Monday, March 12, 2012

The Times are Changing

Its that time know where the US Government/NASA or whoever it is that make the decision about Daylight Savings time and takes an hour away from me.  Yesterday, the day I actually lost the hour of sleep was ok but it is catching up with me today.  I am one tired little puppy today.  So tired in fact that not only did I have a cup of coffee this morning, I had 2!  I blame the time change but my sleep was not the best last night.  Toss and turn, this is the first time since we started INSANITY that I haven't slept like a coma patient. 

My soreness today is much better but my body is sooo confused. My calves and hamstring have been the worst of my pain, but Saturdays workout really stretched them out and they were feeling a bit better.  Then after yesterdays workout most of the soreness in my legs was gone, MOST!   My legs still hurt but it is with certain movements.  My core is the majority of my soreness. 

That's the spot....I was tyring to find a funny pic and then that came up.  I call that spot my flank steak and it hurts really bad when you roll over in bed at night.

My workout partner said it and I couldn't agree more, all the spot that hurt are the ones that need to look different so it works out nice.

We have one more workout then we get our day off!!!!  It just so happens that the day off is the day we meet with our running group!  I am hoping by the time we run as a group all the soreness can be gone and I can stand upright again.  

I thank y'all for listening to the complaining about the soreness.  It happens every time I do this workout and I think it was a little bit worse this time cause I haven't been working like this in a few months.  It feels so good to be back into the harder workouts and this level of might hurt my I know I need it, my scales and waistline need it too.  Its only been a week so I cannot see any changes yet but I know I feel better so that's a start!


Anonymous said...

I go to the gym back at my house but down here there is none. I don’t even have any of my abdominal exercise equipment . I just have my pair of running shoes, a whole shore town, the beach, and a local park. What kind of fitness stuff should I do.

Emily said...

Use those running shoes girl. Get outside and get your cardio in. Explore your town without your car. Run, Walk, bike, swim, you have a ocean, anything. And there are thousand of workouts to build muscle without having to have machines. Using your body weight you can get a good upper, lower and ab workout. Try pushups, burpees (I hate these but they are so effective for a full body workout)plank, squats and lunges. Add jumps with these or do them in the sand to make the workouts more intense and get a greater calorie burn.

You can get an exceptional workout without having a gym.

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