Wednesday, March 21, 2012


How is it possible that I can be sore on Day 15 of the INSANITY program?  I just dont understand.  I was texting my workout buddy last night and telling her how I hurt and she was just as sore. There were ice packs everywhere. I just cant believe it.  This morning getting out of bed I could hear pops and moans and all I was hoping was that I would be able to stand upright. 

Last nights workout was one of the tougher ones, and it didn't help that we had just ran 1.5 miles I'm sure but sore on day 15...I just cant believe it.  But the bright side, the silver lining, tonight we do the Fit Test again.  We get to see how much we have progressed in the first 15 days, and it only takes 20 minutes and hopefully it wont hurt.  Its kinda like a mini night off.

 Oh and I don't know if I told you guys but after 15 days I have gained 1 pound!!!!!  Amazed is really the best word.  My workout buddy has gained too.  Both of us say we can feel a difference, we are able to do more each time, our pants fit better but really a 1 pound gain.  I haven't weight again and I really don't want to now.

And last night was Biggest Loser night but I still haven't seen it to talk about it, but thank goodness no one has called or texted me and asked me about who got kicked off.  I have one person that does that every week but I'm not going to mention her name but her initials are VICKY!!!  I have full intention of watching it today at lunch so hopefully I can get caught up. 

And I know you are all excited to know that tomorrow I am going to the doc for my stomach.  I have complained about it now for weeks and my appointment is finally here.  I have waited long enough that I have convinced myself that it is in fact cancer that I have and now I'm just ready to know whats going on.  We are done with this guessing game, someone is going to run a test or something. 

Hopefully tonight after the fit test I will be able to get back on and let you know how our Fitness has improved.  If its anything like the weight I will not be able to do any push ups tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you get some good news from the doc!

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