that I think its Wednesday and that I have to keep telling myself that it is actually Friday eve.  I know, I know, that is a great problem to have because tomorrow is Friday!!!!

- that I have to do 2 INSANITY workouts in less than 12 hours starting tonight and then early on Friday.

- Our computer system is down....AGAIN!!!!

-that I now have an unhealthy relationship with facebook because my server never works so I just look at people on facebook all day long.

- that I started eating my lunch at 10:15 today because I was starving and now that it is actually lunch time I don't have much left in my bag but I am still hungry.

- that as a grown woman I am eating a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

Get ready this is fixing to get good....

-that because of my facebook addiction and my lunch today that I randomly know that it takes roughly 850 peanuts to make one 18oz jar of Peanut Butter.  (seriously some girl on facebook posted that today and I just remembered that right now after the sandwich comment)

-that that useless piece of information is stuck in my head but I cant remember important things when I need them.

It's OK!!!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BL in Review

Finally time to get on here.  I have been a busy busy little girl today.  I didn't think I was ever gonna get caught up on all my stuff but I got all my work done and watched Biggest Loser on my lunch break.  And I have  so many comments on last nights episode.

Spoiler Alert:  I was right, ruined the ending for me by showing a pic of Megan holding up her hand with an engagement ring. 

First off:  With an incentive of $1000 a pound, I was not surprised to see Kim kick butt in the weigh in this week.  For $1000 a pound I would cut off my leg.  She is starting to look great, but she is falling under the know how some people start to look old when they lose all the fat in their faces.  Her body is phenomenal already but she looks older and older to me each week.  It could be because she is training so hard and is tired too. 

I liked seeing the contestants from last season.  I missed the final 3 episodes from last season so I didn't see their final reveals on stage and they looked great.  THEY LOOKED GREAT.  Vinny, yum!  So proud of him!  And Becky, I loved Becky from day 1, I really did, but come on Becky, you are so skinny now, get a stylist.  She looked like every early 90's realtor photo I have seen.  The perfectly coiffed hair, the over tweezed eyebrows and the smashed gold chain.  All she needed was a Royal Blue skirt suit and black pumps to top it off!!!! 

I was not sad to see Megan go.  She reminded me of that girl a few seasons ago that couldn't cry, even when she tried too.  So she spent every single interview with the cracking voice but not actually crying, annoying.  I also wanted Chris to stop crying this week.  Enough with the tears, there was no reason to cry.  Megan had a reason to cry and couldn't, Chris, no reason, wah wah wah!!!!

Finally, I like the idea that Megan had to film her every move for Bob for one week, and I'm thinking I might try that.  I might just post everything I eat/drink and all my workouts.  I usually just talk about it at the end of the day but this could be fun.  That's still in the works but Ill let you know.

What did y'all think about the episode last night?!?!


I made it to my lunch break without anyone ruining Biggest Loser and then just destroyed all my hopes.  Her pic was on the home page, so I am 14 seconds into it and I think I know who goes home.  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I hope I am wrong and made a snap assumption and it was just an advertisement for next week or something.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hang tight

Oh and please hang with me. I am still using my iPad to post sometimes at night and auto correct is killing me. I am trying to find all the errors but I am missing some. Just know it's not all me, now I have help with the misspellings!

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EXACTLY as Planned

My afternoon couldn't have gone more perfect...not!!!! Actually every part of my afternoon was not expected.

Plan: hustle home and arrive exactly on time to leave with my running group.
Reality: Got behind 8 cars doing less than 50 mph, resulting in me being 10 minutes late for our run and the group already gone.

While we are on the topic. I don't care if you use the correct form of there, their, they're, but I do care if you know basic traffic rules. 1. Pass on the left and the scoot over!!!! 2. IF THE SPEED LIMIT IS 55 IT IS NOT OK TO DO 30...EVER!!!!!! 3. You can pass a cop if they are not going the speed limit and you are. 4. Feel free to use the turning lane, scoot over into the turning lane then brake. Please don't feel the need to stop then merge into the turning lane. oh, that is road rage that I have been needing to get off my chest for weeks!!!!!

I knew I was liable to be late at some point but I hadn't planned on it today. Next...

Plan: Maybe catch the end of my nephews' baseball game.
Reality: Made it to the game by inning 3 and managed to watch the majority of the longest game ever, only to find out that there were 3 extra innings for the JVers.

I hate baseball, but I love my boys that play and want to support them. After 7+ hours at the ballpark I lose some of my enthusiasm for the game.

Plan: Get home at about 6:55 get some grub together and watch Biggest Loser.
Reality: Still at the ballpark...

Plan: I was supposed to meet my workout buddy at 9pm to do our INSANITY.
Reality: I stopped to get a sandwich for supper and it 25 minutes to get my food and I was way way late.

Of course I didn't have time to eat it at that point so now I am having my dinner at 10:40. All we ended up doing was walking around the track, probably good for her knee but not For my waist line!! I'm meeting my workout partner in the morning sine I didn't get in either workout that was planned today. Maybe tomorrow I can get at least one workout in tomorrow.

Plan: sleep
Reality: probably the same as the last month!!!!

Night folks!

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Such a Long Weekend (3 days for me)

You can all go ahead and put your jealousy pants on because I got a 3 day weekend.

Ok so its not as glamorous as it might sound but I did get 3 days off.  My weekend was not to eventful.  I met with my workout Saturday morning.  Back up a little bit more, I woke up Saturday morning and weighed like I did the Saturday morning before.  I just knew I would have to be down, maybe just a little bit!

Guess again....not only was there no loss, I actually gained weight!!!!!!  And not just a little weight, 3 POUNDS!  How on this earth did I manage to gain an ounce on this program, much less 3 pounds.  So needless to say, I didn't have the best attitude when it came time to workout.  Maybe if I give it all Ive got I can gain 5 pounds this week and destroy my joints into nothingness, and make the "Area" pain better

We will get to the "Area" in just a bit. 

...then we worked out!  I don't think we should have done the workout because I spent the majority of the workout bitching about the fact that I gained 3 pounds and my workout buddy got so tickled at my complaining that she didn't get in much of a workout either.  It was really a waste of time for both of us because when we were done we went and ate lunch at Mexican so we replaced the 45 calories we burned plus many many more!

We were supposed to have a workout on Sunday but we ended up deciding to take the day off.  My workout buddy is really struggling with her knee, and I am just gaining weight.  She really needed to rest that knee so we took Sunday off, we knew we would be off on Monday so hopefully by this afternoon she will be feeling all better and we can get back to it. 

If I don't get the workout in today I might not reach my 5 lb weight gain goal this week.  Yes I am really pissed about my weight gain!  I'm sorry but you would be too if you had been doing this workout and gaining weight!

On Sunday night I went into GI prep mode.  Basically I was really nervous.  I had my upper GI test the next morning and I had very little info to get ready for my test.  The only other time I have been put to sleep is for knee surgery so you get so much information before hand.  All I knew about this test was where to go and when to be there.  I was kinda freakin out. 

My sister was at my house "dark" and early on Monday morning.   We ran off to the doc to have this test run.  I was really looking forward to the putting me to sleep part because I was still pretty nervous.  I had to say a special little prayer while waiting for the doc because I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown in the procedure room.  My prayer calmed me down quite a bit, then the sedative helped with the rest.  Next thing I know I was awake (maybe?) and getting ready to head home.

Sister #3 took really good care of me.  She drove me around and made sure I got settled in for the day.  I was on many restrictions, no driving, no making important decisions, nothing.  And all before 10 am.  I felt bad missing the entire day of work for a test that was done at 10 but I wasn't allowed to do anything.  I slept off the rest of the anesthesia and just relaxed. 

My driver did come by again that afternoon to pick me up so I could go to a ballgame.  It was a little weird because I saw my boss there but he knew I wasn't going to be at work so it was OK, just a little weird.  

The Area:

From here on out we will no longer refer to the pain as the "stomach" or the "chest", the "tumor" or the "pain in my a#$!!!"  It will now be known as "The Area" (this is better described if you say "The Area" while moving you hands in a large circular motion over the left boob, kind of a dance) since we do not know what is wrong.  My stomach is fine, my chest xray is fine, it's still a mystery pain and until I have an answer I will only call it "the Area!"

I'm back at work and working out today.  I got caught up with my work stuff and hopefully when I get home I will get caught up on the working out part.  I have my running group tonight and then back to the INSANITY.  Maybe this week I will get to see some results on the scale as well as the body.

Friday, March 23, 2012

I Said I Would Be Here

I'm sorry about last night guys, I could not post.  After the workout last night I just wanted to lay down and not move anything.  Just holding my arm up to play on my iPad was actually painful.  I just had to call it a night. 

I was really not looking forward to last nights workout just cause I didn't want to do it.  Nothing hurt, but I was just gonna phone it in and get it done.  But once we got past the Warm-up and the Stretching I kinda got into it and really was trying hard.  A lot of the exercises were the same as the Fit Test from the night before so I wanted to get stronger on those so my fit test would be better next time. 

Our Fit Test results were really good.  Basically what you do is one minute of 8 different exercises and you try to beat the number you got the time before.  But we were doing it blind, we didn't know our previous number so you just had to push with all you had....I beat my scores in all but the last one, I destroyed 2 of my previous times.  My workout pal did awesome too, she did better on all of hers and even killed a few of her records as well. 

So that fired up the workout last night.  There was sweating and grunting like never before, then we realized the temp was set on 80 degrees!!!!!  No wonder there was more sweat than normal. 

Once I got home I was pooped.  I knew there was not a lot going to be accomplished.  It was late, and I was tired!  I got to work immediately so when I decided to crash all my stuff would be done.  I packed bags and lunches and then hit the shower so I could put my nasty sweaty body on my bed.  I have clean sheets right now and I don't want to ruin them with a sweaty body. 

Once I got in bed I was done....or so I thought.  I dropped my remote control behind the head board so I had to get up and move the bed to get it out.  Did I mention I couldn't lift my arms much less easily move a bed!!!!  The grunting started all over again.  I got my remote, back in bed, but oh wait I forgot to move the bed back, up again.....seriously I was dying.

Finally....sleeeeeepy time!

Needless to say last night I had no trouble sleeping.  I think all the nerves for the docs appointments were keeping me up, but not last night.  I slept like a baby!

Then this morning when I woke up I was feeling all thin.  It might have been because of the sheer loss of water from sweat but I was feeling good.  I was feeling so good that I didn't care that I got caught behind a transport truck this morning, only to have another one pull out in front of me.  I took the back way to get around them only to find myself behind not 1, not 2 but 3 chicken trucks!  But its all ok cause I felt skinnier this morning.  It's all about perspective people!

Hope you all have a good day! Maybe Ill be able to move tonight after the workout and post for you all.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hey guys, I promise an early post tomorrow morning. I just dont have anything left this evening ( i left it all on the gym floor) but I do have lots to tell ya!
I'll leave you with this tonight...

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Doctor Day

Today I learned so much at the doc's office......NNNNOOOOOTTTTT!!!!  If anything I am a little more confused than when I started.  I'm not confused about what he said just confused about the 2 different opinions I have gotten between 2 doctors.

Doc 1:  He said that I had gastritis.  Take the anti-acid drugs, quit drinking soft drinks and acid foods, no smoking in case of ulcer, and no Aleve or other stomach upsetting drugs.  When that didn't work he prescribed and new anti-acid drug and said go to a GI.

So I went to the GI today.  Really thinking I was going to get some answers or at lease a test.  Well, he thinks that it has nothing to do with my stomach but yet my chest.  Really!

Doc 2:  He says its a chest wall inflammation, take Aleve to reduce the pain.  No need to give up certain foods or drinks, and its great that I quit smoking and all but that wouldn't have helped with this pain.

Doc 2's opinion makes more sense to me for the simple fact that for my entire life I have had an iron stomach.  I just don't know how to very well educated men can have such different opinions.

He sent me for a chest x-ray today and I get to go have an Endoscope on Monday to rule out any stomach problems.  I want test so that we can finally figure out what is going on, but this is the last test I want to go through.  I think it just sounds so gross.  Not looking forward to it but I want to know what is wrong so it will stop hurting.  I just have to keep telling myself that!

I got my chest x-ray and had a Diet Coke on my way to work just cause I could.  It was just a nice treat don't worry, I'm not going back to any of those things they took away cause I know I am better without them. But it does suck to quit smoking, just an FYI for those out there....don't ever start cause giving them up is the pits!!!!

Ill keep y'all updated on the Doc situation but as of now my "stomach" still hurts and I have no new answers.  Plus side:  I get my aleve back!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sandwich + Biggest Loser= A Cool Lunch Break

Now that was a good lunch break.  I got to catch up on my Biggest Loser and the work day is almost over.  Yeah!

We are gonna do a break down of this week.

Things I really like about this season:

They picked more overweight people without going as big as they could.  Now we can see the change in their bodies.  For a few seasons they were all so big that at the finale there were several that were still over-weight.  You can see a big difference in some.

I like how they are doing even more workouts this year that are less conventional.  Every year there is a week that they don't get to go to the gym, but there are lots of different workouts this time.

I did like the people this season until they kicked off all my faves!

What I DON'T Like:

CONDA (and her little brother too):  Can we please vote them off already?  I get it game play but just listening to them makes my blood pressure go up.  They are hypocrites and just mean.  Oh, I want them to go home!

And the idea that they went of vacation and didn't work their butts off is crazy.  So they didn't show us but one structured workout doesn't mean they didn't burn crazy calories like they do everyday.

Tonight I will channel Bob's workout when I go to the gym and get a good sweat going.   I guess now I am all about Kym.  Go pink team!

Tonight, since I am only doing the INSANITY Fit Test I think I need a little more than that.  And since I have no plans tonight I should have plenty of time to get a workout in! Then I hope for early bedtime.  I have gotten in bed at a decent hour but for the life of me I cannot sleep!  Its driving me nuts....hopefully tonight!


How is it possible that I can be sore on Day 15 of the INSANITY program?  I just dont understand.  I was texting my workout buddy last night and telling her how I hurt and she was just as sore. There were ice packs everywhere. I just cant believe it.  This morning getting out of bed I could hear pops and moans and all I was hoping was that I would be able to stand upright. 

Last nights workout was one of the tougher ones, and it didn't help that we had just ran 1.5 miles I'm sure but sore on day 15...I just cant believe it.  But the bright side, the silver lining, tonight we do the Fit Test again.  We get to see how much we have progressed in the first 15 days, and it only takes 20 minutes and hopefully it wont hurt.  Its kinda like a mini night off.

 Oh and I don't know if I told you guys but after 15 days I have gained 1 pound!!!!!  Amazed is really the best word.  My workout buddy has gained too.  Both of us say we can feel a difference, we are able to do more each time, our pants fit better but really a 1 pound gain.  I haven't weight again and I really don't want to now.

And last night was Biggest Loser night but I still haven't seen it to talk about it, but thank goodness no one has called or texted me and asked me about who got kicked off.  I have one person that does that every week but I'm not going to mention her name but her initials are VICKY!!!  I have full intention of watching it today at lunch so hopefully I can get caught up. 

And I know you are all excited to know that tomorrow I am going to the doc for my stomach.  I have complained about it now for weeks and my appointment is finally here.  I have waited long enough that I have convinced myself that it is in fact cancer that I have and now I'm just ready to know whats going on.  We are done with this guessing game, someone is going to run a test or something. 

Hopefully tonight after the fit test I will be able to get back on and let you know how our Fitness has improved.  If its anything like the weight I will not be able to do any push ups tonight!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Took My Own Advice (Finally)

I always say I'm not going to post when I am in a bad mood, well yesterday was that day.  I didn't have one single nice thing to say at all.  My day started off pretty crappy and I kept wanting it to get better but no luck.  My stomach hurt all day, worse than ever before, I ate the same things as usual but wow it hurt bad. 

I kept telling myself my day would get better but it didn't.  I just wanted to get home, I seriously considered leaving work early.  I made it to quitting time and off to the house.  My night was pretty relaxed, just a ballgame and a workout.  I was looking forward to the ballgame and dreading the workout.  We had to take our night off this week on Sunday because neither one of us could do it, so no night off this week. 

I already had a very upset stomach and the last thing I wanted to do was workout.  But there I was at the gym getting ready to be tortured by a DVD!!!  I flipped off Sean T about 5 times last night.  I could have cried 4 or 5 times but I fought through as best I could.  Home, Shower, Bed!!!!!

I did absolutely nothing last night.  I didn't even pack up my bag for today or eat supper.  I skipped dinner with some of my crew to get my workout over with, and then I didn't want to eat fast food or fix anything so I went to bed hungry.  I got up early, packed my bag and made a BIG breakfast! 

Just the fact that I finally got some food in my belly has made today a little bit better.  I'm looking forward to running with my group tonight then INSANITY then Biggest Loser!!!!  Here's to a better day than yesterday!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

I Brought Another One to the "Green" Side


And I hope you all enjoy the nice little shamrock today. I don't really understand this holiday but I love the Irish so we celebrate. When I was in college I did a mini-mester in Ireland so my blood flows green on this holiday. Already today I have received a green bead necklace (and no I did not flash anyone) and a green newspaper. And its just Friday....wonder how many fun things we can make green tomorrow?

I have been catching up on my blogs today and everyone keeps talking about how quick this week has gone by....Are they CrAzY!?!?! I'm so happy to see Friday! I must say I'm in a great mood because its Friday but also because I got a full nights sleep last night. I don't think I even rolled over, and I desperately needed that.

I got a good nights sleep, and already did my INSANITY workout this morning so another night off. Today was my fault that we had to go early, I have a ballgame to go to this afternoon and I have only been to one game so far, I need to go to this one.

I already decided that if I get home in time I am going to the gym to swim. I have beaten my body up for 2 weeks now and as much as I like the fact that I can already see some results in my stamina (not my pants) I am really craving a low intensity, low impact workout. Tomorrow's INSANITY is the recovery workout so even if I don't get to swim tonight I might take a dip after tomorrows workout. It may say recover but it is not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but its easier than others.

Today, Friday, is my favorite food day. I designated this my cheat day within reason. My true cheat day is on Sunday but on Friday morning I stop and get a breakfast biscuit. It is rare now that I stop but Fridays, I look forward to it all week long. That's really the only splurge I get of Friday. And sad news on the food and drink front. I have had coffee this week. I cut it out at the beginning of the year when I gave up my diet drinks again. The doc told me to get off caffeine and acidic drinks. Well I did good once I got the caffeine out of my system, but this week I really wanted a glass one morning (the smell was intoxicating), yum... But it didn't last long. 3 days of coffee and now upset stomach. It really is a sad day! I kept hoping it was something else that hurt my belly but no!

Oh...I am so ready for the weekend. I hope you all have a safe and HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's OK

I know I'm late getting this up since Tuesday is almost over but I still wanna play so here goes. I'm linking up with Neely for Its OK Thursday.

Its Ok Thursdays


...that I am going to bed at 8:30!

....that there is a big thunderstorm outside cause I love to watch them.

...that the lady I don't like at work made my day and became my new favorite person with 6 simple words, "you look like you've lost weight,"

...that all my pics for March Madness suck, I still enjoy watching.

...I didn't get an afternoon workout. I couldn't decide if I wanted to or not (you guys were no help) and when I got home I was gonna go outside and run or something...then we had the storm so no running and plenty of time on the couch.

...that I've been a little overachiever tonight and all my food and clothes are already packed for tomorrow.

...that I'm witnessing what could be the first upset of 2012 March Madness!!!!

...that I had to go get out my computer because my iPad will not allow me to copy the HTML code.  (Again with the first world problems)

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We Made It

Its not so much the early morning workout that I hate so much, its the less than 7 hours between workouts that really does my body no good.  This morning it was up bright and early before the crack of dawn for some more INSANITY.   This workout is one of my favorites but one of the hardest as well.  The one this morning is called Pure Cardio.  No rest, no breaks, just go go go and done. 

At about the 20 minute to go mark I was sweating and really starting to hurt.  With 15 minutes to go I was grunting pretty loudly with every move, and at 10 minutes I vowed to track down Sean T to smack him in the face!!!  It was finally over, I have not found him yet but I am on the hunt...

It was a terrible scene this morning when we finished!

It was off to work and now my butt is dragging. I feel a nap in my very near future. Hello lunch break....  Actually if I can hold off I am going to try to make it through the day, sleepy or not and just go to bed early tonight.  As of right now I have nothing planned, I know something might come up, but there is nothing planned.  If I work it out just right I can break a couple of rules before the day is over and get punished:  Early Bedtime without Supper!!!  I can only hope!
My biggest dilemma (1st World Problems, look below if you don't get the reference) is do I workout again tonight?!?!?  I have all afternoon free, could get a nice swim and dunk in the hot tub or I could just go home and lay on the couch for hours.  One option is so unproductive but sounds so loverly and the other seems like the right choice....what to do??

I had no idea these would be so popular.  Here are some more!

I hope you all have a good day.  And if you need it I hope you all get early bedtime tonight too!!!

Really Ironic:  A friend from forever ago had this as his facebook status today....
"Sean T I hate you and your workouts!"
You better believe I had a comment to make on that!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Had The Worst Realization Ever

I AM OLD!!!!!!!! I didn't get home until 10 pm and I was starting to sound like a grumpy old man cause I have to be up early in the morning. Then I got a glimpse of my nightstand and actually laughed out loud. Ten years ago I was in college and my night stand had a cell phone, alarm clock, probably a beer bottle, and a pack of cigarettes. It could have been worse/better but that was the general idea....
Then tonight I walked in and there was the alarm clock, old age moisturizing cream, Bottled water, a glass of milk and a bottle of Tums. Add that to the wobbling I'm sporting right now and I am OLD!!!!!

The only problem is I'm not old!
Tonight was a late INSANITY workout but a good one. It was definitely better than the last one where I DID NOT CRY! Don't get me wrong it did hurt pretty bad but it was amazing. I had sweat dripping off my nose. It was a little warmer than normal but I still think the sweat was earned. I was really trying to push it harder than the night before.
Now I am finally home, I have my breakfast and lunch packed for tomorrow, my workout clothes are laid out and my work clothes are packed up and in the car. INSANITY....I'll be back in 7 hours. Please Mr. Sandman be good to me tonight.
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Come on People!!!! in 2 weeks you have voted of my favorite contestants.  I have one more left, "Go Pink Team" and she is really not my favorite.  I wanted Emily to take it all.  Sad times.  You just knew when she fell under the yellow line she was going home, they didn't even try to make it dramatic like they normally do.

I miss you already!!!

I thought the challenge in last nights episode looked so fun.  I kinda wanted to get a group of friends together and try that.  I think now I might tie all my friends together and just start pulling.  It has to be a good workout....and speaking of workouts how much fun is it to watch the workouts get harder and harder each week.

And my favorite part of last nights episode is the "Love Affair" between the Green team guy and the nutritionist.  I have been in relationships like that before where everything the other person did was the greatest thing ever and they don't even know you exist.  Every time she comes on I sit up in my chair to see what he is going to say about her.  Every time I laugh. 

Oh who am I going to cheer for now?

Did Anyone See It?

I haven't been able to find it yet, but I'm looking for that truck that came through my living room last night and ran over me, then reversed and ran over me again.  When I find it I am going to slash its tires!!!  I just don't understand.  I am sore, then one day all better, and ohhhhh its back.  And I didn't even have an INSANITY workout last night.

No INSANITY last night but I did get to meet with my running group and run, ah yeah!!!!!  I have found my special project for this season.  She kept telling me she couldn't run the whole interval and guess what?  She did.  She started off with an attitude of failure and ended up running a large majority of the 1.25 mile.  I was so proud for her and I know now that she is sure that she can do it she will do better and better each and every week.  I just love seeing it click for others.

That was my only workout yesterday and it was nice to have a rest day.  My body is a little bit run down but I kinda expected that from starting such an intense workout plan.  I think if I could get a good nights sleep I could repair some of these sore muscles but so far my sleeping sucks.  Tonight....oh maybe tonight.

Tonight we start back up with week 2 of INSANITY and I think I am ready.  I have recovered from Tuesdays workout mostly and I'm ready to go again.  Ive ordered some new tight pants (shorts actually) and tape for my knee.  I am going to make through 63 days of this!!!!!  I had to get tight shorts because I get so hot doing this workout but my best running shorts keep coming up during some of the exercises and it would be ok if it was just Anna in the room but it is other gym goers as well. 

If you have noticed the theme yet, I have to keep telling myself I am ready for this workout tonight!  I am I am I am! 

I am going to have to brag on myself a bit.  My food choices this week have been amazing.  I have just gotten back into that groove that is so important.  Even on the days that I don't know whats for dinner I know I have the calories left to overindulge a little bit if necessary.  For Example:  I had pizza last night and even got to have chocolate chip cookies because I hadn't screwed up my whole day before 9 am with bad foods.  And I have still been eating the fruits and veggies really heavy and even drinking some of my green juice.  Now I eat all day long instead of 3 meals because if I even get a little bit full it hurts my stomach very very much.   My stomach is not any better but I go to the doc next week and maybe I can get some answers.

Ill let y'all know how tonight goes.....DAY 9!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Awwwww Nuts...

I Didn't Cry, No Matter What She Says

Day 6 of INSANITY:  This was truly insane.  My whole day yesterday was a typical Monday.  It seemed like everything I touched turned to crap.  I had fresh squeezed lemon juice on my desk for my water, spilled it all over my paperwork.  I had a bowl of popcorn kernels that I dropped when I knocked over the juice.  And so on and so on....that was my entire day.  To top it all off I just didn't feel very good yesterday. 

Once 5 o'clock came around my spirits were lifted, then I got to see my family and watch a ball game, getting better.  Time for the gym...

I kept trying to tell myself that the time change had messed me up but I couldn't get it together.  I was actually ready to get to the gym and get a workout in so I could go home and go to bed.  Let's just get Monday over with.

I met my workout buddy later than normal because of ballgames and such.  We got to the gym and got ready to work.  Day 6 of INSANITY is the same as Day 2.  On day 2 the workout was hard, on Day 6 it was impossible.  I could just barely get through the warm up, but I did.  Then stretch, ouch, let the craziness began.

The first circuit was a heart pounding, out of breath chaotic circuit.  If I can remember correctly:  Suicide runs, power squats, mountain climbers and one more. (can't remember)  The lack of oxygen to my brain that started in the first circuit.  I actually got through this circuit and I don't think I cussed the video in this one....that did not hold true for the entire workout.

Circuit 2:  About 4 different variations of Burpees.

I post this pic just in case you do not know what a Burpee is...looks simple enough, but I want you to do one.  Just one!  I can admit that it is an amazing workout, full body, no equipment, just your body weight and gravity {By The Weigh (pun intended) the more you weigh the more gravity works against you in a Burpee} but it hurts!  So the entire second circuit was Burpee to plank, then push up a few times, then run in plank a few times then up and back down.  Then go directly to the plank part of the burpee and do core work.  The grunting started up during this circuit.  Lots of Grunting!

This part of the workout is when I knew I was going to die.  I used the word can't more in this part of the workout than I have used in a year.  Everything on my body was aching!!!! 

Round 3:  This is the closest I have come to crying during a workout in a really really long time.  Now not only was I using the word "Can't" I was really believing that I COULD NOT finish this workout.  This part started with basketball type jumps and then back to the burpee!!!!!  "Really Sean T, What did I ever do to you????"
It was so close to over.  I was just counting down the seconds.  All I wanted to do was go home, get in an ice bath and go to sleep.  And that is partly what I did.

I got home, I still had some stuff to do but I took a small break, put some ice on the throbbing knee and relaxed for 15 minutes.  I had a post workout recover snack and rested on the couch. 

This morning I am not sore and I am feeling tons better than yesterday.  I have no INSANITY workout tonight (insert joyful laughing and cheering here) but I do get to meet with my running group tonight, then Biggest Loser, how could that not spell out a great day. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Just a Reminder!

The Times are Changing

Its that time know where the US Government/NASA or whoever it is that make the decision about Daylight Savings time and takes an hour away from me.  Yesterday, the day I actually lost the hour of sleep was ok but it is catching up with me today.  I am one tired little puppy today.  So tired in fact that not only did I have a cup of coffee this morning, I had 2!  I blame the time change but my sleep was not the best last night.  Toss and turn, this is the first time since we started INSANITY that I haven't slept like a coma patient. 

My soreness today is much better but my body is sooo confused. My calves and hamstring have been the worst of my pain, but Saturdays workout really stretched them out and they were feeling a bit better.  Then after yesterdays workout most of the soreness in my legs was gone, MOST!   My legs still hurt but it is with certain movements.  My core is the majority of my soreness. 

That's the spot....I was tyring to find a funny pic and then that came up.  I call that spot my flank steak and it hurts really bad when you roll over in bed at night.

My workout partner said it and I couldn't agree more, all the spot that hurt are the ones that need to look different so it works out nice.

We have one more workout then we get our day off!!!!  It just so happens that the day off is the day we meet with our running group!  I am hoping by the time we run as a group all the soreness can be gone and I can stand upright again.  

I thank y'all for listening to the complaining about the soreness.  It happens every time I do this workout and I think it was a little bit worse this time cause I haven't been working like this in a few months.  It feels so good to be back into the harder workouts and this level of might hurt my I know I need it, my scales and waistline need it too.  Its only been a week so I cannot see any changes yet but I know I feel better so that's a start!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Harder to Move

This morning came as such a wonderful surprise.  As you have read, I was expecting to be so sore this morning.  I woke up at 5:45 (cursed my alarm clock) and sat up in bed,  "Not to bad"  I schooched to the edge and put my feet down to the ground, "still ok" then stood up, no cracking ankles, no sore legs, I was OK!  Victory is MINE!!!! 

I couldn't believe it.  I still had those few spots on my body that were tender but I was ok.  I was going to be able to do this 6am workout with very little pain.  I rushed around my house getting dressed and packing up some of the previously wet clothes in my bag since I was going to have to get ready at the gym and off I went. 

I actually rode all the way to the gym and all the way to work with my shirt on the dashboard with the heater blowing on it to finish the drying process.  Then 5 minutes away from work I changed my shirt in the car.....but I am getting way ahead of myself here.

Right on time to the gym, time to start sweating.  The first thing my workout buddy said was, "I don't think I like the fact that the last face I see at night is yours and then the first face I see the next morning is yours too."  At that exact moment I felt the same way.  We had just done the Day 2 workout the night before. 

Time to workout.  Just the warm-up kicked my butt this morning.  I just wanted to lay down on the mat and make it stop.  But once we got going it was ok.  The workout was a tough one this morning, sweat was going everywhere.

I got ready for work and ran off to the car.  45 minutes in the car and I was still pretty amazed at the fact that I wasn't sore.  I stopped at the gas station right beside work to get the 2/$2.50 Dasani water in park, open door, step out, NEARLY HIT THE GROUND.  What happened in that 45 minute car ride?  I had lost the ability to stand.  My legs were shot!!!!!  I walked in like a 90 year old woman who looked like she lost her walker and just so you know.....its not getting better but way worse by the second.

List of things I can no longer do:

Scoot around in my desk chair
Stand in upright positions
Sit without looking like a pregnant lady
Toilet, can't get off of that big guy
Bend over ( I dropped my pen earlier and it is still on the ground)
Hold the phone
Pick up the Liter of Dasani water that started this whole soreness thing

So now I feel more like I thought I would today...and I had gotten all cocky about not being sore.  This makes me look so forward to tomorrows workout .  I think tomorrow we are going to stab ourselves with very tiny knives and then burn ourselves with matches.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 2- Tender Muscles

Alrighty! Day 2 of INSANITY was well...insane. I was just a touch tender in some spots. I hate to say sore cause it was not bad....nothing like tomorrow is going to be.

I rushed home from work and like this entire week I went to running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I had to get 2 places before my tax appt and I was pushing it but I made it. I got my vanishing W2 then to the pharmacy for the "magical" prescription that is going to cure my stomach (that I left without cause it cost more than my health insurance) FatGirl is not paying that so I'll wait for the generic.

My tax appointment went great!!!! So much better than I anticipated. I am always so nervous but it went really well. Within the first 3 minutes if being there the power went off and I thought that was a bad omen but it was ok I guess.

I rushed he to get ready for tonights workout. DAY 2...

Tonight's workout was 42 minutes of whoa!!!!! Of course it starts off so good and I don't know if it gets harder or I get tired but about halfway through I spend a lot of time grunting and groaning. I am pretty sure some of my core muscles haven't been used it a while cause they are already sore.

There is not much rest before day 3 cause tomorrow we are going in the morning. We talked about it before we started and knew that some days would have to be early, this is just one of those times. I'm hoping maybe the soreness won't quite set it before we go at it again.

I'm so excited to be back at it. It feels amazing to be sweating like this again!

Just in case you guys missed it today I was one of the winners of the Jillian Michael's new kickboxing workout DVD. It took it a while to set in but I won and Jillian Michaels said my name on twitter!!!!!!

And just a little funny for ya, my tip for the day: don't use laundry to put off doing your taxes when you have a busy week. Otherwise you will end up with this...

In case you are wondering this is all my clothes(ALL MY CLOTHES!) ...and I have another of day to work this week. There are clothes on top of clothes and I'm just trying to get something to dry before tomorrow morning! Ok, so maybe if I did laundry a little more often I wouldn't have this problem.

Got to get in bed, day 3 starts in 5 and a half hours!!!!!!!

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"Its OK!"

Its Ok Thursdays

This is a new one for me but I have a new blog hop.  Found from my workout buddies site Kelso Thoughts and I think I should play along today because I have lots of things to say but none of them are long enough for a solo post..... so here goes

It's OK.....

....that I was a little bit late to work today because I overslept this morning and then got caught behind every slow car on the way to work

...ok that every single day I have to drive a tiny windy 2 lane road and that the only entertainment I have on this road is taking pics of the cars that consistently make me late.

I wasn't kidding....every day I have hundreds of these on my phone!

...that I am overly excited about the fact that I finally won a giveaway.  The new Jillian Michael's workout DVD. smelly workout last night has made everything today smell a little bit worse.

...that I cannot think of how to word my next comment, so I'll just skip it and talk about it later.

...that all my "stories" last night were re-runs so when I finally got home I had nothing new to watch.

...even though the workout last night, day one of the INSANITY, was not as glamorous as I hoped it would be I am still freakishly excited about it.

....that I am a little bit sore from the Fit Test from the first night of INSANITY!

...that I have to do my taxes not to "ok" on that one.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Still Officially Wednesday

I gave you guys fair warning earlier this week that I was a busy girl and it just kept getting worse and worse.  Well tonight I had one event cancel but I actually had two things scheduled at the same time so I filled that spot right up. 

Tonight my workout buddy and I started INSANITY!!!!  Tonight we realized a few things, the program is actually 63 days...not 60.  That just might be a deal breaker...haha.  We got to the gym very late, went up to the big room with the projector and were getting excited about getting started.  We opened the door to the big room, got about 3 steps inside the door and were hit with this smell.  Smell is just not a sufficient word!!!  Odor...I cant think of the correct adjective....nasty was awful.  I put my sweat towel over my face and walked on in, thinking it might get better, my workout buddy left going on the search for some air freshener.  She came back with the air freshener, gagged once, and left again.  The smell was just too much so we had to come up with a plan B...

We found a smaller room to use that smelled like freakin roses compared to the first one.  You know gyms are not the most fragrant places to hang out but you cannot understand.  I still cant get over it.  OK ok ok move on already, I know but I want to be able to describe it properly.

So we found a new spot, we got everything set up and ready.  We got out the instructions, set up our Fit Test paper and took our before pictures.  Then 15 minutes later we actually started the Test.  25 minutes was all we needed to complete.  I got a little winded during the warm up and then things got tough.  I was huffing and puffing pretty quickly, I was sweating and cursing about halfway through, and at the end I just wanted to lay on the ground.

I didn't do as bad as I thought.  I was pretty sure my score would be "you gained too much weight and cannot do anything anymore" but instead it was more like, "you can do this, but its gonna hurt!!!"  You know what I have to say about that Fit Test....BRING IT ON! 

Just doing this first workout has got me excited about starting this workout again.  I forgot how much I love it.  So tomorrow will be the first of the workouts and I'm pretty sure the Fit Test might make me sore!  Haha. 

Wish us luck on our 63 day adventure.    And hopefully we see such good results that we can show you our before and after pics.  I will probably show you mine anyway, but we will have to encourage AC to show hers too!!!!

I got home just before 10pm.  I had so much more stuff to do tonight but most importantly I HAVE to get my stuff together for my tax appt tomorrow.  I have put this off for 2 weeks now and it has to get done.  While I was putting off my taxes I got some much stuff done.  I got showered, 2 loads of laundry, charged up my headphones/watch/ipad and everything else electronic, and packed my gym bag for tomorrow.  I put it off as long as I was finally time.  I got everything together and realized I was missing a W-2 orW-4.  I keep all of my tax stuff together and it does not get moved or messed with until tax day, where has it gone?  I dont remember seeing it at all.  Now I am in panic mode to find it, I have searched this house from top to bottom and its not here.  Ohhhhhhhh why oh why!  I hate to lose things, hate it so bad, I will find it! 

Now it is officially Thursday and I have to get in the bed. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Busy Week In The Works

This week is just getting busier and busier. Every time I turn around I am adding new things to the calendar and there is just not enough time to get from thing to thing. Eventually my calendar is going to say no more!!!!!!!

Today we had our first meeting with the new running group and I am already excited about it. They did amazing. I ran with one lady the entire time and at the end I pushed her to do more than we were "supposed" to do and she shined!!!! Makes me soooo happy.

The idea was to start the INSANITY workout tonight and do the fitness test today but I had to go to a funeral this afternoon so no INSANITY tonight but we are planning on tomorrow for the start day. I love starting something new at 6:30 on a Wednesday, Monday sounds better but we are doing it NOW!

I had a mini lay over tonight between running and the funeral to see my buddy and her fam while she was in town, look at my dinner date.....

Come on how cute is he!!!!!!!

I got home late tonight but when I came home to change clothes to go to the funeral home I remembered to set the recorder to record my stories. (I love it when old people refer to the tv shows they watch as "stories" so that's what I'm gonna do from now on.) I got home and got all of my night time stuff done and plopped down on the couch with my warm and fuzzy Ugg house shoes (talk about luxurious, I still use a VCR and have Ugg house shoes, makes me laugh) and watched the biggest loser from tonight.

I keep waiting for their super dramatic episode and they keep talking it up like its going to be the next one and twice now it hasn't been it! Grrrr! I know there is drama going on just show us already. Since it just came on tonight I won't tell you who goes home but I will hint at it...they were one of my faves and I am very sad to see them go.

Bob has been doing this new CrossFit workout that is kinda a craze right now and I wanna try it. One,two,three problems though- there is no where close to me to do it, I found one place that could be a maybe but I cannot believe how expensive it is, so maybe I can start saving up and buying the equipment I needed to do it in my garage. There would be no instructor but it would cost the same thing over time. I could have a state of the art gym in my garage for the price of these classes.

Ok must go to bed now, I have to be awake again in 6 hours for another very full day.

Please know that I am really sorry if there are horrible auto corrects in this post. I tried to catch them as I was going along but you know how this auto correct can sneak up on ya!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Again?!?!?

No matter how hard I try I cant keep the Mondays from coming, sorry guys I have tried.  This Monday wasn't to bad for me.  I am learning more and more every day at my new job so I'm much busier which makes the day go by so much faster. 

I can say that the juice fast is officially over.  I felt better for a day, maybe two but not enough to keep it up full time.  I did however find a new way to get in a few more servings of veggies which is the food group that I struggle with most of all, but I wont be drinking them exclusively.  Yuck!  And the stomach pain is not any better, I wish it was but its not. 

I am really having to modify my exercise because it hurts.  Tomorrow we have our running group and I am so looking forward to running with a new group of beginners but I really haven't run since the stomach pain got really bad.  I will be able to do it because I want to do it.  Sometimes the want to do something is way more the pain that it causes....

My late night workout buddy got the DVD series Insanity.  I know, I know, we have done some of these workouts before and I love this series.  It hurts sooooo good.  We have never really followed the plan to the letter and we are going to this time.  We were just talking the other day about Jillian Michael's workout we did and I really miss the structure and the everyday commitment so we are starting one back up. 

There is a little more motivation too.  We have another wedding.  My workout buddy is a bridesmaid and I am doing the makeup.  Why are weddings such a good motivation.  I want my workout buddy to look great like she did for the last one and I just like having a very motivated partner.  This is gonna hurt but so fun.

I am trying to get her to let me take before and after photos but I don't know if she will let me.  She agreed to let me take the photos but will she let me post them....only the after results will let us know.  I think the program last for 2 months.  Ill keep you updated on the aches and pains as well as the results that hopefully will be coming our way. 
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