Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Such a Long Weekend (3 days for me)

You can all go ahead and put your jealousy pants on because I got a 3 day weekend.

Ok so its not as glamorous as it might sound but I did get 3 days off.  My weekend was not to eventful.  I met with my workout Saturday morning.  Back up a little bit more, I woke up Saturday morning and weighed like I did the Saturday morning before.  I just knew I would have to be down, maybe just a little bit!

Guess again....not only was there no loss, I actually gained weight!!!!!!  And not just a little weight, 3 POUNDS!  How on this earth did I manage to gain an ounce on this program, much less 3 pounds.  So needless to say, I didn't have the best attitude when it came time to workout.  Maybe if I give it all Ive got I can gain 5 pounds this week and destroy my joints into nothingness, and make the "Area" pain better

We will get to the "Area" in just a bit. 

...then we worked out!  I don't think we should have done the workout because I spent the majority of the workout bitching about the fact that I gained 3 pounds and my workout buddy got so tickled at my complaining that she didn't get in much of a workout either.  It was really a waste of time for both of us because when we were done we went and ate lunch at Mexican so we replaced the 45 calories we burned plus many many more!

We were supposed to have a workout on Sunday but we ended up deciding to take the day off.  My workout buddy is really struggling with her knee, and I am just gaining weight.  She really needed to rest that knee so we took Sunday off, we knew we would be off on Monday so hopefully by this afternoon she will be feeling all better and we can get back to it. 

If I don't get the workout in today I might not reach my 5 lb weight gain goal this week.  Yes I am really pissed about my weight gain!  I'm sorry but you would be too if you had been doing this workout and gaining weight!

On Sunday night I went into GI prep mode.  Basically I was really nervous.  I had my upper GI test the next morning and I had very little info to get ready for my test.  The only other time I have been put to sleep is for knee surgery so you get so much information before hand.  All I knew about this test was where to go and when to be there.  I was kinda freakin out. 

My sister was at my house "dark" and early on Monday morning.   We ran off to the doc to have this test run.  I was really looking forward to the putting me to sleep part because I was still pretty nervous.  I had to say a special little prayer while waiting for the doc because I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown in the procedure room.  My prayer calmed me down quite a bit, then the sedative helped with the rest.  Next thing I know I was awake (maybe?) and getting ready to head home.

Sister #3 took really good care of me.  She drove me around and made sure I got settled in for the day.  I was on many restrictions, no driving, no making important decisions, nothing.  And all before 10 am.  I felt bad missing the entire day of work for a test that was done at 10 but I wasn't allowed to do anything.  I slept off the rest of the anesthesia and just relaxed. 

My driver did come by again that afternoon to pick me up so I could go to a ballgame.  It was a little weird because I saw my boss there but he knew I wasn't going to be at work so it was OK, just a little weird.  

The Area:

From here on out we will no longer refer to the pain as the "stomach" or the "chest", the "tumor" or the "pain in my a#$!!!"  It will now be known as "The Area" (this is better described if you say "The Area" while moving you hands in a large circular motion over the left boob, kind of a dance) since we do not know what is wrong.  My stomach is fine, my chest xray is fine, it's still a mystery pain and until I have an answer I will only call it "the Area!"

I'm back at work and working out today.  I got caught up with my work stuff and hopefully when I get home I will get caught up on the working out part.  I have my running group tonight and then back to the INSANITY.  Maybe this week I will get to see some results on the scale as well as the body.


Wendie Haynes said...

Ok so I am going to say something that soooo many people have said to me, doesn't make it better or piss you off less, but it is truth. Muscle weighs more than fat! There I said it. You're still probably pissed, but I feel better. ;-)
If you are truly working out that hard give it time. It will all balance out in the end. And when I start the P90X with my hubby, you can tell me the same thing. I'm kinda scared about it, really!

Emily said...

The only reason I hate that "saying" is because I just dont think in any way I could have gained 3 pounds of all muscle without lifting one single weight. The majority of this workout is cardio, not weights, we never pick up a weight. I am sure I have built some muscle but I know grown men that train for weeks using weight building formula that cant gain 3 pounds of muscle in a week.

I am just dumbfounded!!!! Its like working backwards!

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