Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Come on People!!!! in 2 weeks you have voted of my favorite contestants.  I have one more left, "Go Pink Team" and she is really not my favorite.  I wanted Emily to take it all.  Sad times.  You just knew when she fell under the yellow line she was going home, they didn't even try to make it dramatic like they normally do.

I miss you already!!!

I thought the challenge in last nights episode looked so fun.  I kinda wanted to get a group of friends together and try that.  I think now I might tie all my friends together and just start pulling.  It has to be a good workout....and speaking of workouts how much fun is it to watch the workouts get harder and harder each week.

And my favorite part of last nights episode is the "Love Affair" between the Green team guy and the nutritionist.  I have been in relationships like that before where everything the other person did was the greatest thing ever and they don't even know you exist.  Every time she comes on I sit up in my chair to see what he is going to say about her.  Every time I laugh. 

Oh who am I going to cheer for now?


Spoonful of Me said...

Emily was my favorite too, I was hoping she would win the whole thing. I knew she was going to be sent home as soon as she went below the yellow line. Go PINK Team. I'm still hopeful that Conda will get sent home soon.

Wendie Haynes said...

I so agree. This has been the most frustrating season to me from the start. I was so irritated every time I watched it in the beginning that I almost stopped watching. That says a lot since I have watched every season!

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