Monday, April 30, 2012

More and More Everyday

I hate rest more and more every day.  Every single one....every single time I do something to fill up time because I cant do what I want to I go a little more crazy.  For the most part the past week has been pretty filled up with stuff.  Ballgames, tourney, choir practices, relay stuff!  But today it really hit me that I am not getting to workout.

This is how it went.  Wake up later than normal (good part), work, home!  Yes Home!  I have been at home since 6pm.  That is 4 hours!!!!!  I cannot remember the last time I have been home that early that didn't include a trip back to town to workout or meet with someone or do something.  I have been sitting at home doing busy crap.

Tonight, I have given myself a pedicure (please note:  not painted my toe nails, full out pedicure, foot scrapping, soaking, cuticle clipping, the whole shabang) waxed my legs (yes, waxed my legs, ouch) become entirely too involved in Dancing with the Stars, added every ballgame for the upcoming softball season to my calendar, laid out my clothes for tomorrow, and learned a new song.

My new toe nails complete with a flip flop tan line!

I am soon going to explode if I cannot find an outlet for this built up energy.  In anticipation for the idea that I might get to sweat again I have changed my screen saver again. 

My new Screen Saver!

Now, after my meltdown on Friday with the bad food choices and all I can proudly say that I am back on track with my food again.  As far as I am concerned this will always be my biggest challenge but if I can keep it in check I see some results.  And hopefully I will be able to workout again soon and fix any food problems that may come up!

So tomorrow is more of the same but at least I have some afternoon events that should keep me busy most of the night.  I would normally be super excited about the Finale of Biggest Loser but once again it is a 1 hour show.  The FINALE!!!!!  One hour!!!!!!  Really, how are we going to weigh in all the contestants and the finalist and pick a winner in an hour.  Hey NBC why don't you just put the numbers in a spreadsheet and post it online for us with some before and after pictures.  We are going to have to look it up online tomorrow anyway to get to see the contestants!  I wish they would let us know if this is going to be the new thing, one hour Biggest Loser and then the Voice.  If so I wont stress so much about being home on Tuesday nights, it only takes 41 minutes to watch an hour show.

Thanks for listening to me rant a little tonight, I feel soo much better now!  I'm going to hit the mattress now and read my new iBook!  My new Rest obsession, iBook!!!!  My sister has been talking about them for weeks and I just didn't understand the full extent of it until now.  I have always had one or two on there but now....too many!

Night all....until tomorrow.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Thoughts Moments

I have all these things to tell you but none of them are important enough to actually get a post so I will lump them all together in no particular order.

1.  There is a gnat in my office, he has been here for 2 days and I cannot kill him, catch him, and he is DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!

2.  This whole afternoon I have been in an amazing mood.  Yes the day is still moving so slow and I am pretty sure I will never meet 5:00!  It's getting so close.

3.  Today I realized that I spend entirely way too many lunch breaks at Kroger, it has actually become my lunch break hang out.  I don't have one in my town so I enjoy it for 1 hour a day.

4.  And today, I got hit on and flirted with by the check out boy!  I know right...he had to be over 18 cause it was in the middle of the day but he was still really young.  LOVE IT!

5.  In 2 days I have bought 12 bottles of Purell Hand Sanitizer.  Apparently they have changed the formula and no one likes the new kind so I am buying all the old I can Kroger!


6.  Every time I open my Facebook and there is a notification it excites me....then I open it and it says "______________ likes your status update."  Well I like it too, it was funny when I posted it!  I wish there was a "Me Too" button.

7.  I officially Wrong Number Texted someone today and I am soooooo thankful that it was my sister and not someone else.  It wasn't ugly or dirty or anything but embarrassing for sure!

8.  Now that spring/summer is upon us I am finding a whole new subset of places that I used to smoke that I no longer get to.  The ballpark and mowing the lawn are two places that used to be smoke friendly zones,  not so much anymore.  :(

9.  After weeks of making fun I am afraid that the phrase, "Cray Cray" is going to catch on.  Ive heard it twice in two days!

10.  I watched Big Bang Theory the other night and one of the characters was drinking Diet SunDrop.  That used to be a TN thing but not anymore!  woo hoo!

My Confession

Well, the do good on food until I can workout again went really good for 2 days, then this morning it all kinda went to hell!  I had my Friday morning biscuit like normal but then I had some candy and a diet sundrop and it all spiraled out of control.  Ahhhh!  It happens I know but I cannot afford for it to happen right now because I can fix any food mistakes right with exercise.  "GET IT TOGETHER!"

You know I said it started this morning but it just occurred to me that I had French Fries last night too.  The softball season opener and I ate ball park french fries....any of you out there know that ball park fries are the greatest fries ever.  No limit to the ketchup or salt, sooooo good!

Ok!  Confession is out of the way so early on this Friday more dwelling on it and just have to make it better now, and resist the fries when I go to the ballpark tonight!

Now, other things that happened yesterday, drive to work, work, drive home from work, ballgames, bed.  Yes my exciting life!  I am itching to get to the gym and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.  My docs office called yesterday and said my follow up blood work was in the normal range....hear that guys, I'm NORMAL!!!  There's a first time for everything!

Today's is pretty much a mirror image of yesterday except today time is standing still!  I feel like I have been at work for hours and hours and it is just now 10:30!!!! 

Now I do have some more exciting news.  I have been in contact with a company over the past few weeks about a product they sell and was hoping to give it a try and let you guys know all about it....Product Review!  But the sad part is the package came in the mail the same day I went to the ER so I cannot really review it yet, but I can talk about the anticipation of using it.

It's called ShowerPill.  Its like a baby wipe but lets get real, after a workout I am much less like a baby than I am a sweaty hot mess.  These are made for athletes on days that you don't have the time or the luxury of a shower.  Let's say an afternoon run followed by choir practice.  I don't want to have to stand in close quarters with 9 other people after a hardcore smelly workout.  I try to look somewhat presentable after my workouts, ok, I put on a cardigan over the cut off t-shirt, but this little product could help.   That's where ShowerPill comes in, its a large body wipe, not for babies, for athletes, to hold you over until shower time.

Trust me, once I get released back into the wild (gym) I will have a much better review for you!

I have a few more funnies to help your Friday move along and a shout out to Anna since she hasn't blogged in a week I will inform you all that she is running a 5k this weekend and I am wishing her much much luck!  Go AC!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser this week:  Another uneventful 1 hour of television. 

It was nice to see the old contestants come back.  I had forgotten about several of them and for the most part they all looked really good.  I really wanted Emily or Cassandra to come back for the finale but you cant always get what you instead I am stuck with both members of the Green team! 

I know Jeremy worked hard on the ranch and thought he deserved the spot but everyone worked hard and were eliminated at some point so boo got voted off fair and square.  I hope he watches and realizes he sounded like a baby.  And before he started pouting he should maybe wait and see the challenge....he won his spot BACK!!!!!

I'm ready for the week away, and then no more Conda and her Brother!  Usually the ones the majority of the country don't like go home but this year they managed to make it to the finale together.

Since I Have No Workout To Talk About...

You can hear all my thoughts about everything else.  (Forced smiley face...) I'm still enjoying my Rest time that my body much needs.  Ok, I said it, I'm still resting and that is what I'm supposed to do.

The rest part is not what is hard.  I mean how hard is it to do nothing.  I am a little fearful that I am going to get out of my workout habit again and it will just be that much harder to get back into the swing of things.  And as much as I want to workout, I am a little scared that this will all happen again.  How do I know that the first workout back wont result in Rhabdo and Ill get another hospital stay!!!  That's my biggest aversion to the no workout thing, that and the inability to not get out some of this energy that is pent up and overflowing.

Another fun time about Rhabdo is the constant monitoring of my own pee.  Yes, I know, over sharing and gross, but my day has become consumed with watching my urine output.  How much? Am I dehydrated?  Its just nasty and constant because I have to drink gallons and gallons of water which means potty breaks every 5-10 minutes.  All those trips to the toilet might equal a mile in a days time!

I have gotten back on my diet full force this week, also in anticipation of the weight gain that is liable to come from all this rest.  I'm not so hungry because of all this water drinking. I'm back to my Paleo Diet.  This was a diet that I was not ready to give up on yet.  I was actually liking the program and as my cousin mentioned before she was thinking about every single thing that she put in her mouth, and its true.  Since I'm not planning my workouts Ill just get to over plan my food. 

Napkin after the morning smoothie....Can you imagine how the teeth looked? 

This morning I had a fruit smoothie, I go through spells with these, I get in a routine and drink them for weeks and then one day I run late and just get out of the habit. But I do love them very much. My smoothie this morning was Blackberry, Blueberry, Rasberry, and Strawberry mixed with some Naked Juice. It has no dairy! That's big with the Paleo diet. The best part is it takes me about 3 hours to drink it. I like mine to melt a little and I just sip for hours.

Other things to fill up the rest time:  Relay for Life is on the horizon as well as the many fundraisers that come with it.  I think I have a little bit of anxiety about being in charge of this...I think I have anxiety in general...but I don't want to forget anything or mess anything up.  I want my team to do great, obviously, and I want to raise lots of money, and not screw up!

I have a notebook dedicated to this cause and I write down everything I think of that needs to be discussed with the group.  Our first team meeting is tonight so I am glad to get some of this off my mind and off my plate and delegate to some others.  I have a good team, at least they have been in the past, and I know we can be a success.

I actually have a full afternoon/night planned so hopefully I wont miss the gym.  Ill just wave as I pass tonight. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

R-E-S-T Is a 4 Letter Word

Right now I am still enjoying my rest period, but I can see how this might get old really quick.  Lets see, its 9:30pm and I am in bed with my feet up watching TV with nothing left to do for tomorrow.  This is about the time I would get my bag out and start packing for Tuesday, which is one of my busiest days of the week.....but I have no bag to pack except for my lunch box! 

Instead, I'm in bed!  I'm just staying up until 10 because I think that is the grown up thing to do.  I did have a pretty busy day at work today but mainly because I was 2 days behind.  I kept thinking I was caught up and then something else would come across my desk.  It made the day scoot by pretty fast.

Once I got home I had a Relay for Life meeting, I had to clean the office (job 2) and I even ran by the gym to talk to my friends.  Yes, all my friends are at the gym!  There was a ballgame tonight but I just couldn't get that into my schedule, but I did manage to get all my other stuff done by 9pm.  Every time I thing about it being 9 and I'm done I chuckle just a little bit.

My focus right now is going to have to be the diet.  With little to no calorie burn I will have to keep my food in check.  I will definitely have to take in fewer calories.  I was at about 2200 calories a day on my big day and now I'm thinking I shouldn't top 1400 on my big day because I'm not burning any. 

Balance!  Its all about balance.  Work less, eat less, you know that is pretty funny coming from the tips of my fingers right?!  Balance, I'm the girl who develops the over use injury that poisons my own blood because I worked out too hard....although it is nice to know that I am working as hard as I thought I was! 

So I am really taking this rest thing seriously, even though I joke about it now, because I want to be back to normal, 100% soon! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Out of the Hospital...Hooray!!!!!

Our relationship gets better and better every day.  I posted about my ER visit and hospital stay and I don't know how much more personal you can get, but I think I might challenge that today.  First of all, thank you guys for the nice comments and well wishes.  It was so sweet to hear from you guys.

Hooray, I got out of the hospital this morning.  That is really the only good part of the whole hospital debacle.  See, this is whats going on.  The doc I saw in the ER was incredibly helpful and really understood Rhybdomyolsis, the doc I had on the cardiac floor, not so much.  The ER doc knew what was going on before he ever got my blood work back, got the fluids flowing, which is the main treatment, and got me admitted to keep receiving fluids.  (By the way, if y'all felt the need to Google this disease I should mention, I am not a drug user....that seems to be a big factor in people having this condition. I just needed that to be stated.)

I wasn't getting lots of answers from the doc on the floor, but the nurses were incredibly helpful.  They printed off information about my condition and helped me come up with questions to ask the doctor.  Well, when he came by this morning he was ready to get me out of the hospital, ready or not.  I was ready but I wanted all my levels to be normal, and although they were down they were not normal.  My blood levels were still about 8x what they should be but they had come down very much.  He also said some things that were in direct conflict with what the ER doc and google said.  So I have already made my follow up appointment so I can keep track of my blood levels to make sure everything is getting better.

I was sent home with the treatment of drink tons of water to keep flushing out the impurities, keep up the kidney function.  Basically, go home and drink until you pee every 5 seconds.  My preacher did a sermon the other day and we had to say aloud about certain situations that, "It could be worse" which is true and I have had to remind myself of that, OK sometimes my sister had to remind me of that a couple of times too.

Once I got home today I got the hospital off me (SHOWER!!!!) and me and got some errands done and some food in my belly.  If I could get some sleep I would be golden.  I'm staying with my daddy-o tonight just in case I need something....I'm not afraid to be alone tonight which is much more than I could say 2 days ago, just the comfort of dad after a hospital is just what the doc ordered.

I am so happy to be home!  I am happy to have an explanation of what is going on with my body! I am so grateful that for the first time since December my neck does not hurt!  I am happy to have that darn IV out of my hand, it was killing me!

I'm sure the band aid is not actually helping anything but it sure does make me feel better!

 I am hoping with some rest and re-hydration I can start to feel like me again!  I am so grateful for these things and I am trying to be ok and welcome the rest that is fixing to come my way for about a month, but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that right now.   I have been so concerned about my weight gain over the past few months, very unexplained weight gain, which turns out to be a symptom of this condition, so hopefully I can get all these things regulated.  I just don't want to gain more weight since I am not going to be able to workout for a while. I need this weight to come off and I hope this rest will be the solution to that problem, as weird as that sounds.

Now I do have a little confusion, what am I going to talk about on my blog, TV!?!?!  I might have to get DVR now to cope with all this rest that is coming my way.  Wonder if I could deduct that as a tax write off as a medical expense!?  I know that my diet is going to have to be on time for the next few weeks, like it has been the last few weeks.  And I just pray for some results now!

I have to get back to all my water drinking now, Ill get back with you later! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's ok!

One of the best blog hops that I do and I'm sorry to say but today I'm gonna win. I don't know if there's a prize but I would soooooo win it.

I can't do the HTML code with the iPad so go visit amber at for this hop.

Get ready I'm fixing to blow your mind!!!!

It's OK.....

...that I never thought about posting my big information on its ok until my cousin/ workout partner told me too

...that last night I spent 10 hours in the emergency room while I waited to be admitted to the hospital.

My cell

I will explain it all towards the end, I promise, don't skip ahead.

...that the IV in my hand hurts like crazy and no one will move it.

...that the robe I'm in shows off my butt and is a horrendous shade of yellow that does not look good on me.

...while in the ER my doc ninja stabbed me in the neck, literally 1,2, ninja stab! Wow!

While on the topic of my ER doc he was flamboyantly gay, didn't bother me. He had a rainbow projected and instead of clouds on the end it was his jazz hands, and after 3 hours my sister leaned over and said " I think he's gay!". Um, ya think. She said he came around the corner doing a pirouette! That's when she caught on.

...that I spent $4 on a iPhone game cause I need more bucks, what else am I gonna do!!!! Stuck in bed!

...that I have a huge zit on my face and no one will tell you that but family. I'm sure my 22 year old doctor enjoyed that at 8am.

...that every electronic device I have is dead or dying, but my wicked awesome sister just brought me a charger!!!!!!! iWorld I'm back!!!!!!!

....that my medical issue (I'm gonna explain hang on) makes me incredibly hot and I got the room with the bum A/C.

...that I don't like daytime tv.

Ok I made you wait long enough so here goes. Last night when I got home from work I started getting dressed to workout. I had time and I had been awake so long so I thought a break on the couch would be nice.

I probably hadn't been there for 10 minutes and my heart started racing. I didn't like the sensation at all. I rolled over but the freak out had begun, and the heart raced again. Just for a second but scary as hell. I got up off the couch, pretty sure I was having a heart attack but what was I gonna say, I've had chest pain for 4 months but tonight I got scared.

So I tried to get myself composed and did for the most part, but I couldn't shake the doom feeling. Needless to say I skipped the workout and went to church for praise band practice. I figured if I was having a heart attack better to be with people than home alone.

Once practice was over and my crew was back in town so I went over to talk to my sister. I talked to her and told her I thought I had an anxiety or heart attack and it scared me and I cried a little bit and I thought I needed to go.

Around 10pm we were off to the ER. I didn't know what to expect. I was gonna be embarrassed if I just had a panic attack but my mom died of a heart attack and I just couldn't get heart problem out of my head.

I actually got back to be seen very quickly. They did EKG,CBC, and lots of other initial test. Said the heart looked good but we could draw blood to see what was going on....

3 hours later I had an answer. No heart or anxiety problem, no cancer, but chest wall inflammation and something called rhabdomyolysis. This is a breakdown of my muscle tissue that can cause kidney function to slow but luckily we caught it quick enough that I have no kidney problem but it explains some of the chest pain and abnormal heartbeat.  I also got steroid shots in my neck and back because I have trigger points that were causing some of the pain.

So I'm stuck, in the hospital for 2 days having fluids pumped into my body at break neck speeds. Seriously, I'm going through bag after bag. This is supposed to push the bad breakdown enzyme out of the blood and make me all better.

Sad, I have to lay off the workouts for a while, I get more explanation of what that means later but if it will help I'm in, I might complain but I'm in. I'm ready to not hurt!!!!

I'll update you guys when I know more. Pics are coming, get ready, instagram and hospital, it gets NO better!!!!!

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Oh my....

I have so much to tell you. Coming very soon!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Up to Late to be Up to Early

I actually have to start with yesterday afternoon.  I didn't post last night because I got conned in to going to Wal-Mart with my sister, which put me in bed at a crazy late hour, which would have been ok except that this morning I had to be up at 5:00am.  I know I say it all the time but if the wake up time starts with a 5 it is just no good!

Yesterday we did actually get to get in out group run with my new running group.  I was pretty sure after seeing the radar that there was no way we were running unless we just wanted to get wet.

But once I got home it was still not raining so we headed out for 2.  Last week I was not loving my group because we walked the entire time.  I know that some weeks and some runs are harder than others, but after the 2 miles walk last week I was hoping and praying we could run some this week.

Well they came through for me.  We ran our intervals like we were supposed too.  I couldn't have been more happy.  I did have to get out my mean voice 2 or 3 times but I didn't have to get out the really mean voice. 

After the run I had a little bit of time before my show started to go to the gym.  So on the 2 mile trip to the gym I had all but talked myself out of going....but then I knew I would regret it if I didn't go.  So I pulled in and did the short workout from the other day.  I was happy that I did because I think it is helping with the soreness.  I am still very sore from kettlebells!!!!!!

I got home in time to see the last 45 minutes of Biggest Loser.  I missed the first 15 minutes thinking it was no big deal because I had another hour and 45 to go, but guess what...1 hour again!!!!  Really, I missed all the drama in the first 15.  Why are they doing the 1 hour show??  I feel like we are being cheated out of our show and next week will be an hour too.  I was happy that Kym made it to the finale, and I was beginning to like Conda just a little bit until she opened her big fat mouth.  I know she was wanting to defend her bro but there was no need to diss Kym, she has worked so hard!  Next week will be drama filled too, I can already tell.  I just hope they give us 2 hours for the finale, otherwise they will just be doing a ticker at the bottom of the screen for the at home contestants while they show the final 3 on the screen.

It was after 11 when I finally got in bed last night and I had to be up bright and freakin early today to go to the doctor.  And this was not a pleasant appointment, in fact this is the most unpleasant appointment every single year!  I went in for my yearly and I was prepared to ask him about THE area pain while he was all up in MY "area!"  He had no help on the stomach/chest/shoulder/neck pain and really didn't have any suggestions for me on what to do next. 

This is the most frustrating thing ever.  It sucks to just hurt and not know why.  I know a lot of my pain right now is soreness but I am frustrated.  I'm pretty sure if I keep trying to figure out what is wrong and going to more and more doctors I am going to get fired.  I have been to 5 different doctors in 4 months...and I should remind you that I have been at this job for 4 months.  Whats a girl to do?

I finally got back to work, late, but back and it has been non-stop since. 

Tonight, I have workout and choir practice and hopefully early bed time.  Since I have been writing this post I have been making plans that are making my bed time later and later.  Oh my, sleep how I have missed you!

Oh I forgot to tell you guys....yesterday I volunteered to be the team lead for my churches Relay for Life team.  That is just one more thing on the list of what is going on in my life.  This is the beginning so right now it is a little bit hectic.  I turned them down time and time again but I just couldn't say no any longer.  I do love this event and I love the cause I know Ill be there every step of the way so might as well lead.  Oh I hope this goes well.  Any of you out there in my area that are looking for a team to join we would love to have you, but if you are not close I do urge you to join up with someone and help raise money for the cause. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It Could Be Worse

Well today is not near as bad as I thought it would be.  I am sore, but I was expecting that, I was expecting a lot worse.  I wanted to get up and workout this morning to hopefully reduce some of the soreness but this mornings workout was not happening.  My soreness today is mostly localized to my lower back and lower abs, which both need work.  I love it when the right spots are sore and not just pain from head to toe.

I woke up at 5:30am and had the worst headache ever.  I tried to go to sleep it off but there was only an hour more that I could sleep and it helped a little bit but I still have the headache.  My hope is that by the time we run this evening I will be free and clear of the headache and be able to get in a short workout after the run. 

I'm looking forward to our group run tonight.  Last week I ended up walking the most of the run due to an injury to one of our girls but tonight we are going to push through the pain and jog a little bit more.

I don't know if tonight will be the attempt at the 99.  I was really hoping this morning would be it but I just didn't have it in me this morning.  I know this workout is going to be hard and its gonna take a long time. 

I have a new will understand shortly.  I read the blog SkinnyRunner and she is doing a giveaway right now (I only say that to tell you about the shoes, don't go enter it hurts my chances) for a cute pair of shoes, and I have decided if I don't win I am just going to get these shoes.  They are just too cute.  My workout buddy wants the same ones in blue.  I don't even know if they are comfortable to run in but they are so cute.

Come on....

I feel like these shoes will make me faster and cuter!!!!

I love my Asics and they don't blister or irritate me.  But I have been told these are so comfortable and cute.  I ran many races in the shoes that I called lunch lady shoes.  Asics just hasn't made anything that looked like this.  Not for me, at least!

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Good News Is....

there are only 52 Mondays a year (on Average!!)

I started this post around 2 o'clock this afternoon and then 10pm here I am again.  Monday I know.  Monday has such a bad reputation but it always lives up to it.  I am so very glad to be home but I am so far from being in bed it is just unbelievable. 

At the moment I am trying to pack for tomorrow but I cannot do that until I get done with the laundry.  I had forgotten about the 2 sports bras 2 workouts a day problem.  I have everything going I just want it to finish.  Then I started to cook some chicken for the week and had to defrost....still Monday!!!  So while the chicken is grilling I'm gonna try to post.

I did get in a workout tonight that I have not done in weeks.  I was invited back to the kettlebell workout.  I enjoyed this last time but could not justify paying two separate memberships so I just decided I would have to do something else.  But when my workout buddy said to come by tonight I just couldn't resist.

I cannot wait to see how this body is going to feel tomorrow because I have truly beat it up over the last few days.  It hurts but if I am gonna get this weight back off then I am gonna have to hurt a little bit. 

I was already sore from Saturday's workout.  Sore is an understatement.  I can feel every single step I take.   And then tonight's workout is not going to help anything.  We did 400 swings.

I thought I held my own for not having done it in so long.  When it was over my back was starting to hurt and I thought I had made a bad decision but after we stretched the back was fine.  But as I walk around the house and I feel Saturday's workout and tonight's workout I can tell tomorrow is going to be fun.

I failed to convince my workout buddy to do the 99 workout I think I'm just gonna have to do it all by my lonesome.  There is no telling how long it will take but I will do it til I have to leave for work. 

I'm trying to get in bed before morning so I am going to scoot.  Hope you all have had a good night and some hard workouts.  Ill give an update on the 99 tomorrow, and hopefully Ill have time before 10pm, although tomorrow is looking just as busy as today!

I don't want to do this workout by myself so I am trying to get my workout buddy to join in. This workout looks intense, and hard and I am gonna do it. Its gonna hurt, and its gonna be tough. I think it would be a great challenge, I think we can do it.

I either have to do it or take it off my Pinterest page. I want to do it!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012


I would have never expected this but I am sore from the two (what I thought were flimsy, and apologize for that now) workouts. Every inch of my midsection is sore. Oh it could have been the run, yep that's it, the run made me super sore. Thanks Anna!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Saturday Workouts

I vowed a few weeks ago that when I signed up for pinterest that I would at least try to do the workouts that I pinned.  What is the point of looking at the workouts when you don't ever do them.  So I printed 3 of them off to try....and time marches on and I didn't try any of them.....until today.

I met with Anna the workout and paleo buddy for lunch (misery loves company) before our workout.  To be honest I am kinda liking this diet thing so far.  I know, I'm still in the week one bubble so it might get worse but so far I am liking it.  And the more I read the more I like it.    Anyway, lunch conversation quickly went to "What are we going to do for our workout today?" 

She wanted to do the Jillian kickboxing video again...I like it too but it was at home and I didn't really want to drive back to my house so I suggested we try some of these workouts I had printed off...and she agreed!!!!  I think this was about the point that her sister began to panic. 

Pre Workout....when we still liked Anna!

So it was off to the gym.  I was armed with two print outs of what seemed like pretty generic workouts and a stopwatch.

We started with this workout, repeated 3 times.  Just a helpful tip if you have an iphone you can download the app called GymBoss and it will give you the perfect interval timer for this workout.  20 seconds on 10 rest.  I immediately started to regret that I thought this was going to be easy.  It was tough and we did it 3 times.   I know I was really pushing it, its only 20 seconds so you can go really hard, the last round I was going hard but dying all at the same time.  And Anna's Sister got her heart rate to dangerous new levels. 

Then time to start the second workout.

The second workout we did 2 times.  We were all pretty pooped by the time we got to this one.  Every time we got to the push ups Anna would cry just a little bit and I was pretty sure she was gonna puke at the end of this one.  This one was not as intense for me but still a great workout! 

I was really amazed that they were as tough as they were.  I want to do them both again so I figure that is a pretty good recommendation.  Ill have to try some more of these now.  I wont post them unless I am willing to do them.

Then we walked outside, oh and it was my running buddy.  I yelled to speak to her and then out of nowhere I somehow got roped into a run.  It all happened so fast and I was still a little bit delirious from the crazy hard workout we had just done.  I was dying in the first 10 steps, and I already knew this was not the best decision I ever made....OH THAT'S RIGHT, I DIDN'T MAKE IT.   

So out on the road in the blazing hot heat of the day we were running.  I just decided if I had to be out there we might as well make it a good one, so we did hills.  2 incredibly hot and hilly miles.  I know it was good for me and all that jazz but I was dying.  I needed water and so many things.  We formed the I Hate Anna fan club at 1.5 miles and it was finally over at 2 miles.  I have lost so much of my stamina in running and I am trying to get it back but today was not my day.

By the time I got home I though I would have recovered, but I was hotter and thirsty by the time I got home.  In the length of time it has taken me to write this I have finally cooled down but I am still very very tired!

I have to get all pretty like now cause I have to go to a banquet tonight.  I just hope I recover by then.

Friday, April 13, 2012

FollowAlong Friday.

Here we go. Bright and early! It so early its not bright yet! Off to the pool.  I do wish y'all could see this hair!

Ok that was a pretty good swim.  A little more laid back than most of my swims but this is a "Rest Day"  I had to do something cause I know I probably wont get to do a workout tonight.  I am planned for one and I have my stuff but it is very likely that I will not get to go.

My swim this morning was a little bit weird.  I walked in and the praise band leader was in the lane beside me.  It just a little weird, we shouldn't have to see each other in our bathing suits!  But he was actually finishing up so the awkwardness was over soon.  Then Hottie McCute boy came to swim again....seriously dude....come when I am working out with clothes on, why do I always run into people in my bathing suit!

I could tell that kickboxing is working all the muscles it was supposed to because every single time I lifted my hand to do the stroke I could feel my shoulders and back muscles where they were a little bit tight.  It was fine on the regular stroke but when I put the paddles on it was much more noticeable, and painful.
So then we have the shower and get ready at the gym.  Still not my favorite in the world but I'm getting used to it now.  I cant remember the last time I showered in my own shower.  I have missed it very much.  There is just something uncomfortable about showering in a prison shower and wearing flip flops to do it every morning.

Outta the pool and off to work...

Yep, that's about right!

I ate my breakfast on the way to work, fruit smoothie and a banana, ok so the banana is still sitting right beside me, but I am getting to it.  And I have grapes cooling in the fridge as we speak.  Once I got this my Friday can now begin.

Now the marketing guy at work is baking fresh baked cookies and I am trying to do my best, but I already used up about 90% of my willpower today resisting the want to drive through Hardee's and get  my Friday morning biscuit.  I'm being overly tested today.  The smell is the worst part, my office is right by the kitchen and they smell soooo good.  Ok, I gotta work a little bit.

I may have just discovered the danger of posting my entire make you victim to my rambling thoughts all day long.  For example:  A co-worker just gave me a high five as I walked down the hall to my office.  I love high fives, maybe not as much as my workout buddy (sorry inside joke, I know, don't talk about inside jokes if you cannot explain but it would take way to long and it sounds insensitive so no sharing, not today at least) but high fives at work, hello, love it!  And my ramblings may not come across the same when they are typed....every sentence is running through my head at 1000mph and you just have to catch them.  So read this really really fast!

And I still haven't eaten the banana!

Finally, lunch time.  I have been looking so forward to you all day long.  I really haven't been hungry because I have nibbled all morning long.  Yes I ate my banana...

To my surprise I bought bilingual bananas.....  who knew!

Back to lunch, I am having a grilled chicken and bean medley with some fresh salsa.  Its the leftovers from my dinner last night and it is just as good today as it was last night.  I also have some nuts and grapes for lunch but usually that becomes part of the afternoon snack.  

We are on the downward slide to the weekend.  In less than 2 hours I will be crusin' home with the windows down and the music way too loud. In 90 minutes it will officially be the weekend!!!  I finally got warmed up, we are having a cold spell so I have worn my old man Mr. Rogers sweater for 2 days but it has come off now because its the weekend and its warm.  Oh clock please move faster.

Home...finally.  I went to eat dinner with my daddy-o so no workout tonight.  The gym closes early on Friday nights, that is why I always miss Friday afternoon workouts.  The Area started hurting this afternoon late so maybe the no workout thing was actually a good thing.  I don't know what causes it to flare up but apparently sitting in my car is a trigger now.  Who knows?  As long as it feels better by tomorrow I don't really mind.  It did however keep me from eating dinner tonight.  I have discovered that when it hurts food makes it worse.  Being full is the most miserable so it is just easier to not eat at all when it acts up.  My family is soon going to think I am anorexic because this is the 2 time in two days that Ive gone out to eat and didn't eat anything.  I'm not I promise! 

Now the crew does have some questions about the new paleo diet I'm doing so I am trying to explain it to them the best I can...My bro-in-law told me tonight that he killed a raccoon and skinned it for me!  Thanks!  That would be taking the Hunter/Gatherer thing a little too far.  I know you may not know it but I do have some limits to what I will try.  I'm still learning more and more everyday about this plan so its a learning process for everyone.  They don't understand it (yet) but they support it, and that's all that really matters in the long run.

Now its time to start the unpack/repack fiasco that I go through every night but since it is the weekend that probably wont happen.  I am choosing to hang out and watch tv at my dads instead of going home and do laundry.  That being said I wont be late to bed tonight.  Ive been going since very early and my bed is already calling my name.  The only pressing thing to do at my house is my laundry....I am planning on wearing this exact same outfit all weekend long so I will need to wash it at some point.  (I liked it and I have a banquet to go to tomorrow night, I will probably like it tomorrow night too)

Alrighty...I think this is going to bring to an end "FollowAlong Friday"  I hope to post over the weekend but you never know if I will or not.  Have a good one in case I don't see you til Monday.

More coming.......

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Follow Along Friday!!!

I talked about this a few weeks ago and what better time to start than right now. The alliteration was just too good. So tomorrow I am going to blog my whole day. Food, workout, everything.

This is a test run for me too. I don't know how it will work on the phone and the iPad but I'm gonna give it a shot. If It works out good and is fun I'll even get some art work for "Follow Along Friday"

It's only fair to start tonight. My every day starts the night before. This is where Friday begins for me.

This is the bag full of dirty clothes from the day starting at 6 am. Needs to be unloaded washed and repacked. Also the computer (which actually may have died completely tonight) and dinner.

The purse, lunch box and groceries. Again everything unpacked and repacked for the next day. I was overly productive tonight. My tomorrow workout bag is packed and in the car, ready for two workouts and shower at the gym. And my lunch box is packed up and in the fridge.

I think I am ready for my tomorrow. So follow along.....

Just be prepared I feel lots of instagram pics coming.

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Almost a Milestone

I celebrate milestones on here all the time.  The first 5k, 10k, Half and Full Marathon.  The first Tri-athlon, and everything in between.  I have celebrated 5 birthdays, many many races.

I keep a count of how many people visit my blog on a tracker on the side.  And today I realized it was getting really close to a milestone, 100,000 visits.  So I investigated further...and it turns out that my counter is wrong. 

I am only 4988 hits away from hitting the 100,000 mark.  My car got there just a few weeks ago and now my blog......

So in anticipation I have already found some cool pictures to post for the big day!!!!  Now I need you guys to get out there and spread the word so I can get to 100,000!!!!!

It's OK!!!!

Posting early is what I do.  Well, not really, I rarely get on here early but today It's OK!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok..
1.  ...that every time I type Thursday I spell it "thurdsay" because spell checker picks it up every single time!!!
2.  ...that I almost assaulted an 80 year old for smoking in the car next to me.  I struggled yesterday and really wanted a cig and she challenged me...
3.  ...that all the muscles in my body are hurting.
4.  ...that after living without one for years, I understand the joy of having a dinner table. I can eat, blog, pay bills, and pack bags for the next day all in one spot.  I LOVE IT!!!!
It's so small....but so helpful. 
5.  ....that I finally figured out Instagram so you can officially look forward to tons of new pics that look old!
6.  ...that I think my glasses are a headband, and that my hair will be nasty by the end of the day from taking them off my head and back on all day long.
7.  ...that I am totally obsessed with this song....get ready because it is not what you are expecting, I'm almost sure!

You have to listen!  So pretty!

8.  ...that I got so irritated today at this girl on the workout DVD that I have already started a post about her.  I yelled at her several times.  Get ready.

9.  .....that I can think of about 40 other things to put here but I feel the need to keep some things in my head, otherwise you guys would really thing I was crazy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kickboxing...I Can Feel It

Well I must say I kinda like my new free workout DVD.  Thank you very much Jillian.  We have only done the first workout, focus on arms and 20 minutes.  This is so quick that I could get in a run or something before I do the kickboxing.  It was short and to the point, and I like that.

And as for today's food I have done pretty well.  My buddy is struggling a little bit today.  She had a big headache and she is a big milk drinker so she will have a bad couple of days I'm afraid.  Since I am over my caffeine addiction I don't have the headache today.  That is a blessing, I never want that headache again....and I hate to break it to her but my workout buddy will have this headache for days not just one!

Tomorrow we are doing the second workout on the DVD, focus is on the legs tomorrow.  I can feel in my flank steak a little bit of soreness but nothing too bad.  A couple of the moves this morning hurt my "Area" pretty bad so hopefully tomorrow with the focus on the legs I wont hurt nearly as bad. 

My goal, and it is a goal that is always harder at 5:30am, is to get to the gym early and get in a little cardio before we workout.  I really hope I get there and don't wimp out and sleep.  I am going to bed extra early just so I will wake up on time. 

Like....NOW!  Night people!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter, 3 Day Weekend, and Back to Work

I have so much that I have not posted about but I don't know when I would have posted.  I know 3 day weekend, almost 4 days for me and I never stopped moving.  I think I need a vacation to recover from my long weekend.  haha!

Here I am again...trying to get this blog post written.  Ok, this is how my whole weekend has been.   For starters I got to go home from work early on Thursday, so my weekend started so early, but I went right to work.  I went home and started doing make up for prom.  I will try and post of pic of how pretty the girls were.  But I don't have one here with me right now.  Then it was off to prom grand march, home from prom and chaperoning the after party.  They are a good group of kids so basically I got to eat s'mores and hang out with some of my sisters.

Because I was up until 3am I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make my 7am run.  I told them I wasn't going to make it but that apparently wasn't good enough so at 7:10 I was getting text asking me where I was.  I finally gave up and went to meet them.  I tried to run with them but I could not find them anywhere so I missed the run but did get to go to a Good Friday breakfast with my friends.  Have no fear, just cause I missed the run does not mean I missed the workout. 

All day on Friday I took advantage of the day off.  For starters I took a big fat nap and then I did all the yard work I have put off for weeks.  I bought mulch 2 weekends ago and it has been sitting under my carport.  I finally got to put it out and my flower beds look so beautiful (the frost tonight will probably take care of that) the yard is mowed, the hedge is trimmed and the weeds are pulled.  I was pretty proud of my yard when I was done. 

When Saturday came around I thought it was going to be more relaxed....not so much.  I went with my sister and niece to go watch a race.  I didn't realize how hard it was to be a spectator but its a tough job.  Be sure and tell all those people that come to cheer you on thank you cause they have a tough job too.  My niece was running the Oak Barrel Half Marathon, I was upset that I missed the registration but it was great to watch her run this race.  She set a new personal best by 11 minutes.  It was awesome.

So right after the race it was off to a Trap Meet.  Ha ha, she ran a race and then had to go shoot a shot -gun for an hour.  Her bro was shooting too and all in all they did a pretty good job.  The shoot starting going a little bit long and I was beginning to get nervous.  I had 20 people coming to an Easter egg hunt that I was supposed to be hosting and I hadn't even hidden the eggs yet. 

I actually had to push the egg hunt back by an hour.  We had a pretty good hunt.  Just for the kids this time and as much as I hate to do it, everyone got a prize bunny.  That was a shout out for my mom, she wanted to make sure everyone got lots of eggs and everyone won a prize, even if it was because they were the only child wearing a blue shirt!!!! 

I don't know that I have ever had this thought before but by Saturday night I was so looking forward to church the next day.  We were having 3 services and I just was ready to see what the preacher man was going to talk about this week.  The first 2 services went well, I didn't have to stay for the final service cause we weren't singing at that one.  I thought it went well with the exception of a tiny traffic jam between services.  After church I didn't have anything to go to other than a nap!  NO egg hunt, nothing.  Finally, the break I had been looking for.  And it was an amazing nap!!!!!

It was back to work on Monday, and it was Monday all day long!  I did not workout cause I didn't want to and I did not eat good, nope I ate Easter jelly beans all day long.  But I think I got that out of my system because today I got in a swim this morning and a run this afternoon.  And my food was not great today but it was so much better than yesterday.

Tomorrow I am giving a go at something a little bit new.  We have really stepped back from the INSANITY workout because it was killing my workout buddy.  I was fine but she was hurting!!!!!haha!  I think it was the best decision for the both of us.  We are getting back to our running and meeting tomorrow for a kickboxing workout!  I love Kickboxing!!!!!  We are also starting up with the Paelo diet, also known as the Caveman diet.  We are doing it together, Im hoping for 7 days a week she is only committing to 5 days a week.  It just something new, what do I have to lose at this point other than weight.  Everything else I have done the last 2 weeks has helped me gain 5 pounds.  Ok the jelly beans did help with that too but before that I was doing really well with the diet exercise and still up!

I am actually posting while watching the Biggest Loser, I didn't make it home in time so I had to record it.  And just a funny, I am going to have to get a new tape because the sound on this one is suffering.  My sisters are on my tail to get DVR and quit with the VCR but it works!!!!  haha.  It took me until 2012 to get cable I don't see DVR in my future.  Although one of my sister said she would pay for the first month, haha.  I thing a new $3 tape will solve the problem. 

I still don't know who is getting kicked off but I already have some thoughts.  Why? oh why are they taking it to a 1 hour show!?!?!?!?!  What is the deal?  Is this going to be the new time because I am not liking this at all.  Second, Chris, I have tried to be on your side a little bit but all this crying is just enough already.   Do what you got to do, leave/stay, but for the love just decide!!!!  I'm sure I will have thoughts about the whole hour tomorrow but I'm not done yet.

Sorry for such a long post, this is what happens when you don't post for 4 days!  I will let you guys know how the kickboxing workout goes tomorrow.  You know I will give an honest review.  And Ill try to get some pics on here for you....this is a lot of words with no pictures.  Oh, and I am now on Instagram so maybe my pictures will be just fun and quirky now!

Night folks!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Morning Run

Its been a long time since I typed those words, and they felt just as good to type as it did to run this morning.  Aside from the whole waking up early thing.  We got in a nice little run this morning.  Just a smidge over 2 miles and it felt pretty good. 

It was so nice to get out and do something that feels so normal. It has been too long since I woke up and put on my running shoes. My running buds were good to me today too. We took plenty of walk breaks and I can proudly say that nothing on my body hurts any worse than it did before I went out this morning.

Today while running we covered many topics. One thing was inviting people to church on Sunday. I love my preacher and my church, and this week our preacher was talking about inviting someone for Sunday morning. Its Easter weekend and a great time for someone to come, but there was one rule. You are not allowed to take someone who currently has a church family.

Now I don't love this because its nice to invite someone to church, we should be doing that all the time, not just Easter, but for some reason his words are everywhere this week. I have heard people all over town this week inviting people to church. My babies have talked about it, my running buddy is inviting people to my church and she is a visitor as well!!!! You wanna talk about made a statement, when I pulled into the bank earlier this week the teller asked me if I was going to invite her to church! I did!

So since this is my biggest platform I am inviting you all to church this weekend. If you are from my neck of the woods I would love for you to come with me, if not find a church to visit. You just might love it.

So look there, another reason to get up and run this morning, so I could invite yall to church. I don't know if we are doing INSANITY tonight or not but I packed up all my junk to go for a swim this afternoon. My bag this morning was exceptionally large this morning, I had work clothes, shower stuff, and swim stuff all smashed in there, and on my way to the locker room this morning one of the old men who sit on the bench at the gym (I think they are a coffee drinking club, no so much a workout club, but I do love them. Flirting with a bunch of 80 year olds makes my morning) asked me if I had a deliberator in my bag...

Its not that big!!!!

Carnie Wilson

We all know my opinions on Gastric Bypass Surgery.  They are not private!  I will even give  a small concession to people who have truly done everything to lose weight to no avail, but I am not a fan.  Now I do not know her person situation as far as what she did before the FIRST surgery, but now a second surgery, oh my, now I have comments.

First off.  I actually watched a video the other day where they talked about how Gastric Bypass was a cure for diabetes and the only true way to lose weight.  It was the be all end all greatest surgery for fat people.  I had a hard time with this but I "ate" my thoughts and didn't say anything.  But if these comments were true then why would it be necessary to have the surgery a second time?

The girl in this video actually says, "We know the surgery is safe..."  I can think of 3 people first hand not to mention many more that would disagree!

Second off.  I understand she is in the public eye and wants to look her best.  It is embarrassing to lose a tremendous amount of weight only to gain most of it back.  Trust me, I KNOW!!  I am currently trying to lose my "sad" weight, the weight I have already lost and I am going to get to lose again.  I'm not in the public eye and it is still embarrassing.  But this just seems like she took the easy way out.  It worked so well the first time lets just quick fix this since I have to go on tour again in 5 minutes. 

Thirdly.  (That might not be a word)  If this was the right decision for her, and she believes that it was, why does she feel the need to defend it on every network, or even talk about it at all.  Its like she wants us all to get on the bandwagon of support for her since this was her only option and I'm sorry but that bandwagon didn't stop by my house. 

Update:  After thinking about this one, I was not fair.  She has the right to her opinion too so if she wants to run all over the TV and tell everyone about her surgery, that is her opinion and I do not get to take that away from her.  Still not on the bandwagon but she has the right to her opinion just like I do!

I have also kept up with that show My 600 lb. Life.  If you think that Gastric is a cure, quick fix, all problems solved I encourage you to watch it.  It is a great thing for some, but not for all.  Please weigh all the pros and cons.

OK, you don't have to agree with me, and feel free to disagree with me if you would like.  I just have feelings about this and this is where I come to vent.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finally Finally Finally

I am finally home....actually I am home, and I have most of my baking done...but watching Biggest Loser, not near as exciting as I thought it would be.  Leave it to the president to once again ruin my show.  Hello!!!!!!  Biggest Loser is a 2 hour show.  Not only did they shorten the show but the shortened the best one of the entire season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Whats the deal?  Usually they shorten on the night of the State of the Union address but tonight we shortened the show for the Voice!  What?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

Ok now that my pretend rage is over lets talk about how good they looked.  My biggest surprise was actually Conda.  I know Kim and Chris both looked great but Conda really stole the show as far as I'm concerned.  And when her little girl walked in the room to see her Ill admit that I got just a little bit misty. 

The girls are always more fun for me to see during make-over week but the guys were looking pretty good tonight too.  And, Thank You! Thank You! Biggest Loser people for finally putting them in clothes that fit.  FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS the clothes were not skin tight!  Thank you.

Now they did leave us hanging big time....we have a pound advantage and disadvantage and no weight in or elimination.  Again with the one hour show!   Did they give us warning for that?  I sure don't remember hearing about it.

The one hour show just has me sad, but I am going to get in bed at a reasonable hour.  I didn't run tonight with our group because my "Area" was still hurting and there is no reason to aggravate it even more.  And my running buddy and I are meeting up to run in the morning.  Yeah!

I'm excited to get to run with her again.  I stopped running with her because my schedule changed so much but I am hoping we can get back into a more normal, regular routine cause I have been missing her big time.  One of the best parts about running with her in the mornings was the delicious breakfast but since food has now become so unenjoyable I wont miss it too much.  I will miss the company but not the greasy food.

I have to go to bed so I can meet up in the morning and not be dead tired.

Night all!

Makeover Week

BIGGEST LOSER MAKEOVER WEEK TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna watch and bake at the same time...cant wait!


Good Early Morning Guys!

Note the time stamp please....that's right, before 8am and not only am I up and posting but I have been at work for about half an hour already.  I have worked through lunches and now I'm coming in early all so I can keep going to my doctors appointments.  :) 

I didn't post last night and I'm sorry about that, guys, but I was a busy little girl yesterday and then we had the national championship game last night and I got all caught up.   Congrats Kentucky!  I was really routing for Kansas but I'm not sad about Kentucky winning either.

We have not been doing great on the INSANITY WORKOUTS for a number of reasons, excuse or not, it just hasn't worked out this week.  On Saturday we got in there and my partners foot was hurting her so bad she finally had to sit down and was not able to do the entire workout.  We opted for the elliptical machine and got in a good workout there, then last night we couldn't get the workout room.  We called ahead of time to make sure the room was free, when we got there, not so much, we were going to have to wait for almost an hour and there was a ballgame to get to.  So we did intervals on the treadmill instead.  And they were tough.

Treadmill Intervals:  OUCH!!!!  The very first one sent me into instant pain.   The Area was already hurting yesterday and about halfway through the first interval I had to stop and double over.  I just went to fast all at once.  Once I got myself composed and back together I was able to finish up the workout but I had to do the 30 second intervals instead of the 1 minute ones.  Now my workout buddy was champing it up.  She did about 12 intervals all ranging from 7-9 mph!  It was amazing.  Then to top off the workout I put her through an ab workout that would make Bob Harper jealous! 

So because I am at work it takes a little longer to post because I am having to work between thoughts.  Ill get back to you after running group and BL tonight!

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