Thursday, March 15, 2012

We Made It

Its not so much the early morning workout that I hate so much, its the less than 7 hours between workouts that really does my body no good.  This morning it was up bright and early before the crack of dawn for some more INSANITY.   This workout is one of my favorites but one of the hardest as well.  The one this morning is called Pure Cardio.  No rest, no breaks, just go go go and done. 

At about the 20 minute to go mark I was sweating and really starting to hurt.  With 15 minutes to go I was grunting pretty loudly with every move, and at 10 minutes I vowed to track down Sean T to smack him in the face!!!  It was finally over, I have not found him yet but I am on the hunt...

It was a terrible scene this morning when we finished!

It was off to work and now my butt is dragging. I feel a nap in my very near future. Hello lunch break....  Actually if I can hold off I am going to try to make it through the day, sleepy or not and just go to bed early tonight.  As of right now I have nothing planned, I know something might come up, but there is nothing planned.  If I work it out just right I can break a couple of rules before the day is over and get punished:  Early Bedtime without Supper!!!  I can only hope!
My biggest dilemma (1st World Problems, look below if you don't get the reference) is do I workout again tonight?!?!?  I have all afternoon free, could get a nice swim and dunk in the hot tub or I could just go home and lay on the couch for hours.  One option is so unproductive but sounds so loverly and the other seems like the right choice....what to do??

I had no idea these would be so popular.  Here are some more!

I hope you all have a good day.  And if you need it I hope you all get early bedtime tonight too!!!

Really Ironic:  A friend from forever ago had this as his facebook status today....
"Sean T I hate you and your workouts!"
You better believe I had a comment to make on that!


Kelliann said...

Way to go - makin' it through!! I love all your pics today - I'm stealing the Worlds First Problems one and posting it - hope it's ok!! :-)

Emily said...

Hey I just put a link up to some more of those. They are just too funny. You'll have to go back to that same post I to see.

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