Thursday, March 22, 2012

Doctor Day

Today I learned so much at the doc's office......NNNNOOOOOTTTTT!!!!  If anything I am a little more confused than when I started.  I'm not confused about what he said just confused about the 2 different opinions I have gotten between 2 doctors.

Doc 1:  He said that I had gastritis.  Take the anti-acid drugs, quit drinking soft drinks and acid foods, no smoking in case of ulcer, and no Aleve or other stomach upsetting drugs.  When that didn't work he prescribed and new anti-acid drug and said go to a GI.

So I went to the GI today.  Really thinking I was going to get some answers or at lease a test.  Well, he thinks that it has nothing to do with my stomach but yet my chest.  Really!

Doc 2:  He says its a chest wall inflammation, take Aleve to reduce the pain.  No need to give up certain foods or drinks, and its great that I quit smoking and all but that wouldn't have helped with this pain.

Doc 2's opinion makes more sense to me for the simple fact that for my entire life I have had an iron stomach.  I just don't know how to very well educated men can have such different opinions.

He sent me for a chest x-ray today and I get to go have an Endoscope on Monday to rule out any stomach problems.  I want test so that we can finally figure out what is going on, but this is the last test I want to go through.  I think it just sounds so gross.  Not looking forward to it but I want to know what is wrong so it will stop hurting.  I just have to keep telling myself that!

I got my chest x-ray and had a Diet Coke on my way to work just cause I could.  It was just a nice treat don't worry, I'm not going back to any of those things they took away cause I know I am better without them. But it does suck to quit smoking, just an FYI for those out there....don't ever start cause giving them up is the pits!!!!

Ill keep y'all updated on the Doc situation but as of now my "stomach" still hurts and I have no new answers.  Plus side:  I get my aleve back!

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