Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Didn't Cry, No Matter What She Says

Day 6 of INSANITY:  This was truly insane.  My whole day yesterday was a typical Monday.  It seemed like everything I touched turned to crap.  I had fresh squeezed lemon juice on my desk for my water, spilled it all over my paperwork.  I had a bowl of popcorn kernels that I dropped when I knocked over the juice.  And so on and so on....that was my entire day.  To top it all off I just didn't feel very good yesterday. 

Once 5 o'clock came around my spirits were lifted, then I got to see my family and watch a ball game, getting better.  Time for the gym...

I kept trying to tell myself that the time change had messed me up but I couldn't get it together.  I was actually ready to get to the gym and get a workout in so I could go home and go to bed.  Let's just get Monday over with.

I met my workout buddy later than normal because of ballgames and such.  We got to the gym and got ready to work.  Day 6 of INSANITY is the same as Day 2.  On day 2 the workout was hard, on Day 6 it was impossible.  I could just barely get through the warm up, but I did.  Then stretch, ouch, let the craziness began.

The first circuit was a heart pounding, out of breath chaotic circuit.  If I can remember correctly:  Suicide runs, power squats, mountain climbers and one more. (can't remember)  The lack of oxygen to my brain that started in the first circuit.  I actually got through this circuit and I don't think I cussed the video in this one....that did not hold true for the entire workout.

Circuit 2:  About 4 different variations of Burpees.

I post this pic just in case you do not know what a Burpee is...looks simple enough, but I want you to do one.  Just one!  I can admit that it is an amazing workout, full body, no equipment, just your body weight and gravity {By The Weigh (pun intended) the more you weigh the more gravity works against you in a Burpee} but it hurts!  So the entire second circuit was Burpee to plank, then push up a few times, then run in plank a few times then up and back down.  Then go directly to the plank part of the burpee and do core work.  The grunting started up during this circuit.  Lots of Grunting!

This part of the workout is when I knew I was going to die.  I used the word can't more in this part of the workout than I have used in a year.  Everything on my body was aching!!!! 

Round 3:  This is the closest I have come to crying during a workout in a really really long time.  Now not only was I using the word "Can't" I was really believing that I COULD NOT finish this workout.  This part started with basketball type jumps and then back to the burpee!!!!!  "Really Sean T, What did I ever do to you????"
It was so close to over.  I was just counting down the seconds.  All I wanted to do was go home, get in an ice bath and go to sleep.  And that is partly what I did.

I got home, I still had some stuff to do but I took a small break, put some ice on the throbbing knee and relaxed for 15 minutes.  I had a post workout recover snack and rested on the couch. 

This morning I am not sore and I am feeling tons better than yesterday.  I have no INSANITY workout tonight (insert joyful laughing and cheering here) but I do get to meet with my running group tonight, then Biggest Loser, how could that not spell out a great day. 


Anna Catherine said...

She cried.

Emily said...

I did not cry...I told y'all dont believe her!!!!!

Jane said...

I do NOT like burpees. Not not not.

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