Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BL in Review

Finally time to get on here.  I have been a busy busy little girl today.  I didn't think I was ever gonna get caught up on all my stuff but I got all my work done and watched Biggest Loser on my lunch break.  And I have  so many comments on last nights episode.

Spoiler Alert:  I was right, ruined the ending for me by showing a pic of Megan holding up her hand with an engagement ring. 

First off:  With an incentive of $1000 a pound, I was not surprised to see Kim kick butt in the weigh in this week.  For $1000 a pound I would cut off my leg.  She is starting to look great, but she is falling under the know how some people start to look old when they lose all the fat in their faces.  Her body is phenomenal already but she looks older and older to me each week.  It could be because she is training so hard and is tired too. 

I liked seeing the contestants from last season.  I missed the final 3 episodes from last season so I didn't see their final reveals on stage and they looked great.  THEY LOOKED GREAT.  Vinny, yum!  So proud of him!  And Becky, I loved Becky from day 1, I really did, but come on Becky, you are so skinny now, get a stylist.  She looked like every early 90's realtor photo I have seen.  The perfectly coiffed hair, the over tweezed eyebrows and the smashed gold chain.  All she needed was a Royal Blue skirt suit and black pumps to top it off!!!! 

I was not sad to see Megan go.  She reminded me of that girl a few seasons ago that couldn't cry, even when she tried too.  So she spent every single interview with the cracking voice but not actually crying, annoying.  I also wanted Chris to stop crying this week.  Enough with the tears, there was no reason to cry.  Megan had a reason to cry and couldn't, Chris, no reason, wah wah wah!!!!

Finally, I like the idea that Megan had to film her every move for Bob for one week, and I'm thinking I might try that.  I might just post everything I eat/drink and all my workouts.  I usually just talk about it at the end of the day but this could be fun.  That's still in the works but Ill let you know.

What did y'all think about the episode last night?!?!


Spoonful of Me said...

I was glad they didn't send Mark home. I am so sick of Chris whining about everything, the poor me act has got to go. I was shocked that Mark was the one who didn't lose any weight. I agree about Kim she is looking older.

Kim is my favorite to win and I really hope someone gets rid of Conda before the finally. I was shocked that Megan asked her to be a bridesmaid.

Wendie Haynes said...

I've been waiting for two days to read your post...finally got t watched.
I think that Chris is an angry person and unless something changes she will gain again under the poor me act.
Loved your comments!

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