Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 2- Tender Muscles

Alrighty! Day 2 of INSANITY was well...insane. I was just a touch tender in some spots. I hate to say sore cause it was not bad....nothing like tomorrow is going to be.

I rushed home from work and like this entire week I went to running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I had to get 2 places before my tax appt and I was pushing it but I made it. I got my vanishing W2 then to the pharmacy for the "magical" prescription that is going to cure my stomach (that I left without cause it cost more than my health insurance) FatGirl is not paying that so I'll wait for the generic.

My tax appointment went great!!!! So much better than I anticipated. I am always so nervous but it went really well. Within the first 3 minutes if being there the power went off and I thought that was a bad omen but it was ok I guess.

I rushed he to get ready for tonights workout. DAY 2...

Tonight's workout was 42 minutes of whoa!!!!! Of course it starts off so good and I don't know if it gets harder or I get tired but about halfway through I spend a lot of time grunting and groaning. I am pretty sure some of my core muscles haven't been used it a while cause they are already sore.

There is not much rest before day 3 cause tomorrow we are going in the morning. We talked about it before we started and knew that some days would have to be early, this is just one of those times. I'm hoping maybe the soreness won't quite set it before we go at it again.

I'm so excited to be back at it. It feels amazing to be sweating like this again!

Just in case you guys missed it today I was one of the winners of the Jillian Michael's new kickboxing workout DVD. It took it a while to set in but I won and Jillian Michaels said my name on twitter!!!!!!

And just a little funny for ya, my tip for the day: don't use laundry to put off doing your taxes when you have a busy week. Otherwise you will end up with this...

In case you are wondering this is all my clothes(ALL MY CLOTHES!) ...and I have another of day to work this week. There are clothes on top of clothes and I'm just trying to get something to dry before tomorrow morning! Ok, so maybe if I did laundry a little more often I wouldn't have this problem.

Got to get in bed, day 3 starts in 5 and a half hours!!!!!!!

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