Friday, March 9, 2012

Harder to Move

This morning came as such a wonderful surprise.  As you have read, I was expecting to be so sore this morning.  I woke up at 5:45 (cursed my alarm clock) and sat up in bed,  "Not to bad"  I schooched to the edge and put my feet down to the ground, "still ok" then stood up, no cracking ankles, no sore legs, I was OK!  Victory is MINE!!!! 

I couldn't believe it.  I still had those few spots on my body that were tender but I was ok.  I was going to be able to do this 6am workout with very little pain.  I rushed around my house getting dressed and packing up some of the previously wet clothes in my bag since I was going to have to get ready at the gym and off I went. 

I actually rode all the way to the gym and all the way to work with my shirt on the dashboard with the heater blowing on it to finish the drying process.  Then 5 minutes away from work I changed my shirt in the car.....but I am getting way ahead of myself here.

Right on time to the gym, time to start sweating.  The first thing my workout buddy said was, "I don't think I like the fact that the last face I see at night is yours and then the first face I see the next morning is yours too."  At that exact moment I felt the same way.  We had just done the Day 2 workout the night before. 

Time to workout.  Just the warm-up kicked my butt this morning.  I just wanted to lay down on the mat and make it stop.  But once we got going it was ok.  The workout was a tough one this morning, sweat was going everywhere.

I got ready for work and ran off to the car.  45 minutes in the car and I was still pretty amazed at the fact that I wasn't sore.  I stopped at the gas station right beside work to get the 2/$2.50 Dasani water in park, open door, step out, NEARLY HIT THE GROUND.  What happened in that 45 minute car ride?  I had lost the ability to stand.  My legs were shot!!!!!  I walked in like a 90 year old woman who looked like she lost her walker and just so you know.....its not getting better but way worse by the second.

List of things I can no longer do:

Scoot around in my desk chair
Stand in upright positions
Sit without looking like a pregnant lady
Toilet, can't get off of that big guy
Bend over ( I dropped my pen earlier and it is still on the ground)
Hold the phone
Pick up the Liter of Dasani water that started this whole soreness thing

So now I feel more like I thought I would today...and I had gotten all cocky about not being sore.  This makes me look so forward to tomorrows workout .  I think tomorrow we are going to stab ourselves with very tiny knives and then burn ourselves with matches.


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