Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sandwich + Biggest Loser= A Cool Lunch Break

Now that was a good lunch break.  I got to catch up on my Biggest Loser and the work day is almost over.  Yeah!

We are gonna do a break down of this week.

Things I really like about this season:

They picked more overweight people without going as big as they could.  Now we can see the change in their bodies.  For a few seasons they were all so big that at the finale there were several that were still over-weight.  You can see a big difference in some.

I like how they are doing even more workouts this year that are less conventional.  Every year there is a week that they don't get to go to the gym, but there are lots of different workouts this time.

I did like the people this season until they kicked off all my faves!

What I DON'T Like:

CONDA (and her little brother too):  Can we please vote them off already?  I get it game play but just listening to them makes my blood pressure go up.  They are hypocrites and just mean.  Oh, I want them to go home!

And the idea that they went of vacation and didn't work their butts off is crazy.  So they didn't show us but one structured workout doesn't mean they didn't burn crazy calories like they do everyday.

Tonight I will channel Bob's workout when I go to the gym and get a good sweat going.   I guess now I am all about Kym.  Go pink team!

Tonight, since I am only doing the INSANITY Fit Test I think I need a little more than that.  And since I have no plans tonight I should have plenty of time to get a workout in! Then I hope for early bedtime.  I have gotten in bed at a decent hour but for the life of me I cannot sleep!  Its driving me nuts....hopefully tonight!

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Spoonful of Me said...

I can't agree with you more about Conda/Jeremy. I am rooting for Kim. I was so glad when Mark told her he wasn't going to vote for her, it was like during that challenge he finally saw the light. Conda and Jeremy played the challenge entirely to their favor. Just like they did last week and no one seems to notice it.

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