Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EXACTLY as Planned

My afternoon couldn't have gone more perfect...not!!!! Actually every part of my afternoon was not expected.

Plan: hustle home and arrive exactly on time to leave with my running group.
Reality: Got behind 8 cars doing less than 50 mph, resulting in me being 10 minutes late for our run and the group already gone.

While we are on the topic. I don't care if you use the correct form of there, their, they're, but I do care if you know basic traffic rules. 1. Pass on the left and the scoot over!!!! 2. IF THE SPEED LIMIT IS 55 IT IS NOT OK TO DO 30...EVER!!!!!! 3. You can pass a cop if they are not going the speed limit and you are. 4. Feel free to use the turning lane, scoot over into the turning lane then brake. Please don't feel the need to stop then merge into the turning lane. oh, that is road rage that I have been needing to get off my chest for weeks!!!!!

I knew I was liable to be late at some point but I hadn't planned on it today. Next...

Plan: Maybe catch the end of my nephews' baseball game.
Reality: Made it to the game by inning 3 and managed to watch the majority of the longest game ever, only to find out that there were 3 extra innings for the JVers.

I hate baseball, but I love my boys that play and want to support them. After 7+ hours at the ballpark I lose some of my enthusiasm for the game.

Plan: Get home at about 6:55 get some grub together and watch Biggest Loser.
Reality: Still at the ballpark...

Plan: I was supposed to meet my workout buddy at 9pm to do our INSANITY.
Reality: I stopped to get a sandwich for supper and it 25 minutes to get my food and I was way way late.

Of course I didn't have time to eat it at that point so now I am having my dinner at 10:40. All we ended up doing was walking around the track, probably good for her knee but not For my waist line!! I'm meeting my workout partner in the morning sine I didn't get in either workout that was planned today. Maybe tomorrow I can get at least one workout in tomorrow.

Plan: sleep
Reality: probably the same as the last month!!!!

Night folks!

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