Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Took My Own Advice (Finally)

I always say I'm not going to post when I am in a bad mood, well yesterday was that day.  I didn't have one single nice thing to say at all.  My day started off pretty crappy and I kept wanting it to get better but no luck.  My stomach hurt all day, worse than ever before, I ate the same things as usual but wow it hurt bad. 

I kept telling myself my day would get better but it didn't.  I just wanted to get home, I seriously considered leaving work early.  I made it to quitting time and off to the house.  My night was pretty relaxed, just a ballgame and a workout.  I was looking forward to the ballgame and dreading the workout.  We had to take our night off this week on Sunday because neither one of us could do it, so no night off this week. 

I already had a very upset stomach and the last thing I wanted to do was workout.  But there I was at the gym getting ready to be tortured by a DVD!!!  I flipped off Sean T about 5 times last night.  I could have cried 4 or 5 times but I fought through as best I could.  Home, Shower, Bed!!!!!

I did absolutely nothing last night.  I didn't even pack up my bag for today or eat supper.  I skipped dinner with some of my crew to get my workout over with, and then I didn't want to eat fast food or fix anything so I went to bed hungry.  I got up early, packed my bag and made a BIG breakfast! 

Just the fact that I finally got some food in my belly has made today a little bit better.  I'm looking forward to running with my group tonight then INSANITY then Biggest Loser!!!!  Here's to a better day than yesterday!!!

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