Friday, March 23, 2012

I Said I Would Be Here

I'm sorry about last night guys, I could not post.  After the workout last night I just wanted to lay down and not move anything.  Just holding my arm up to play on my iPad was actually painful.  I just had to call it a night. 

I was really not looking forward to last nights workout just cause I didn't want to do it.  Nothing hurt, but I was just gonna phone it in and get it done.  But once we got past the Warm-up and the Stretching I kinda got into it and really was trying hard.  A lot of the exercises were the same as the Fit Test from the night before so I wanted to get stronger on those so my fit test would be better next time. 

Our Fit Test results were really good.  Basically what you do is one minute of 8 different exercises and you try to beat the number you got the time before.  But we were doing it blind, we didn't know our previous number so you just had to push with all you had....I beat my scores in all but the last one, I destroyed 2 of my previous times.  My workout pal did awesome too, she did better on all of hers and even killed a few of her records as well. 

So that fired up the workout last night.  There was sweating and grunting like never before, then we realized the temp was set on 80 degrees!!!!!  No wonder there was more sweat than normal. 

Once I got home I was pooped.  I knew there was not a lot going to be accomplished.  It was late, and I was tired!  I got to work immediately so when I decided to crash all my stuff would be done.  I packed bags and lunches and then hit the shower so I could put my nasty sweaty body on my bed.  I have clean sheets right now and I don't want to ruin them with a sweaty body. 

Once I got in bed I was done....or so I thought.  I dropped my remote control behind the head board so I had to get up and move the bed to get it out.  Did I mention I couldn't lift my arms much less easily move a bed!!!!  The grunting started all over again.  I got my remote, back in bed, but oh wait I forgot to move the bed back, up again.....seriously I was dying.

Finally....sleeeeeepy time!

Needless to say last night I had no trouble sleeping.  I think all the nerves for the docs appointments were keeping me up, but not last night.  I slept like a baby!

Then this morning when I woke up I was feeling all thin.  It might have been because of the sheer loss of water from sweat but I was feeling good.  I was feeling so good that I didn't care that I got caught behind a transport truck this morning, only to have another one pull out in front of me.  I took the back way to get around them only to find myself behind not 1, not 2 but 3 chicken trucks!  But its all ok cause I felt skinnier this morning.  It's all about perspective people!

Hope you all have a good day! Maybe Ill be able to move tonight after the workout and post for you all.

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