Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Did Anyone See It?

I haven't been able to find it yet, but I'm looking for that truck that came through my living room last night and ran over me, then reversed and ran over me again.  When I find it I am going to slash its tires!!!  I just don't understand.  I am sore, then one day all better, and ohhhhh its back.  And I didn't even have an INSANITY workout last night.

No INSANITY last night but I did get to meet with my running group and run, ah yeah!!!!!  I have found my special project for this season.  She kept telling me she couldn't run the whole interval and guess what?  She did.  She started off with an attitude of failure and ended up running a large majority of the 1.25 mile.  I was so proud for her and I know now that she is sure that she can do it she will do better and better each and every week.  I just love seeing it click for others.

That was my only workout yesterday and it was nice to have a rest day.  My body is a little bit run down but I kinda expected that from starting such an intense workout plan.  I think if I could get a good nights sleep I could repair some of these sore muscles but so far my sleeping sucks.  Tonight....oh maybe tonight.

Tonight we start back up with week 2 of INSANITY and I think I am ready.  I have recovered from Tuesdays workout mostly and I'm ready to go again.  Ive ordered some new tight pants (shorts actually) and tape for my knee.  I am going to make through 63 days of this!!!!!  I had to get tight shorts because I get so hot doing this workout but my best running shorts keep coming up during some of the exercises and it would be ok if it was just Anna in the room but it is other gym goers as well. 

If you have noticed the theme yet, I have to keep telling myself I am ready for this workout tonight!  I am I am I am! 

I am going to have to brag on myself a bit.  My food choices this week have been amazing.  I have just gotten back into that groove that is so important.  Even on the days that I don't know whats for dinner I know I have the calories left to overindulge a little bit if necessary.  For Example:  I had pizza last night and even got to have chocolate chip cookies because I hadn't screwed up my whole day before 9 am with bad foods.  And I have still been eating the fruits and veggies really heavy and even drinking some of my green juice.  Now I eat all day long instead of 3 meals because if I even get a little bit full it hurts my stomach very very much.   My stomach is not any better but I go to the doc next week and maybe I can get some answers.

Ill let y'all know how tonight goes.....DAY 9!!!!

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